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Celebrating the Body: Sexuality over Spirituality*

Will we not be better off, if we bypass the priest and the therapist,and pray at the altar of the body and stop confusing it?

By Saeed Ur Rehman

All that gazes, seeks rapture in the other, dances, decorates itself to flaunt its untapped vitality, pulsates, throbs, runs in our veins, and yearns for eternity by multiplying itself is confused with one word: love. Love is an effect of biological vitality not its cause. We do not desire another human being because we feel love but rather we humans have assigned taming metaphors to what our flesh induces in us. By assigning abstract concepts to all that is life-giving, we, the metaphysical animals, have created an elaborate prison of metaphors for our healthy bodies. Continue reading



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Meditations: On Love

Shaheryar Ali

Iss Shert pe khelon gi piya pyar ki baazi

Jeeto’n tu tujhe pao’n, haar’on tu piya teri

The question of Love is one of the most profound questions which has preoccupied human thought and the wisest of thinkers for thousands of years. What is Love, it’s still impossible to define Love, its one https://i0.wp.com/img2.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs/021106/15540__derrida_l.jpgof those concepts which defies every attempt of a rational conquest. With the age of advanced logic and analytical philosophy, every attempt was made to conquer love, to reduce it to an emotion, every analysis ends in a contradiction. The different shades of love were converted into types and subjected to rigorous analysis, using the most advance models knowledge available, Eros, Agape and many other forms of Love were identified and explained. But every Love, every manifestation of it showed combination of these types, the Erotic attraction, the seduction parallels extreme devotion and urge to care for the loved ones, the extreme devotional love, weather for God or for children or parents can be shown to have a sexual character. The attempts by the wise to combine the models, appears un-tasteful to say the least, a review of literature shows that in the Analytical Model , literature has appeared which implies the only difference between what is called “Friendship” and “Love” is “sex” that is “act of sex”.[Thomas] Does friendship lacks Love? . Or does Love lack “friendship”.

Problem gets worse if one tries to analyze the “discourse” of human relationships. Eros has been declared the “original” Love, but those with whom one makes a “romantic relationship”, are called “boy friends” or “girl friends”. Where does the distinction go now? Continue reading

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