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The Counterinsurgency in Pakistan

This is an insightful review of the current situation in Pakistan. We are posting it here as it needs to be read by all Pakistanis – Raza Rumi

The Counterinsurgency in Pakistan  (STRATFOR)
August 13, 2009 | 2151 GMT

Since the start of the U.S.-jihadist war in late 2001, and particularly since the rise of the Taliban rebellion within its own borders in recent years, Pakistan has been seen as a state embroiled in a jihadist insurgency threatening its very survival. Indeed, until late April, it appeared that Pakistan was buckling under the onslaught of a Taliban rebellion that had consumed large chunks of territory in the northwest and was striking at the country’s core. A Shariah-for-peace deal with the Taliban in the Swat region, approved with near unanimity by the parliament, reinforced the view that Pakistan lacked the willingness or capability to fight Islamist non-state actors chipping away at its security and stability. Continue reading


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