“Liberal” PPP and its “Liberal” Law Minister

PPP’s self-professed Eagle of a Law Minister has declared that the blasphemy law will not be changed. Remember PPP is the same party that made a theocratic constitution and took it upon itself to declare who is a Muslim and who is not- classic takfiri methodology.

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No one can change blasphemy law: Babar Awan

Friday November 26, 2010 (1116 PST)

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ISLAMABAD: Law Minister Babar Awan has categorically said that no one should think of repealing the blasphemy law. “In my presence as the Law Minister, no one should think of finishing this law,” he said while declaring himself to be a “Shaheen” (eagle). He was talking to a senior member of the Jang Group on Thursday.

The minister came out with these unequivocal remarks in the wake of the latest media debate over the blasphemy laws, which started once again by the recent award of a death sentence to a Christian woman on blasphemy charges.

The categorical stance by Minister Awan, arguably one of the closest aides of President Zardari and one with a role in many controversies, is in direct contradiction to that taken by Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer, who while being critical of the same law is all out to secure the release of Aasia Masih, sentenced to death by a district and sessions court of Nankana Sahib in the Punjab. Taseer has already declared that the convict was innocent and according to observers his view is shared by many commentators who in a majority of cases may not even have gone through the details of the evidence and judgment.

While appreciating the comment that any effort to amend or repeal the blasphemy law would lead to chaos, the Babar Awan emphasised that in his presence as law minister no one would be allowed to change or repeal the law.

“In order to remove ambiguity pl (please) also write 2moro (tomorrow) that I told U (The Jang Group) (that) in my presence as Law Minister no one should think of finishing this law,” this is what the law minister precisely said in his written statement. On this, the law minister was asked if he should be quoted, he said, “Sure.” Babar Awan added that he was servant of servants of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He said, “I’m khadim of khadmaan-e-Rasool.” He prayed that candle of ishq-e-Rasool (love for Prophet (PBUH)) is lit in every heart. The law minister, instead, said that all religious nobles must be respected in order to save world from crisis like the publication of caricature.

It is not clear if the law minister has the blessings of President Asif Ali Zardari, who is under pressure to pardon the convict Aasia Masih but it shows serious cracks within the ruling elite about its policy on the blasphemy law.

Babar Awan claims to be a religious scholar; he gives lectures on Islam but at the time faces serious accusation of corruption in the Harris Steel Mill case of Bank of Punjab scandal. Additionally, he continues to claim to be a PhD and uses the prefix of Dr with his name despite the fact that the Monticello University, which awarded him the fake degree, has already been declared unauthorized both by the American and Pakistani authorities to have been entitled to issue such a degree at any stage.

Babar Awan is also generally believed as the man responsible for the government’s confrontational mode with the judiciary. All controversies notwithstanding, on the issue of blasphemy laws he has opted to detach himself from all those who are demanding the repeal of these laws.




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8 responses to ““Liberal” PPP and its “Liberal” Law Minister

  1. Ahsan

    I support those laws which keep a check on those aspects of any verbal or literary expression that can incite hatred and violence. Having said that I support absolute freedom of opinion and expression. What is glorious will remain glorious no matter how many tons of irrational conjecture one wants to publish. There is no precedent of any kind of blasphemy laws in the early period of Islam. Men like Ibn-Rawandi, Al Razi, Al-Ma’aari and many other philosophers who severely criticized some aspects of Islam (some of them died as an athiests) but they were never condemned to death. No kind of suppression of opinion was there.

    My point is you cannot lock anybody’s tongue. Allah is I think very liberal because if not Salman Rushdie,Christopher Hitchens and many others who question Islam would have been choked to death for what they have writtten. But, no, dissent is in man’s nature. An answer to a book should be a book not fatwas and death threats. An answer to any vitriolic attack should be rational and reasoned counter-attack not death sentences and intimidation.

    This is my opinion. Anyone can disagree.

  2. Anwar

    Absence of faith based slogans does not make a party liberal.

  3. NAB

    I understand the position of a government against such laws. And especially of the government who do not have moral authority. Immoral gradually becomes cowardly form inside, no matter how loud and strict he seems (it reminds me of the quote barking dogs seldom bite) – If govenment takes it as a challenge and instead of look at others reactions, it should provide folks with open debates, in rooms, in cameras, off the air and in colleges, schools and streets and Mosques.
    There should be some laws intact that should stop some one to spread hatred and voilence ( I believe there are) but to go to the extent where mobs dictate bad decisions, is not a good or Islamic practice.
    Anyways, there must be some ammendments at least!

  4. I highly appreciate the reply of Ahsan. May you and your tribe grow.

    God ( if there is one) has given us intellect and intelligence to think , question , critically analyze…….punishing for the same is sad and goes against nature!

  5. Prasad

    Ahsaan//This is my opinion. Anyone can disagree//

    Disagree?? you will receive fatwas in no time!! dont you realise it is blasphemous to write anything like what you have written????

    Jokes apart, pls continue to write, you need to rid zombies from your system. We dont need any attacks on our soil for christ sake ( or should I say Shri Ram???)

  6. Bilal

    After hearing about this case, one thing is striking in my mind. I see common Pakistanis calling Christians as “choora” or “musali”, isn’t it blasphemous to call any ahl-e-kitab with such names. But we don’t have any law or mob threatening to kill anyone in this case, that is why we don’t have a law. But in case of saying anything blasphemous against Islam we do have a law, because we have mullas and mobs who threaten to kill anybody accused of blasphemy.

  7. Nasir

    Babar Awan should take his job seriously and introduce a column in all pakistani passports where all paki citizens take an oath that they are not terrorists (he should start with himself) – the world would be a much safer place.
    In fact he should also have an adittional column for the government confirming that any degree earned is real and not fake