Salman Taseer “Apostate”?

Majlis-e-Ahrar Pakistan and Jamaat-e-Islami have issued an “apostasy” decree against the bold Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, who dared to question the blasphemy law. Salman Taseer is in good company. The same parties abused – it does not need reminding- Mahomed Ali Jinnah, the founder of this nation and called him “Kafir-e-Azam”.  Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar wrote those famous lines “Ik kafira kay peechay Islam ko chora, yeh Quaid-e-Azam hai yaa kafir-e-Azam”.

Courtesy PakTribune:

LAHORE: Religious parties’ agitation against government’s efforts to release blasphemy convict Asia Masih to send her to the US and to amend blasphemy law gained momentum on Wednesday, while a party also issued an apostasy decree against Governor Salman Taseer.

More demonstrations were held in many cities of the Punjab which demanded dismissalof Punjab Governor Salman Taseer who had initiated secret efforts to extradite the culprit. Tahaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat Mahaz (TNRM), a conglomerate of two dozen religious parties from Barelvi school of thought, staged a peaceful protest outside the Governor’s House on Wednesday and warned of a fierce anti-government movement if Asia was sent abroad or attempts to change blasphemy law continued under this garb.

Tehrik-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool (THR), another alliance of over a dozen religious parties, staged demonstrations in many cities and towns of the Punjab condemning what they called a West-sponsored movement against blasphemy laws through western funded NGOs and secular lobbies in Pakistan. They demanded immediate dismissal of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and putting an end to the international conspiracy against Islam.

The THR also called a grand meeting of various religious parties in Lahore on Thursday (Today) to chalk out a future line of action. Addressing the protest demonstration outside the Governor’s House, TNRM leaders Alalam Razul Mustafa Naqshbandi, Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi, Raghib Hussian Naeemi, Pir Athar Qadri, Naeem Javed Noori, Mujahid Abdul Rasool, Mufti Masoodur Rehman and others announced observing Friday (tomorrow) as a countrywide protest day against the PPP government’s attempts to implement the western conspiracy against Islam.

They also announced convening a religious assembly of the top Islamic scholars to issue a religious edict (Fatwa) against Salman Taseer and those elements in the country who were bent upon changing blasphemy laws and were not sparing any moment to condemn it.

They also warned that all conspiracies against Islam would be foiled with a complete unity and determination. They later dispersed peacefully. THR leaders Maulana Ameer Hamza, Qari Yaqoob Sheikh and others asked why Pope Benedict did not raise his voice against the unjust conviction of Dr Aafia Siddiqi and the misuse of US laws to kill millions of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq but was concerned over the legal punishment to a single Christian woman convicted of blasphemy by a court.

Majlis-e-Ahrar Pakistan leader Syed Ataul Muhemin Bukhari and other leaders also warned of a launching a movement against the PPP government and Punjab Governor Salman Taseer if they continued implementing western conspiracy against Islam in the country by extraditing Asia Masih and trying to change the blasphemy laws. Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Waseem Akhtar, while addressing a meeting, demanded that presidential powers to pardon blasphemy convicts must be withdrawn and if blasphemy laws were to be amended then they should be done through parliament in consultations with the religious scholars.

Meanwhile, Almi Jamaat Ahle Sunnat in an emergency meeting has issued a fatwa (Edict), declaring Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer as ‘apostate’ for raising his voice to free blasphemy convict Asia and implementing the western conspiracy against the blasphemy laws in the country. According to a press release, Salman Taseer will remain apostate till the time he seeks forgiveness for this great sin and shows repentance. The fatwa came in a meeting of the religious scholars at the office of Allmi Jamaat Ahle Sunnat with Sahibzada Allama Pir Syed Mustafa Asharf Rizvi in the chair.


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25 responses to “Salman Taseer “Apostate”?

  1. Talha

    Welcome to the group.

  2. Ahsan

    There should be a ‘National Faith Authority’ whose only job will be to certify who is a Muslim? And who is an apostate?… 🙂

  3. Tilsim

    These mullahs shout about conspiracies against Islam in a shrill voice with threats of violence and fatwas of apostacy. How ironic. They are the ones who are responsible for the horrible and catastrophic distortion of Islam through Pakistan’s laws.

  4. Ally

    all these mullahs, and majlasé this and that… they convene ’emergency meetings’ over some alleged blasphemy… have they nothing useful to do???

    I respect Salman Taseer even more now, and i really hope the poor women makes it out to Amreeka or somewhere, as even if the court did let her free, some thug would kill her!

    We should also shout that we want the blasphemy law repealed…

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  6. @FYI
    Council of Ex-Muslims welcomes all new Apostates and Kafirs from Pakistan.Google us and join.

  7. Bilal

    I never see all those mullas saying any harsh words against Taliban, who are enemy of Pak. They never declare any suicide bomber as apostate, they never threatened to launch national campaign against abuse of Islam which has lead to countless decrees of praising suicide attacks. But when someone comes up to help a poor lady, they all are shouting to exploit the issue politically. They just want to abuse Islam to achieve political fame.

  8. Noor Khan

    All these Mullahs are criminal.They never talk about the poor in Pakistan.
    We all know about their dirty roll during the the cold war period.
    We should know that all the forces which want to keep socities backward
    have their hidden agenda .That is to serve their masters like Pak army,establishmen and the world imperialism.
    Governor Salman Taseer should get support from all the secular,democratic and left forces.It is very interesting to know what Nawaz Sharif and his prty think?

