PAKISTAN: The Christian community in Karachi needs immediate protection from imminent attacks by extremist

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

PAKISTAN: The Christian community in Karachi needs immediate protection from imminent attacks by extremists

Around a dozen Christian youths were arrested and tortured and their houses searched by their Muslim neighbours in the presence of police officers to arrest a young Christian man, Zohaib alias Noami, (20), the son of Pervez Rahi, who was in love with a Muslim girl, Anum, (18), the daughter of Muhammad Abid. Noami and Anum ran away together on the night of November 20 to marry in another city. After the incident a reign of terror was spread though the Christian community living in Baldia town and Saeedabad, Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

The houses were attacked by Muslims in groups and many young Christians were arrested and handed over to the police. After being severely beaten by the mob they were taken to the Saeedabad Police Station where they were tortured by the police officers to reveal Noami’s whereabouts.

Whilst the incident happened within the jurisdiction of Baldia Town it was the Saeedabad police that carried out the arrest of the young Christian men. The frenzied mob attacked houses belonging to local Christians and also tried to attack Saint Luke’s Church. The town police officer of Baldia immediately sent police reinforcements to protect the Church. The presence of the police officers halted any further attacks but the fundamentalists threatened the community that the police will not be able to remain forever and when they left the church would be destroyed.

The schools in the vicinity have remained closed since November 21 and almost all the Christians, about 600 of them, left their houses. Those that remained have sent their daughters and women-folk out of the area fearing a strong reaction from the Madressas, the Muslim religious schools in the locality. In the meantime the male members of the Christian families have been ordered to report to the police station and inform them of the whereabouts of Noami.

The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to warn the government to take serious and definitive action before things turn bloody and the looting and burning of Christian houses begins. It must be emphasised that in Baldia Town there are also the pockets of Taliban and other banned extremists organizations working for Al-Qaida who will use this incident of the love affair of between a Muslim girl and a Christian boy as the argument they need to protect the blasphemy law. The Government, particularly the authorities in the Sindh province, must provide full protection to Christian families of which are more than 5000 in Baldia and the surrounding areas.

It has been frequently observed in the past that the police always worked under the pressure from extremist groups and have never protected members of the communities of religious minority groups. Therefore to stop yet another attack on the Christians and their community the government should take immediate action. They must immediately instigate a dialogue between the different sections of Muslims and Christians in order to resolve this situation peacefully. Both Islam and Christianity are religions that promote love, peace and harmony and it is vital that this is pointed out strongly to members of both sides.

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About AHRC: The Asian Human Rights Commission is a regional non-governmental organisation monitoring and lobbying human rights issues in Asia. The Hong Kong-based group was founded in 1984.




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11 responses to “PAKISTAN: The Christian community in Karachi needs immediate protection from imminent attacks by extremist

  1. amaar

    @ayesha sarwari

    I beg to disagree with you. Islam’s provisions for polygamy are to resolve certain social problems (e.g. welfare of widows/orphans and prevention of adultery) instead being a prescribed form of social structure.

    Firstly, polygamy is not as widely practised to become a social problem in itself (i.e. by leading to more unmarried men).

    Secondly, in (normative) Islam, the premise for polygamy is resolution of social problems rather than as a gratification of male ego.

    It may be a bitter pill but is perhaps the only alternative to out-of-wedlock children, illegtimate relationships and stress on the social fabric etc. By establishing full and equal rights, at least all the wives have a life/financial support of their own (in the normative sense) and none of the women is threatened with a possibility of being hung high and dry (i.e. being divorced at the sake of the other).

    Now I agree that it is impossible to equally distribute affection and some men will indeed tilt towards one at the expense of the other. But imagine the alternative: they could have simply let go of their less favored woman (or cheated on them). Pick your poison? Cheating/divorcing a wife or giving her a reduced portion of emotional/financial support.

    Laws can be framed to cushion the emotional blow to the first woman (e.g. a sufficient Haq mehr (dower) etc. that increases if a man marries another woman).

