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More on Kerry Lugar Bill and Our False Prophets of Doom

By Salman Ali

There has been a lot of ranting, lately, over the famed Kerry Lugar Bill passed by the US congress about the aid package to Pakistan. As usual, Pakistani politicians and masses took to protest and retaliations over the bill, because of the usual silly argument of the bill being from US. Most of those ranting loud claims of the bill’s connotations and it’s inevitable implications are the ones who haven’t yet even read the bill in it’s totality – and well….that makes about 90 percent of the total opponents of this bill. Continue reading

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Separating Myth From Fact on the Kerry-Lugar Bill by U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations



October 8, 2009

Contact: Frederick Jones, Communications Director, 202-224-4651

Separating Myth from Fact on The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 Continue reading

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Pak Army’s Objection to US Aid Not a Threat to Zardari Govt: US

The Obama Administration believes that there is no threat to the democratically elected Government in Islamabad in view of the Pakistani Army’s public opposition to the Kerry Lugar Bill which is not in line with the official position of the Zardari Government.

“I don’t think it is a threat to to the civilian government in Pakistan,” Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs told reporters when asked about the differences that has emerged between the army and the Zardari Government on the Kerry-Lugar Bill. Continue reading

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Govt should do more

Bilal Qureshi

I have noticed strange things in Pakistan during my recent stay there, but two things stand out for me. One, it is the unbelievably weird ability of Pakistanis to connect every bad thing to American and how America with Israel and India is relentlessly trying to destroy Pakistan, but Pakistan is surviving against all odds.

Second, it is the unusual talent of Pakistanis to ask the government to solve all there problems, do more, and more and more, without being specific. For example, prices of daily commodities go up, and the people start repeating the same thing: government should bring down the prices Continue reading


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Obama and Jamaat Islami Youth Wing

Bradistan Calling

Note: The views expressed are author’s,PTH does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed.Some names have intentionally been omitted to protect privacy.

It was a long afternoon,with cricket T20 in the background, and the location was a Lebanese restaurant in St.  John’s wood, in the shadow of Lords cricket ground in central London and we were enjoying a long outdoor meal.

My guest was a childhood friend (alumni of  “Physics under Hoodbhoy”  and Islami Jamiat Talba), now an analyst with an American Bible-Belt Neo-Con Think-Tank, visiting London for a seminar on “Preventing Islamist Extremism” in the disenfranchised Muslim youth of U.K. He also ran a blog called “Friends of Pakistan” before the name was  artfully stolen by President Zardari’s team (Allegedly by Ambassador Haqqani, who is rumoured to ghost-write Zardari articles in NYT, WP and WSJ). Continue reading


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Pulling Terror’s Teeth In Pakistan

By Ralph Peters

FIGHTING terrorists and insurgents resembles dental care: If you ignore the cavity, it doesn’t get better on its own. The sooner you’re lying back in the chair, the less painful it’s going to be.

Last month, Pakistan finally and belatedly admitted to itself that its terrorist problem had spread so deeply that at least one bad tooth had to be pulled. The military went into the Taliban-occupied Swat Valley in force.

After years of neglect and rot, the apparent determination of Pakistan’s leaders to really take on the terrorists was reassuring. Continue reading

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The Extremists of Pakistan

by Asif Salahuddin

 They have no tolerance. They speak, abusively if necessary, and desire little debate in return. They order and demand to be obeyed. They care not of another’s grievance or state of affairs, nor make any effort towards an understanding of such. They choose to remain ignorant of the world around and its realities that impact them. They wish their every whim to be met and every diktat to be followed by all. They are prepared to use violence – brutal, unrelenting and destructive violence – until they get their way. Continue reading


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