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Faisal Shahzad’s Radicalisation

VIEW: Faisal Shahzad’s radicalisation —Yasser Latif Hamdani (Courtesy Daily Times)

The Islamic organisations on American campuses are even more hardcore than what we have heard of the cancer of IJT, which is plaguing Pakistani campuses

Faisal Shahzad’s arrest has brought renewed focus on our already much maligned country. Commentators with only a rudimentary knowledge of Pakistan and its history have been speculating that perhaps Pakistan’s status as a nation founded on Islam is the root cause, conveniently forgetting that Pakistan was never founded on any Pan-Islamic ideals or theocratic millennialism (as in the case of Israel) but was a result of a breakdown on constitution-making between two representative parties in British India. It is also forgotten that the founding father of Pakistan, Mr Jinnah, was a secular-minded lawyer who had explicitly ruled out Pan-Islamism or Islamism of any kind as the basis of Pakistan. But let us not inconvenience geniuses like Mr Dhume of the Wall Street Journal with boring and inconvenient historical facts.

A much more plausible explanation has to do with the transformation during General Zia’s rule in Pakistan in the 1980s when Pakistan was the most allied ally of the US in the war against the Soviets. He not only Islamised the state in a very fundamental way but also helped arm illiterate and uneducated tribes in the northwest. In this it may well be said that Pakistan’s FATA regions have become hotbeds of militant activity, not necessarily always ideological mind you. This is a problem that Pakistan must urgently deal with as well as undoing the Islamisation put into process by the US’s favourite General Zia for his own sinister objectives. Continue reading


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The Problem With MNIK

By Yasser Latif Hamdani


Late last week I attended a packed show of “My Name Is Khan”  in Lahore’s DHA Cinema and while I went through all the emotions the film maker wanted to evoke,  I found the film entirely misplaced and misdirected.   The film itself was well made 70 percent of the way. It began to go downhill from the time our hero returned to Georgia to find it stuck in the Civil War era and by the time President Elect Obama made his appearance the film which is essentially Khuda Ke Liye meets Forest Gump meets Rainman meets Milk was completely over the top. Continue reading


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Terrible Tragedy at Fort Hood Texas

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

An Arab American Army Psychiatrist,   Major Nadal Malik Hasan,  opened fire after allegedly shouting Allah hu Akbar.  The immediate consequence,  13 brave Americans who had signed to serve their country are dead on their own base.   It is true that soldiers are put in harm’s way but that decision is not taken by the soldiers themselves.  Soldiers of any country are brave young men and women who have signed up to defend their country.   To be subjected to a cowardly attack by one of their own is therefore tragic.   We at PTH and in Pakistan join the families of those soldiers who died at Fort Hood in mourning those who lost their lives due to this unnecessary and senseless act of cowardice and butchery. Continue reading


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Obama and Jamaat Islami Youth Wing

Bradistan Calling

Note: The views expressed are author’s,PTH does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed.Some names have intentionally been omitted to protect privacy.

It was a long afternoon,with cricket T20 in the background, and the location was a Lebanese restaurant in St.  John’s wood, in the shadow of Lords cricket ground in central London and we were enjoying a long outdoor meal.

My guest was a childhood friend (alumni of  “Physics under Hoodbhoy”  and Islami Jamiat Talba), now an analyst with an American Bible-Belt Neo-Con Think-Tank, visiting London for a seminar on “Preventing Islamist Extremism” in the disenfranchised Muslim youth of U.K. He also ran a blog called “Friends of Pakistan” before the name was  artfully stolen by President Zardari’s team (Allegedly by Ambassador Haqqani, who is rumoured to ghost-write Zardari articles in NYT, WP and WSJ). Continue reading


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Non-Hijabi Solidarity Day at Rutgers

By Anthony J. Aschettino

Once again, it is time for Islamic Awareness Week here at Rutgers Newark.

This is in and of itself a good thing: we here read the name of the week in two ways, namely that non-Muslims become more aware of Islam while at the same time Muslims become more aware of non-Muslims.  There are several events marking the week such as a discussion on faith and reason, an analysis of Malcolm X, and an invitation to watch and learn about the Friday Prayer.
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What’s Pig Gotta Do With It?

By Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

For the American Muslim, religious dogma is like a toxic agent. Guilt of the migrant captivates them in dogma and symbols. Much easier to fight for it than live for it. The hijab, the beard, the after school Madrassa and most important:  the Pig!

The pig. After taking this undivine creature’s name, ablution becomes obligatory. Absolution by spitting the contaminated saliva out into an already contaminated world, or by saying a pious word about divine scripture. Meaning? What have they do of meaning? They aren’t a Muhammad Atta on September 11th. (He didn’t either) They are American Muslims trying to figure out whether voting is halal. Continue reading


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