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Support the documentary on Dr Abdus Salam

I had the pleasure of meeting these young men – Zakir and Omar – who are devoted to the life Dr Salam and have been working against all odds. Theirs is a small but historic project and they need our support. I am posting an email by the producers that updates us about this project. Please pass the word around and contribute to this important project. Raza Rumi

Thank you for your support over the past few years. Thanks to contributions we received in 2009, we began filming in Pakistan early this year. To view a few behind the scenes photos please visit our press page at www.abdussalamdocufilm.com/press.php

We are still far away from our target of 500,000 USD, an amount needed to support on-location filming in various countries, the purchase of archival footage, and research, production, marketing and distribution. As a tribute to Salam, we hope to use any proceeds from the final docufilm to advance science education in developing countries. Continue reading



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Pakistan: State of Emergency – A Documentary

Readers and visitors might be interested in FRONTLINE/World’s new 20-minute documentary “Pakistan: State of Emergency”, now live on this weblink.  I have mixed views about it, but would like to hear other opinions before I rant..

The story investigates Maulana Fazlullah, the young Taliban cleric waging war against the Pakistani government in the beautiful valley of Swat. The story includes the events of November 3rd and Benazir Bhutto’s assasination, and also features interviews with Aitzaz Ahsan, his son Ali, and renowned Pakistani journalist and writer Ahmed Rashid. Continue reading


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