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Miri or Piri.Reclaiming Punjabi Identity

The Miri(Warrior) or the Piri(Saint), Reclaiming the Punjabi Identity:

Bradistan Calling

The Sikh religion is based on three important pillar The Guru (Teacher), The Garanth(Holy Book) and the Khalsa (Brotherhood of the Pure).It all seems so familiar because of similarity with the religion of Islam. Nowadays one cannot objectively analyse Islam, without provoking Fatwa of One kind or the other. The debate, discussion and Ijtehad (innovation and development) have effectively been killed in the Muslim world. If you make Peaceful Reformation Impossible, you make Bloody Revolution Inevitable. Continue reading


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Will India Accept Zardari’s Olive Branch?

President Zardari’s Peace formula for india and Pakistan

The PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT under President Zardari started peace initiatives with India taking tentative steps to liberalise Trade and tourism with India. Zardari send delegations comprising of Civil society SAFMA,PIPFPD and HRCP members for back-channel diplomacy with India after 26/11 terrorist attacks.  Zardari’s live webcast (his firstever) with english speaking Internet users in India and coining terms like “we are all half Indian/half Pakistani” was very optimistic. Continue reading


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Book Review: Premier Gillani’s Urdu Memoirs

by Bradistan

Published biographies on the book shelves while the writer is still in  Political office is a risky strategy. In case of Obama it paid huge dividends financially and politically and in case of Musharraf it caused embarrassment and innuendos. Premier Gillani’s book is like the gossip from an old friend who has attained position of authority and pays you a surprise visit.

I revisited the idea of writing this review after the imposition of governor rule in Punjab and disqualification of Sharif bothers known to be personal friends of Premier Gillani and political rivals of President Zardari. Now Premier Gillani is again flying too close to the wind for reports of his alleged differences with his party chairman, fellow ex-prisoner and current President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari.

The Background of the Memoirs:

As the name suggests “Cry of Joseph from the Bottom of Pit” was written during his five year incarceration for trumped up corruption charges designed to keep him quiet and inactive against a military dictator or change his loyalty and betray PPP which he refused. Premier Gillani, to his credit, put his personal grievances aside and worked under the same president for six months. This statement Continue reading

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Ifti Nasim: Muslim and Gay?

By Bradistan Calling

Ifti Nasim also known as Iftikhar Nasim is a pioneering Pakistani gay poet who now lives in the U.S. He has written many books of poetry in Urdu and English languages. He has also written prose in both languages. Continue reading


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News Media Vs Angry Young Londonistanis

By Bradistan

Sometimes truth and compromise cannot be accommodated within a single sentence no matter how hard one tries. In US there is a syndrome known as celebrity journalism (courtesy Ann coulter and Thomas L friedman ), Journalistic showbiz personalities always looking for media spot for right or wrong reasons, this problem is slowly but surely creeping into UK.

In celebrity journalist clan top priority is the pay cheques and bank balances, but this makes the truth and the professional integrity a lesser priority. People like “world is flat” (china India slave sweat shop theory) bandwagon, knowledge gurus (Mr. Copra selling spirituality in a disposable bottle), champions of selling successful business model of WTO free market neo liberalism to people of Africa and India.  This model of free market  capitalism led  to sub prime consumerism into an end product which is hegemonic imperialism. Continue reading


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