  9. Ahrari ,Khaksari & Jamaati goons still use the same ‘gutter language’ against educated Muslims as there illiterate forefathers did,just to highlight their own ignorance.

    Mian Saloo, Salmaan Taseer,Asma Jehangir are torch bearers of their illustrious familiies who worked for modernity and spreading of knowledge in Muslims of India.
    Jamaati,Ahrari goondas want to send Pakistan back to Arabian caveman past.

  10. well said A Abbas,

    good post YLH

    no religious leaders should be allowed to interfere in the govt, their job is to sit in their place of worship and pary and preach
    when they interfere with poltic they should be arrested

    eg, when saddam was in power we were never aware so many mullah were there in IRAQ, but as soon as he was gone, there were mullah under every stone in iraq, giving verdits, and telling people what is right and wrong ps: i do not support saddam , it was just an example

    the point is if the giovt really get tough the mullah will run for their life, as history always showed the pope used to always ionterfere in europen politic, but once storg leader emerged they were silenced

  11. Feroz Khan

    @ Noor Khan & Bilal

    The mullahs maybe criminals but are we, the educated, not the bigger criminals in encouraging the mullah’s reign of an intolerant terror? The mullah may not talk about the poor, but have we, the so called “better off”, ever talked about the poor? Did we not support the Afghan war against the Soviets and did we not distribute sweets when the military over threw a democratically elected leader? How many of us have spoken against the establishment being as we “are” the establishment?

    The question is what price are we willing to pay for our principles and what are we willing to suffer for their sake? Think of it as a matter of supply and demand. If you do not like what the mullah is preaching; do not go to the mosque. When you go to the mosque, you offer yourself as an audience to the mullah’s rants and in a manner, you justify his importance. Will the heavens fall if we do not pray in a mosque? Will the earth rend itself if we stop associating with the mullah and his mosque or is it “our mosque” and if it is, then let us reclaim it by evicting the mullah from it!

    It is time to pay the piper for our collective sins of silence and if we are not ready or willing to pay the price, and risk all for what we believe to be right, then there is not much use in blaming the mullah. The mullah is a bully and he is only taking advantage of our own insecurities and if we are not willing to stand up to him, the fault is ours and not the mullah’s.


  12. Subcontinental

    A. Abbas wrote in CEMB: I first began to have doubts about the teachings of Islam at about the age of sixteen, living in Pakistan. I started to question why women had a low status and why poverty existed. How could a just Allah allow these injustices to exist? Because I had some distant relatives who were atheists I began to think of myself as one. It was, however, only after I came to the UK that I read some of the literature on the subject and became aware of the existence of atheist/humanist organisations. The Rushdie affair prompted me to become more active and I started to dream of, one day, belonging to an organisation like the Council of Ex-Muslims. I now dream of the day when Islam will no longer be such a destructive force, when it will belong exclusively to the private domain , when Political Islam will cease to exist and , above all , when people like me can , everywhere , openly and publicly state that they are atheists without the fear of discrimination , let alone of losing their lives.

    Kudos to you, sir!

  13. Fellow-Pakistani


  14. Fellow-Pakistani


  15. \\\Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Waseem Akhtar, while addressing a meeting, demanded that presidential powers to pardon blasphemy convicts must be withdrawn and if blasphemy laws were to be amended then they should be done through parliament in consultations with the religious scholar///

    Where it is written that JI called him \\Apostate//

  16. Although no fan of Salman Taseer, FCA; i hereby issue the (Make life easier!)fatwa that he is not apostate; semi-colon..

    About Blasphemy … a just solution would be that whenever allegations or accusations about Blasphemy are levelled; the accuser BEFORE REGISTRATION OF FIR should be ordered administered Lie Detection tests (perfectly permissible per Article 164 of the Pakistan Law of Evidence/Qanune Shahadaat – – proposed, written and drafted by me early in 1980) and anyone failing that test should be prosecuted for Perjury as well as Hi-Sedition (seeking to sodomize / scurrilize the Constitution = Justice Systems. Hang (as death is prescribed by The Sharia about stirring Fitna and Fassaad) or shut-away the Wrongmongering Hypocrite for life the Person proffering false charges/pretenses.

    Now, every oversexed/sexstarved jerk or lacherous cleric who wants to make love to some reluctant local beautry who is nonmuslim; then accuses her or her family members to get thyem out of the way before shgowering his faithful attentions to her younger sister or cousin. Ad nauseum. Add more!

    ((((((( NB: I am not fetish about persons, only principles.)))))

  17. i am not good at typing; paragraph 2 above may be subedited by raza rumi sahib with my advance thanx.

  18. no-communal

    This guy, Kashifiat above, is leading a campaign to punish blasphemy by death. What a terrible loser!!!!! He thinks his religion will survive only if everyone who speaks ill of it is killed. Such lack of confidence!!!! These people are big black blots on the face of religion.

  19. shoib orakzai

    @Feroz Khan…beautiful from you Mr. Feroz

  20. Talha

    Who is the girl in the picture?

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  22. AllahkaBanda

    A pig-eater and a drunkard like Salman Taseer has the dutch courage to spew anything he wants about Muslims and Islam. Not only Mullahs but his own bastard son from a Sikhni is a living witness to his apostasy…

  23. YLH

    And what do you think of the pig-eater and “drunkard” called Jinnah who founded Pakistan?