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Killing Shias is not jihad – stop this carnage

Posted by Raza Rumi

This is an old article – When the state kills – authored by Pakistan’s eminent intellectual Khaled Ahmed. It remains relevant for what is happening today – the carnage in Karachi and targetted killing of the Shia minority is a cause for concern for  Pakistanis who want the country to become a plural, tolerant and progressive society for all its citizens irrespective of their faith, caste or creed.

PTH strongly condemns the Karachi incidents and will continue to raise voice against extremism and sectarianism.

Leader of the anti-Shia religious party Sipah Sahaba, Maulana Azam Tariq, has been released after being honourably acquitted of all charges of terrorism. He was picked up after he went and met Maulana Akram Awan in Chakwal earlier in the year after the latter had threatened to overthrow General Musharraf and impose Shariat on Islamabad. Maulana Tariq had thereafter announced that his party will also forcibly impose principles of Sharia in selected cities of the country. While he was in jail facing trial, his party had warned the government of dire consequences. In the interim, there was a spate of shia killings in Karachi, mainly targeting doctors and other prominent personalities. Workers of Sipah Sahaba had started offering arrests to pressure the government into releasing their leader. Continue reading


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The Muffled Rage

PTH author Kashkin wrote this article in October 2007. He believes that it is valid even today and “holds true the message” and “how we portray ourselves as a nation and society”. Hope the readers would enjoy this piece. Raza Rumi (ed.)


There we go again- the arrival of Benazir Bhutto after 8 years of her self-imposed exile, (the exile which meant that all her family with her, no dependency on anything, and enough money in millions, enough homes, etc- if this is exile, then what it means to be in your own homeland, only she can imagine!!!!!), numerous statements from herself on media repeatedly how poorly she had been treated in the past, her concerns on her safety, voicing opinions based on her discussions with the Western governments, displaying sense of arrogance and falsely created euphoria of how things will change when she gets in the government and so forth. This was the day she had been waiting for a long time!!!!

So what happened?

Thousands of people gathered from all parts of Pakistan in a procession to welcome her on these streets of Karachi, to hear these sentimental and vociferous speeches by her and her cronies. The words from those years of isolation and exile to fulfill the expectations of the nation on these streets of Karachi. What a joke!!!!

And then comes the explosions. The carnage.

25, 30. 45. 75, and the count keeps getting higher and higher for the dead and injured. The whole machinery – media with its apparatus, the voices in anger against the government, the people behind these attacks “debate” kicks into action. Nothing new, we are used to seeing this patterns.

Then comes the promise of investigation and lesson learnt drill from the government and all the other party leaders- the usual routine – we will do this and we will do that? Great what happened to the investigation to cover off 12th May incidence, what happened to the investigation on incidences in Peshawar couple of weeks ago? What happened to the red-mosque investigation? What happened to the investigations of the investigation – the accountability of our leaders- past and present. This is not the question they would like us to ask.

The perceived consensus amongst the government is to forget all previous investigations and focus on the current crisis. I guess they will let Supreme Court to initiate this when they have nothing else to do – to keep them occupied and busy for the next couple of months!!! Continue reading

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HRCP report on the Karachi carnage of May 12

HRCP’s report on May 12, 2007 violence in Karachi

The aftermath of the events of May 12 has been filled with recrimination and bitterness. There were mutually conflicting claims about responsibility and culpability, and attempts at initiating processes of legal and political accountability. This report does not presume to pre-empt or anticipate the outcomes of the processes of accountability that have been initiated in the courts and elsewhere. Its aim is more limited. It attempts to create a record based on newspaper reports, testimonies and accounts provided by eyewitnesses and affidavits relating to the events in Karachi on May 12. Much of the material used in this report is already in the public domain. In the politically charged atmosphere that prevailed in the city, facts became contested almost as soon as they were first reported.

The report makes some useful recommendations as a way forward: Continue reading

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