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Iran: overthrow the fundamentalist cabal

Ali Abbas Inayatullah has authored this exclusive post for PTH. We welcome him to this e-zine and hope that he writes more. This rather radical article is a fresh and unconventional analysis of the Iranian crisis. PTH does not agree with all the contents but welcomes pieces that make you think. (Raza Rumi)

After watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Iran being dismissed as Westernized toffs from Northern Tehran by Islamist groups and self-declared leftists, one could not initially help wondering at the number of elites in Iran. If one is to take the Islamist critique, than Iran must be a very rich country if it has hundreds of thousands of elites who can turn up to march in the capital square! Surely, for those unfamiliar with Iran’s politics and people, it would be easy to misrepresent the situation.  Furthermore, for those non-Iranians who look upon Iran as the culmination of their Islamist fantasies, it would be imperative to prove that the large scale demonstrations in Iran were nothing more than sour grapes by a limited elite section of the population. Continue reading


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A new Islamic revolution? Ayotallah Montazeri raises the banner of revolt

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

[To the] Noble and Oppressed Iranian Nation,

Greetings and salutations. In recent days, I witnessed the exuberant and devoted endeavor and presence of you dear and honorable brothers and sisters -old and young, men and women – from all strata of society, on the scene of the 10th presidential campaign. During this period, the youth came out, full of hope to pursue their rights, and counted the days to Election Day. That was a perfect and suitable opportunity for the officials of the system to take the best advantage of to establish the best religious, affectionate, and national bond with the massive stratum of youth and all the other strata of society. Continue reading

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