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Do not impoverish the National Academy of Performing Arts

Faisal.K writes in the News on the implications of the government slashing NAPA’s grant to one third of what it was

Three years ago there were only two countries in our region without an academy for the promotion of performing arts, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In 2005 the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) happily put an end to this misery in our neck of the woods at least.

To put it simply, NAPA represents an effort to take the unpolished raw coal of our society and through hard work, lots and lots of manhours and three whole years turns out glittering jewels of performing arts for us to enjoy as a nation. Yes, that is how long it takes to excel in a specific field of performing arts of which there are namely three, Music, Theatre/Drama & Dance. The amount of hard work and dedication required for each of these subjects is quite immense as witnessed by the fact that out of 50 enrollees for each discipline, the last graduating batch saw 9 students get over the finishing line per area.

Housed in the magnificent Hindu Gymkhana, the faculty for this academy is a quartet of immense power and experience, the chairman being Zia Mohyeddin and the board comprising luminaries like Rahat Kazmi, Arshad Mahmud and Talat Hussain, all grand masters in their own areas of excellence and proven stalwarts of our theatre, film and television fraternity. Continue reading


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Surreal Narratives by Mudassar Manzoor

Posted by Fiza Ishaq 

“Moving away from the thematic conventions practiced so laboriously in the academic studio, Mudasser Manzoor casts around for ideas close to his heart.

Not letting go of these early bonds of tradition, he engages with both philosophical and emotional concerns.

Clearly these are contradictions to be encountered. He explores the influence of Sufi thought on the visual image. Solitary figures are lost in contemplation, disengaged from the world, yet very much part of it’s alluring beauty.

Although the artist aspires to reach that moment of complete oneness, the human presence draws him back. The female presence is a physical one…… Manzoor revels in the majesty of nature.

The skills so carefully honed in the miniature studio are brought to the fore; the palette is masterly, the surface treated like a jewel”  – Salima Hashmi 

More images below ——–

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Ismail Gulgee’s Art

Ismail Gulgee


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Pakistan Zindabad – an exhibition in Islamabad

A question of the Human Rights Agenda Continue reading

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“Arts Pakistan” – a place to visit

by Raza Rumi

The art world of Pakistan is not given the attention it deserves. But amends are being made. Arts Pakistan, or Artspak, is a recently developed website, with an exclusive collection of videos, paintings and photographs that depicts the country’s vibrant art scene. Continue reading


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For Salima Hashmi: Arts and Revolution

by Shaheryar Ali

The independence of art — for the revolution.

The revolution — for the complete liberation of art!” Continue reading


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