    But I am afraid, from a practical perspective, the alternative to polygamy is
    way worse

  2. amaar

    Please remove my above comment which was mistakenly posted here

  3. MilesToGo

    Just convert to Islam and when things cool down revert back to Christanity…

  4. Before I put my 2 cent on this burning issue, I want to submit that I am a Muslim (ancestral), last year I performed Hajj, I offer prayers five times a day, and try to abide by all the five pillars of Islam. But, when I write down an article on such topics I first thoroughly go through the perceptions and objections that the Western academia have against us. The problem with us is we shout with full throat to our own people about the sanctity of Islam, those people that already have unshakable faith. But what about those people that are standing on the other bank of the river (to heck with them?). Is not it our moral duty to satisfy them with their logics?

    When Jemimah converted herself as Muslim and married Imran Khan it was alright, rather it was the beautifulness of Islam. But, if a Muslim girl having fallen in love with a Catholic guy opts to elope, there is hell of a hue and cry endangering mass spread riots and killing. Why so? I have no answer, but I would like to hear from some august members of this forum.

  5. libertarian

    Just convert to Islam and when things cool down revert back to Christanity…

    Yeah – except the Hotel California clause in Islam: “You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!”

  6. Sardar Khan.

    Why you are picking on Islam?Islam is the only religion in the world,which restrict its fallowers to mary once only not multiple marraiges.Where it allows polygamy it is under strict rules.The first rule is to be for the man to treat his wife/wifeves equaly in all respect i.e.financialy,equal love and equal rights for all of them.If a man can not do this,he is not allowed to marry more than one woman.
    As at this moment population of the world is roughly 51% female and 49% male,roughly speaking extra 2% females than males.So you think those 2% extra females be treated as outcast or to offer their services as prostituition or live as misstresses.

  7. Prasad

    Sardar the great! your novel response is worth shoving in your a*** f** if islam prohibits polygamy then why maximum polygamous folks are found in Islam?? whenever any shitpiles want to marry more than once, they convert to islam and then take the polygamous route forward.

    I suggest you join politics since you have the art of conveniently creating virtual heaven when the actual is shitpile

  8. T.S. Bokhari


    Islam does not allow but as laid down in Quran it exhorts believers to marry three three and four fours and advise only one wife and that too with what one’s right-hand possesses (meaning sex-slaves).

    As regards the equal treatment among various wives the judge of it is the husband himself. No worry!

    Mind, this is continuance of the Arab culture suitable only for the Arabs, perhaps.
    Note that only Islam gives due importance to sexual needs of its believers, beside that of ‘roti, kaprha aur makan’. That is one of its reasons of popularity.

  9. Bilal

    I am afraid that very soon we will see another massacre against poor minorities, and the State & govt will do nothing to prevent it.

  10. Bade Miyan

    “Yeah – except the Hotel California clause in Islam: “You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!””

    Lol! That was funny!

  11. I don’t know much about the the California Hotel clause. Nonetheless, I can endorse the bottom line of the discussion/Concussion … all genuine minorities in Pakistan (including the educated, well-bred intelligentsia – – across-the-board – – distinctly ‘fewer’ in numbers – – are in grave danger of imminent extinction in Pakistan. This depression downwards (and decay certain) commenced with ZAB delicensing the ‘Ahmedis’ as certificated Muslims. Dammit, he had no business doing so. It fuelled militant Sectarianism, and brought forward a crop of crap as PP-fountainheads (reminds me of my fan ‘Marcel Duchamp’) into lamentable limelight.
    The pre-New National Judicial Policy judiciary must share bountiful blame in large sums … they have been very fetish/proactivist not about justice but concerning plentiful plots, patronage, privileges, peccadilloes, perquisites, pelf, ‘protocol’ and polyplots . Since the Fall (and Disgrace of our Dreadful ‘Elite’) of Dacca, not one world class legal Judgment has emanated ought of Pakistan. We have been nadired into derison (+ towards oblivion) and have become Sitting Ducks-Dodos before the likes [and dislikes] of Docterer Barber-A-Van. Quack! QuacKKK!!!
    (Personally, I have wondered as to where have my feverish-f(r)iends disappeared, e.g., The Art Critic, The Half Burst Tyre and Other annonymous Miscellany suddenly ethereally disappeared? Or are they merely lying low artfully in their swinging kammeen-gaahs for another ten wicked months and will then surface again?

    Do these ACDC-MonaLisas feel Caravaggio’ed and castrated by Truth ex. rel. Syyed Iqbal Geoffrey? ((((Apathy is a SOVIET CAKKKE…)))))