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Marx Shrugged: One for the Common Man

By Zia Ahmad


Ridges of conformity demand a certain amount of harmlessness from a common man. A common man that doesn’t give much trouble to anyone but himself and is encouraged to keep on a meek disposition in front of every social, political and economic adversity that falls his way. Continue reading


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What goes around…No more saviours please

by Raza Rumi

Now that the wheel has turned its back yet again, there is much to ponder. There are many who are saying that this is not the time to think or talk but to act. There has already been a spate of protests, truncated and suppressed by the state of “emergency” that has returned to haunt the body politic. Continue reading


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Pakistan protests: Is it people’s politics?

Pakistan’s pressing issues require much more than return to another set of ruling elites who just don’t wear uniforms! Continue reading


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