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The Donor – A short story

by S Adil Shah

It was a prominent private hospital where people from every nook and corner of the country would come to seek a cure to their ailments. The news of Mr. Abdullah’s kidney transplant surgery spread in the area like a wild fire.

On the day of the operation the hospital was filled by a multitude of people, notwithstanding the efforts of the security personnel to check their inflow. Complete disorder prevailed in the hospital. Relatives, intimate friends, acquaintances and business colleagues of Mr. Abdullah rushed towards him to embrace, hug and encourage him not to lose heart just when he was heading from ward towards the operation theater.

“Don’t worry man! It’ll be a matter of minutes and Dr. Tariq’s genius in such cases is known the world over,” a friend tried to encourage a paling Mr. Abdullah who was further disturbed by a paging voice coming out of the roof right above his head. Continue reading


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Follow Hollow – a short play


Characters in the play:





Bearded Fuelus

Shaven Fuelus

One bunk bed lies along right wall, one along the left one. The former is slightly higher than the latter. One closet lies next to the right bed, one next to the left one. The latter is slightly higher than the former. One small dressing table lies next to the left closet, a small looking glass and refrigerator next to the right one. The center of the stage is bare. Cribage is sleeping peacefully on the left bunk. Hollow is sleeping restlessly on the right one, shifting about uneasily, as one having a bad dream. He stirs, tosses, turns, and finally falls, screaming. Lands with a thud. Continue reading

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