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After Strategic Depth: Remembering Eqbal Ahmad

Posting by Raza Rumi

Eqbal Ahmad’s death anniversary passed away without the pomp and galore that we assign to such events. Perhaps the best way to remember Eqbal Ahmad is through his insightful, almost prophetic writings. This one in particular is a grim reminder of the blunders that we have committed in the past that are now haunting us in our face. Pak Tea House pays tribute to EA by posting this piece and inviting a discussion on the key issues highlighted therein.

What After Strategic Depth? [Dawn, 23 August 1998]

Eqbal Ahmad

In his letter to Zarb-i-Momin, the Taliban publication, Mr. Azam Tariq, leader of Pakistan’s violently sectarian Sipah-i-Sahaba party, is ecstatic over his ideological brothers’ recent victories.

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