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Sexually frustrated Pakistanis:There is a brothel where the brain should be

We are posting this provocative piece by Qandeel Sham, a regular contributor at the Pak Tea House. The views expressed here are Qandeel’s and the purpose of this series of posts is to examine the unspeakable problems of our society – sex or lack thereof, being one of them. As Qandeel puts it: “We keep our mouths shut; we’re good at pretence, all for the sake of social propriety…”

Further contributions on this subject are welcome.

I’m told by reliable sources that there are villages in Pakistan where Rs. 20-50 can buy you sex with a cow. You also have sheep, goat, dog, donkeys, etc. Others prefer their mammals more aquatic, and perhaps someone ought to inform WWF that zooerastia is the reason dolphins have become so endangered along the Indus River.

I like that term, “zooerastia;” because we are most definitely living in a zoo – apparently one that turns us on.

Now obviously there is something disgustingly wrong with a society that pushes a man to fulfil his sexual needs in the form of bestiality. It’s despairing to consider the depths of desperation that would reduce a man to it. And the blind hypocrisy with which everyone ignores the fact, knowing full well how widespread the act is. Skilfully pretending, for their entire lives, that there is no pink elephant in the room, is truly a marvellous quality unique to Pakistanis. Continue reading


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Sex at Pak Tea House – no brothels here

Raza Rumi

Two esteemed bloggers, visitors at the Pak Tea House (PTH) complained that PTH through its laissez faire comment policy was turning into a brothel. A piece from an international publication on the booming sex trade in Pakistan was posted here. Now it is true that the term sex invites attention and clicks by the browsers. Google figures have time and again shown the enormous searches for the term ‘sex’ emanating from the Land of the Pure.

It is therefore an issue that concerns Pakistan at its core: the hypocrisy relating to sexual desires and the frustrations that are part of the baggage. We in no way wanted to invite readers to leave their numbers, email and chat IDs for nocturnal secretive activities.

But it happened. I have removed almost all the comments that were left by men and women where invitations for sexual liaison were made in the comments space. Yet, I am not a prude and most of the authors at this forum are also not inclined towards Victorian sensibilities.

There is a need to therefore invite writings, comments and analyses of this vital issue. Psychologists have been concerned about the results of sexual frustrations in the contemporary society and how damaging it is for the youth.

Readers might be interested in these earlier posts at Lahore Nama, the other blog that I manage, which also invited some insightful comments on how distorted and skewed the understanding and yearning for sex is in the beloved homeland. 

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