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Obituary:Kashmir Broadcasting Corporation

Stop Press:

Kashmir Broadcasting Corporation suddenly suspended  its satellite transmissions globally after one year of success broadcasting.This incident is most unfortunate and shows a lack of financial backing for independent TV in a climate of global recession.There was no official confirmation of this interruption. Continue reading


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Defending the IMF

I had posted my piece on the forthcoming (?) IMF programme and expressed fears as a citizen. The op-ed that was published in the NEWS has evoked a hard-hitting response by a former IMF staffer. I am happy that a debate has ensued – this is why his scathing attack on my argument is more than welcome. Any noise is better than the silence of complacency. Raza Rumi (ed.)
by Dr Meekal Aziz Ahmed

Raza Rumi wrote a nice article entitled “Debating the aid plan,” in your newspaper of Nov 1. I agree with a lot of what he says. Things in our land are pretty grim these days. But just as Mr Rumi’s article was engaging me, there came the usual blast against everyone’s favourite whipping boy and scapegoat, the IMF.

Let me recall a timeless phrase so that Mr Rumi knows “where I am coming from,” as they say, and then move on to the substance of his critique. ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Mr Rumi, who must have read his Shakespeare, surely is familiar with these words. How well that quote describes our hapless country which seems to be going nowhere, while we insist it is everyone else’s fault? Continue reading

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High Court stops McDonald’s at Lahore, Islamabad airports

Let’s see what happens – before another bench sets this aside.

LAHORE: Justice Hamid Ali Shah of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday issued stay orders against the establishment of franchise restaurants at either of the Lahore and Islamabad airports since the restaurants were being established without advertising tenders for the purpose. The judge also issued notices to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) general manager (commercial) for permitting Siza Foods to set up franchises of McDonald’s at the two airports, the petitioner’s counsel Taffazul Haider Rizvi told Daily Times after the hearing on Tuesday. The petitioner complained that the law required the CAA to approve commercial licences only after advertising their tenders in newspapers. The procedure had not been followed, he added. The judge told the CAA general manager to file his comments by the next hearing. Daily Times staff report


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