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Old man by the sea

From The Hindu


Moral figurehead: Aredeshir Cowasjee.

Photo: Courtesy: The Herald, Pakistan Moral figurehead: Aredeshir Cowasjee.
Ardeshir Cowasjee is more than just a columnist for a Pakistani newspaper. He has become the conscience of a nation.

Many interesting stories are told about Ardeshir Cowasjee, some true and some apocryphal. There is the story, true, about how he and other former students of Karachi’s BVS Parsi School were asked to rescue a bust of Gandhi during the Hindu-Muslim riots in the city in January 1948. The bust remained in his father’s house for some years, later moved to the Indian consulate in Karachi, and now occupies pride of place in the foyer of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. Continue reading


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