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Marx Shrugged: The Exploitative Chapter

For an overwhelming majority of us exploitation is a notion that doesn’t require any explanation. Most of us are in a continuous process of either exploiting or being exploited for the duration of our lives. Some of us exploit natural resources and the environment by doing anything careless from cutting down forests to littering the local pavement with candy wrappers. Continue reading


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Ajoka Theatre and the Caucasian Chalk Circle

Raza Rumi

Who is entitled to keep the child – one who is a better, nurturing mother, or the one who may be the natural mother but could not care for the child? The larger question then haunts the audience: who is entitled to ownership – the one who has the deed or the one who tills the land?

Ajoka Theatre has revived a production that was first staged twenty three years ago. A deft adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle, its vernacular version, Chaak Chakkar, is a timeless comment on the viciousness of Pakistan’s exploitative culture of power politics. Perhaps the duo, Shahid Nadeem the playwright, and Madeeha Gauhar the director, would have tried to capture bits of social reality in the mid 1980s when General Zia was still the Lord Master of Pakistan. Why did Ajoka choose to stage this after a gap of two decades? Continue reading


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Is there something to celebrate on women’s day?

by Junaid

How long will you be the object of pleasure
In the harem of men’s lust?
how long will you bow your proud head at his feet
like a benighted servant?

Last week the world celebrated International Women’s Day. So did Pakistan with a bit of fanfare on the electronic and print media. I thought of writing something but then wondered if at all there was anything to ‘celebrate’?

Are women in Pakistan any better than before? no morning ever brings sunshine in their lives. Their struggle in their homes and outside continues unabated. Discriminatory laws are still there despite tall claims of enlightened moderation and so-called fair representation of women in parliament & governance (for a country having about 50% women population, is it really fair to have 33% (or even less) representation in local and 17% in national and provincial legislature? and that too fairly dormant considering many women spend their parliamentary life in silence).

Crimes against women still go unpunished. Culprits go scotfree while victims continue to suffer. Acid burn incidents continue to happen. Honor killings shamelessly get endorsed by jirgas. Property rights are still denied to daughters. Women are still married off to the Holy book. Young girls are still gifted as compensation by jirgas. The reality that exists beyond few big cities is horrible. This is that unfortunate country whose President proclaimed and I quote him, “This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped”.
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