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The Demons that Haunt the Pakistanis

Cross post from New York Times, Published: December 5, 2009

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By Sabrina Tavernise

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — These are emotional times in Pakistan, particularly since President Obama told its leaders last week to fight harder against Islamist extremists, and expanded a deeply unpopular covert air strike program in Pakistani territory.

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The Loan Writeoff Scam; Myth and Reality

by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla

The government banks and private financial institutions waived loans worth Rs60 billion during the 8 year from 1999 to 2007.

Those who got their loans written off include politicians, bureaucrats, former military officials and various business groups. The finical institutions which got their loans written off include National Bank, Pak-Kuwait Investment, IDBP, Pak-Oman Investment, Agricultural Development Bank, SME Bank, Bank of Khyber, Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank, Pak-Libya Holding, Saudi-Pak Investment and IDBP. All these institutions are incorporated under ‘Banking Companies Ordinance’ and supervised by State Bank of Pakistan.

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A Tale of two Stories

By Cyril Almeida

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MILITARY men have been up to some very bad things, we’ve learned this week. But the very different reactions to two seemingly unrelated stories in the media tell us at least one thing: things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

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Extracting Political Decisions from the Judiciary in Pakistan

By Ahmed Nadeem Gahla

A study of transformation from military dictatorship to democracy around the world would reveal that there are two possible ways. Either it is achieved through a popular revolution or by negotiations between political forces and dictators.

The former invariably demolishes the entire system and mostly involves bloodshed putting a new system in place while the later allows the change to happen within the prevailing system based upon certain negotiated terms.

These terms might not necessarily meet the international laws and judicial norms as it is always a middle path.

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Cunning or Wisdom?

Gone with the grin?

by Shyema, Dawn Blog, November 6th, 2009


Could it be that President Asif Ali Zardari is finally ready to part with his power? Reports this week state that the president is ready to hand over some of the authority given under Article 58-2b to the parliament – sounds familiar? Perhaps it reminds of you the time Zardari first stated this well over a year ago. Since then Prime Minister Gilani has often spoken about restoring the parliament’s powers and the president himself has gone before the parliament and vowed to give away his powers but maybe he just isn’t good with keeping promises. Continue reading


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The Obama Plan to Radically Remake Pakistan

IN AN UNUSUAL MOVE, the Pakistani military on Wednesday publicly criticized the Kerry-Lugar Bill — a five-year, multibillion-dollar U.S. aid package recently approved by Congress and now awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature. The military’s motivation is simple: The aid package is designed to limit the Pakistani military’s role in governance. It stipulates that the aid is contingent upon the U.S. secretary of state’s certification that, among other things Continue reading


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Poem: Around Us (Betrayal of Conscience)

“Around Us” depicts those events that are currently taking place in Pakistan and how it has weakened our moral fabric, the intangible conscience and all that makes us what we are not”.


Engraved in our memory, the old questions
Of freedom and justice, as we watch in silence
Engraved in our memory, the unfolding events
The stories of horror in darkness,
The blunders of our masters, out in the open
In silence- our hands and minds
Engraved in our minds, the old lessons
Of purpose, morals and of courage
As we hear, as we devour, the very fabric
Consumption of all what we once had
Now lay there, only the ruins and questions

In the hazel of dusk, the stories of long march
Out in the open, the corridors of justice- the body
A girl and her existence, kidnapped and raped
To pay the price, the sickness that exists
In minds and in hearts, of flesh and blood
As protectors pay homage to the wolves
The cartels of crime in distance and in open

As we hear the shots, as we see them fall,
The daughters of our land, through crimes
The old trade of flesh and blood and its protection
As the suffering continues, in sorrows and pain
The old hands of mutiny upon us, to shackle
“You will not survive” as we constantly hear
The old sermons through faces of our times
Engulfed in greed and hunger, the story
As the fortune plays their tune, to the mocking crowd

Hear we noises, hear we stories, hear we sermons,
The actions to be taken, the silence must draw
The evils that are there, the darkness that prevails
Through the silken days of our existence,
Comes hither, the brutal reality -naked
The old cartels of crimes, out in the open
As our daughters are sold, as our children pay the price
Of innocence and poverty, as we watch them in silence
The voices inside us, remain inside us, never we shout

The same stories in different formations, around us
Around us, the victims, around us the conscience,
As the hope begins to crackle in its fury
In words and in actions, in participation and presence
As the time stretches itself to eternity
The crimes will never be forgiven small and large
Too much at stake as we devour ourselves
In our greed and in our fame, the forgetful woes
I will stand up, I will stand up, hear me out
Those million souls, asleep as history rewinds
Gather those wolves, gather those evils
Strike them, with justice and strike it hard
The lessons to be learnt, the message to be given
Around us, the wrongs, in its mischief

As the old green now go on sale and in auctions
The symbols of our existence, the symbols of hope
The questions of who will stand up and the answers
Around us, in us, there lies the hope, their lies the quest
Around us, the faces, of victims and hope,
Around us, the magnificent story of our times
There stands a man, in the distance, the history

Around us, the beautiful faces of our generation
Around us, the voices of wisdom and of age
Around us, the passion and principles of conscience
Around us, the existence in flowers and of beauty
Around us, there stands a man, in the distance,
The history, in its words, in its actions,
Around us, Islam and its Prophet, and the civilization
Around us, Jinnah and Iqbal, in words and in peace
Around us, the light from billion years of travel,
Around us, the Universe, it’s Maker, the Force, the Nature
Around us, you and me and million faces,
Around us, the immortal question, of our failures
Hear we not, around us, the voices of reason and wisdom
Around us, the man, in the distance, the history!


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