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Understanding Islamic Revival In Its Proper Context

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

 My secular comrades and friends will probably disagree with me or maybe not, and it is nothing less than sacrilege for a self proclaimed secularist like myself to say so,   but the core values of any civilization are drawn from the dominant religio-cultural system.   There are contributory factors from other minority strains but ultimately the way society is organized is around the religio-cultural system the majority of its adherents follow.   So for example,  the Western civilization- as we know it today- has for evolved out of a Judaeo-Christian cultural norms and as it is secularized, it is enriched by other cultural strains but it remains manifestly a product of Judaeo-Christian evolution.  It certainly has strong heritage in Hellenistic past but that itself is expressed through established Christian traditions (for example Christmas which is an adopted Hellenistic holiday),  much like Islam adopted a lot of pre-Islamic Arabian heritage as its own.   Continue reading



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Nisar Teri Gallion Pay Ai Watan

(Posted by YLH)

A few weeks ago an ignorant little Mullah from the Jamaat-e-Islami claimed that Dr. Salam’s achievement in science was nothing compared to many other great scientists of Pakistan and that Salam got the Nobel Prize because he was a “Jewish agent”.  I suppose one of these “great scientists” he was referring to was the idiot who read his paper on “how to harness the power of genies for electricity production” at Zia’s famous “Science Conference” in International Islamic University in the 1980s.   Well this article by Kunwar Idris in Dawn shows just how amazing a scientist and how  great a patriot Dr. Salam was- especially in comparion to the crooks, cranks and madmen who have now become- to use Justice Kiyani’s apt phrase-  the chachas and mamas of Pakistan:

Abdus Salam’s 15th death anniversary went unnoticed recently. The 25th death anniversary of Waheed Murad that fell on the same day was celebrated with fanfare. They say nations which do not honour their great men cease to produce them.

Pakistan, for sure, has produced no scientist of Salam’s stature nor perhaps an actor of Waheed’s popularity. Whether it is serious research or playful acting, the national scene remains barren. Continue reading


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Islamic Failure

Pervez Hoodbhoy , Feb 2002. Courtesy Prospect

If the world is to be spared what future historians might call the “century of terror,” we will have to chart a course between US imperial arrogance and Islamic religious fanaticism. Through these waters, we must steer by a distant star toward a democratic, humanistic and secular future. Otherwise, shipwreck is certain. Continue reading


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A new book elucidates the life and work of Dr. Abdus Salam

by Khaled Ahmed

Book title: Science for Peace & Progress: Life and Work of Abdus Salam

Compiled, Edited and Introduced by Anwar Dil
Intercultural Forum Takshila Research University, San Diego/Islamabad, 2008

On reading the paper, he ran home but was accosted by cheering crowds on the way. His picture that appeared in the papers later showed him wearing turban. He later said he was hiding a nearly bald head because of the wrong haircut given him by his local barber

After his volumes on ‘wheat-man’ Borlaug and ‘rice-man’ Swaminathan, Anwar Dil is back with his monumental compilation on Pakistan’s only great scientist, Nobel Laureate Dr Abdus Salam. Since he has put together the most important written source material on the great man, his introduction was bound to become a major advance on the biographical literature available on Salam. He fascinates us by talking about the childhood of the Nobel Laureate. That part deserves to be summarised here. Continue reading


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