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Appeal to the President of Pakistan

Dear Readers: Pakistan is under threat from a minority of radical extremists who have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with grabbing state power and nuclear weapons to create chaos and anarchy in the world. My country has a rich history of music, dance, poetry, art and literature. All will be lost and more if the Taliban and al-Qaeda are not confronted decisively by the Pakistani state, army and its people. This is a letter to Pakistan’s president from an organization called Concerned Citizens of Pakistan. I hope it will enlighten you.  Salman Ahmad of Junoon. Continue reading


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Struggling to dance

By Beena Sarwar

An evening of classical dance at the Arts Council Auditorium, Karachi
was a moving tribute to young, upcoming dancers — and most of all,
to Sheema Kermani

Sheema Kermani shines through her students. At an evening of
classical dance in Karachi on May 24, she performed and showcased the
work of sixteen students, ranging from newcomers to experienced
dancers. The end of the over-two hour long ‘Jugalbandi’ that
juxtaposed dance styles on one platform, drew sustained applause and
a standing ovation from much of the audience filling the Arts Council
Auditorium to its 500-strong capacity. It was a moving tribute to
young, upcoming dancers — and most of all, to Sheema Kirmani for her
lifelong dedication as a teacher, creativity as a choreographer and
as a dancer herself. Continue reading

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Forget thy past

In conversation this world as events unfold,
The views and opinion in its arrival and shades
Pour out they the story and its effect and lives
Now an entity of this world, please smile now
“Forget thy past”, they say, you belong to us

Out there in the distance, hidden and gone
In search for a familiar face and gestures
Not to be found in here, as I crawl through
This labyrinth of emotion and separation
Forget thy past, they say, you belong to us Continue reading

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“Arts Pakistan” – a place to visit

by Raza Rumi

The art world of Pakistan is not given the attention it deserves. But amends are being made. Arts Pakistan, or Artspak, is a recently developed website, with an exclusive collection of videos, paintings and photographs that depicts the country’s vibrant art scene. Continue reading


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