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Robert Gates’ Visit to Pakistan

By Bilal Qureshi

During his Pakistan visit, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote an article for an English daily in which he basically stressed the need to work together. On the other hand, while in India, Mr. Gates implied that had India not acted sensibly (I am paraphrasing) after the Mumbai attacked, there was a real chance of war breaking out between Pakistan and India. Now, from my reading, Mr. Gates is giving the impression that terrorists responsible for Mumbai were somehow linked to either Pakistan, or some branches of governments in Pakistan. And second, it is India who is acting maturely; otherwise, India would have been right to attack Pakistan to seek revenge. 

Obviously, everyone in Pakistan strongly disagrees with Mr. Gates. Continue reading


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Drone Attacks Help Pakistan TV Hosts Fan Distrust of U.S.

By Naween A. Mangi and Farhan Sharif

Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — Pakistani talk show host Waheed Hussain interrupted a guest discussing the U.S.-led Friends of Democratic Pakistan, which had pledged $5.3 billion in aid to the nation. “You mean foes of Pakistan,” Hussain said.

In the same Oct. 8 Waqt News program, Hussain stopped another guest who was talking about a bill by U.S. Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar to triple non-military aid, subject to curbs including an end to army support for terrorists. Continue reading


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More on Kerry Lugar Bill and Our False Prophets of Doom

By Salman Ali

There has been a lot of ranting, lately, over the famed Kerry Lugar Bill passed by the US congress about the aid package to Pakistan. As usual, Pakistani politicians and masses took to protest and retaliations over the bill, because of the usual silly argument of the bill being from US. Most of those ranting loud claims of the bill’s connotations and it’s inevitable implications are the ones who haven’t yet even read the bill in it’s totality – and well….that makes about 90 percent of the total opponents of this bill. Continue reading

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Confessions of a ‘Reluctant Anti-Americanist’.

Bradistan Calling

Certain brands define the love-hate relationship that Pakistan has had with the United States of America over the past 60 years. America has been the biggest and most advanced ‘Superpower’ of the world. American technology, capital markets and economy is the biggest in the world. Pakistan as a third world country needs investment and technology for development.

Pakistan needed allies and military hardware after its traumatic birth and found a willing patron in United States of America. I will not try and re-write Tariq Ali’s critically acclaimed book ‘Pakistan on the flight path of American Power’. Now the American and Pakistani right-wingers are having an acrimonious divorce over ‘Black Water’ and ‘Predator’ drones, ‘never wash your dirty laundry in public’ is the sane advice. Pakistani right-wingers love to hate Americans and the American right-wingers love to assume that all Pakistanis are ‘terrorists’. Continue reading


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This is a long war

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
By Raza Rumi

This is a critical moment in our history perhaps unmatched for its severity and its brutal reality. The experiential nightmare that our country is passing through is perhaps unparalleled for the enemy is neither foreign nor fully identifiable. At the same time, never has there been a clear backing of a military campaign against domestic agents of subversion and anarchy. Forget the doctored samples of opinion polls, often conducted by foreign agencies. That by itself should make us ashamed for our proclivity to accept what others have to analyse and determine for us. Even ignore the fringe voices of dissent led by those who neither have credibility or sagacity to comprehend the existential crisis faced by Pakistan. The army has shown vision and displayed courage in tackling a menace that alas is a home-grown cancer due to our short-sighted strategies in pursuit of phantom depths. The battle to be won is now the country itself. Continue reading


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