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There is a drone above you…

I received this impassioned email from a student who is perturbed by the opposition to the infamous drone attacks in Pakistani territory. At PTH we are not taking sides on drone attacks – this is after all a complex issue – but we do think that Pakistan’s sovereignty should be above all considerations. However, I am posting Sehar’s views as they reflect the anxiety of the younger generation as well as its engagement with the current issues negating the myth that our youth is all but ‘political’. Raza Rumi
Sehar Tauqeer
1.Can you imagine the psychological aspect of these drone attacks on terrorists .Constant fear , spy terror, cannot move openly , cannot gather in house, cannot run training camps as drone are there to watch them .They have made terrorists ‘ Mentally Diseased patients and they trust nobody – not even their closest friends these days. In daytime and specially at night when even their close buddy/relative/chum throw a small micro-chip wrapped in cigarette piece at house and as soon the Drone receives GPS signal , shoots missile to send them to enjoy 72 hoors in ‘Jananat-ul-Firdous ‘ who tear the bodies of innocents in suicidal attacks and have virtually collapsed Pakistan economy bringing its GDP to 2% and bringing the business icons like Marriott  Islamabad and Pearl Continental Peshawar ( All UNO staff ran away after this attack while they were only working for the welfare of IDPs) . Pakistan is facing the biggest brain drain , immigration to Canada, UK , US , no business investment, tourism, hotel industry virtually closed. Continue reading


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Do the Swatis exist?

Abbas Zaidi

Only till two weeks before, Pakistan’s overwhelmingly right wing media, the traditionally left leaning Awami National Party (ANP), the born again Islamists like Imran Khan, right of the centre Nawaz League, and the centrist Zardari People’s Party were applauding the agreement between the ANP government and the Taliban. With the honorable exception of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM), the entire political leadership of Pakistan ganged up and pushed the ANP-Taliban agreement through the national assembly without a word by way of debate. This was a complete disgrace to whatever democracy stands for. There were people like Dr Hoodbhai who called the agreement an appeasement, but all the dissenting voices, very few of them indeed, were killed off by the government and the media. It was claimed that soon the agreement would result in total peace in Swat. TV channels cried hoarse claiming that the people of Swat had been dying for the agreement. “The people of Swat want peace and this agreement will restore peace”. TV reporters gave countless “verbatim” accounts of the sudden explosions of joy in every part of the Swat valley. I remember watching a foul-mouthed anchor, who is dead sure there are Jews and Hindus behind every trouble in Pakistan, claiming that “a wave of euphoria has swept the entire peace-loving people of Swat who are willing to sacrifice everything for peace and Islam”.

Interestingly, no Swatis were ever interviewed to voice the above claims. Continue reading


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Chakwal tragedy: An agenda to destroy Pakistan’s pluralism

Yesterday’s ghastly attack at an Imambargah has again highlighted the agenda of the terror-mongers. They want to eliminate all the minorities, plurality of Pakistani population

DECLAN WALSH reporting from the Guardian in Islamabad Continue reading

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US drone attacks in Pakistan – canon don’t kill mosquito

Qandeel Shaam writes on the infamous drone attacks in Pakistan and raises some pertinent questions. We hope that this voice is heard in the blogosphere and elsewhere. (PTH)

Is it me or have Pakistanis been conspicuously quiet about US drones buzzing about in their territory?

On January 27, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates vowed to continue carrying out missile strikes “against al-Qaeda in Pakistan.” A few days ago, on 28 March 2009, US National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones defended US drone attacks in Pakistan, claiming that “the attacks have done a couple of things: One, they have been targeted very specifically against al Qaeda, two, they produce very low collateral damage.”[1]

Wow. Encroaching upon another country’s territory, sovereignty, and targeting militants that only you have the intelligence of seeing? Killing civilians, women and children, in the process? Is this “low collateral damage”? Is the US so arrogantly bumptious or Pakistan so pussywhipped? Continue reading


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