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An exclusive post by Aamenah Yusafzai for PTH

The recent attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore demonstrate the urgent need to strengthen the rights of Pakistani minorities. Pakistan is not a country inhabited by Muslims only, or even Sunni Muslims. This is represented by the green and white of the Pakistani flag, a fact often taken for granted. The three quarter green represents the majority Muslim population, while the one quarter white represents non-Muslim minorities.

The preamble to the Constitution provides that provisions be made for “minorities freely to profess and practice their religion and develop their cultures.” Furthermore, it provides for guarantees to “fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject to law and public morality.” Article 36 further reiterates the security of minorities by the state by stating that “the State shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities.”

The state is required to protect sectarian and religious minorities. Yet it is doing the complete opposite. Section 295B of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) calls for life imprisonment for anyone who “willfully defiles, damages or desecrates a copy of the holy Quran”. Section 295C imposes the death penalty or life imprisonment on anyone who defiles the Prophet Muhammad. Although not enacted to undermine the rights of minorities, unfortunately, that is what Section 295 is often used for. Continue reading


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Pakistani College Becomes Focus of a Social Struggle

The GT Road Blog

BySteve Inskeep

In Lahore, the University of the Punjab attracts middle- and lower-income Pakistani students hoping to make better lives for themselves. But the school’s campus is also the scene of an ongoing struggle over education and Islam.

Alfred Cooper Woolner May 1878 – January 7, 1936, was a noted Sanskrit scholar and professor as well as the Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, Lahore. He died in Lahore

Many of the 35,000 students wear jeans and T-shirts. Punjab is a state school, like one of those big American universities in the Midwest. Students attend class in brick buildings, and study on lawns cut almost as short as putting greens. But life here is less peaceful than it looks.

A clash over religious traditions recently brought about the beating of a professor in his office — and forced the school to close for about three weeks. Continue reading


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Ruchika Girhotra, Safia Bibi and Mukhtar Mai: any different?

 By Ishtiaq Ahmed         Daily Times 05 Jan 2010

What goes on all the time in rural India with regard to working women, especially from lower castes, hardly ever figures in media discussions. Such women are constantly harassed and molested by men of the superior castes

Some years ago, I met Indian human rights activists in Delhi. A lively discussion followed without the usual rancour that India-Pakistan interactions are notorious for, because we were interested in the rights and dignity of human beings as human beings and not as Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs and so on. The exchange of views and notes ended with us being unable to decide whether the Indian or the Pakistani dominant classes were more ruthless and heartless. That both were identical in their inhumanity was probably the easier conclusion to draw. Continue reading


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Your Prayers/Positive Thoughts Are Needed For Imran Khan



The great Imran Khan is in the hospital- the same hospital he made for this nation.    There is so much he is needed for.   Let us join together in sending him positive thoughts and prayers.   Apparently he is suffering from collitis.    Some of us may not agree with what he has to say politically,  but to most of us he is the most enduring image of Pakistan’s finest hour.     So let us join together and pray for him in our own different ways whatever those might be.


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Tearing Down Walls

By Khurram Siddiqi

“If bombs don’t kill us, our fear of them will”

When we anticipated things getting uglier as the fight for Pakistan’s identity intensified, more bloodshed was the first thing we feared. On the other hand, perhaps something less obvious was how literally ugly our cities would become as well. Continue reading


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Love And Sex At LUMS 3: Happy Offending


In the past month that I have been at LUMS, I have come across a whole lot of crazy, as well as new stuff. From building a house, to PDC food, from tiny hostel rooms, to washing my own clothes in non-functional washing machines, from over loaded Zambeel to ever flooding campus mail, BUT, what I hadn’t come across yet, and hadn’t even thought of in the most outlandish of my fantasies was about ‘to love or not to love.’ Continue reading


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Love and Sex at LUMS 2: 9/11 Destined For Misery


Friday afternoon I had to read Tajwar’s erotic email and since then I cannot help put picture the three scenarios she had put forth in her email. While I regret not being able to witness these spectacles that have apparently slaughtered the LUMS brand; I cannot help wonder in amusement what the contraire is. It has been a year since I have been in LUMS (touch wood) and I was under the illusion that “making third base home runs” was the LUMS culture. In fact I always thought it was the new black and felt like a pariah the preceding year. While I honor either opinions on the subject of PDA, I am still in shock why would anyone want to picture “………. A girl’s half naked leg and a boys hand up the other half of capries”. Continue reading


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