Asiya Bibi- The Water Fetcher

Mother of five and farm worker
To earn her bread and ale
The old routines to fetch water
As await her four angels
The empty stomachs
To fend off hunger and poverty
And yet remains in view
With disdain and hatred,
The old refusal
To the hands and its toil
Cannot you serve us?
You don’t belong to our clan
Cannot you run away?
We have our laws,
We have our might
Follow we will to your place,
Burn we will you to death
Cannot you escape?
We will find you
Through the laws, to the gallows
Take your choice, you are the one
The weak and in fear
As you play havoc in our farms
Your hands are not clean,
Your soul is not to our beliefs
And your body, consume we will
The rights we have derived
As we practise our ignorance
As we invoke laws and its existence
In our tightened chests and minds

The annals of history heavy,
The story of human civilisations
Minorities don’t reflect
Minorities don’t offend
Opinions of the majority
Why will they insult?
There are no grounds
Created out of hatred
These testimonies
As they run riots

Here in the West, where we become
The weak and minorities
How often do we cry and scream
Upon Church of England and Pope,
Even when the options are there,
The freedom in action and through speech
Why only in Pakistan
Driven out of their homes
The death sentences and damage
To their properties and children
This is not Islam they practise
Only the hatred in their hearts
The manifestation of the times unknown
As the games are played
To persecute minorities and weak

The practise that goes unnoticed
These ways of fear and intimidation
Pushed upon them these laws,
Through reasons not religious
The total abyss, in our morals and ethics
All forgotten we have our own,
Prophet for whole mankind and his message

Tied down to the gallows,
The woman and her children
The tales of water fetcher
Her only crime- weak and in fear
Not from the same clan as rest
The embedded irony of our times
As we play havoc in the Garden of Eden…




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5 responses to “Asiya Bibi- The Water Fetcher

  1. Nadeem A. Butt

    God bless you and all the week and meek!

  2. Nadeem A. Butt

    God Bless the weak and meak!

  3. T.S. Bokhari

    “The tales of water fetcher
    Her only crime- weak and in fear
    Not from the same clan as rest
    The embedded irony of our times”

    Well said, dear! It reminds me an event from the life of Bhagat Kabeer. He being a son of a weaver was treated as ‘Maleech’ (untouchable) by Hindus, as we Pakies treat Paky Christians ‘Palleet’. As per drama on his life on TV he once visited Mathra as a young boy. There he saw a Brahman addressing some faithfuls, extolling the sacredness of the Ganges and sat there to listen the speech. The Brahman stopped speaking for a while and asked for water. Kabeer got up quickly and brought water from the sacred Ganges flowing near by in the ‘gadvi’ of the Brahman. When he was handing back the gadvi the Brahman asked who he was. Kabeer said,”Ham jolaahey hein”(I am a weaver). On heraing this BN flew into rage and asked Kabeer why he fetched water to bharisht (na-pakify) his gadvi. Kabir retorted,”Do you think my na-paky is more powerful than the sacred pakifying power of the water of the Ganges, as you were just preaching hear?”

    It is perhaps difficult for a Christian to understand the concept of ‘Paky, na-paky’ as this is un-known to Christianity, so much so, that I don’t find any exact word for it in English.

  4. AllahkaBanda

    She Abused the Prophet
    and her followers
    and won’t stop doing that
    our of frustration
    Water fetching was just an excuse
    a lame excuse for the wretched woman
    she was objected to foul the water hole
    with her diseased and filthy hands
    and toilet pail
    When objected by other chaste women there
    who had also come to fetch water there
    objected to her uncleanliness
    that wretched women starting cussing them
    their God their Prophet their Religion
    here the trouble started
    that moron female broke the law
    defamed and derogated beliefs of others
    hence was held liable for crime…
    and sentenced to death after adjudication
    by the sessions court
    she still has legal remedies
    she has opted for an appeal to the high court
    they say she is a Christian
    but even if she was a Muslim woman
    as dirty and diseased as that Christian convict was
    and who blatantly confessed her crime
    during the trial lasting over 18 months
    she would have suffered the same fate
    as hers…
    Let’s not exploit this incidence
    because the convict is a Christian
    The blasphemy law does not discriminate
    betwixt Muslim or Christian
    both are culpable at law for the offense
    then why this hue and cry
    when legal remedies for justice are available
    to prove yourself not guilty?
    Why premature pressure to pardon her
    without due course of law
    just because she is Christian?
    Am sure she would have gone to gallows
    had she been a Muslim convict
    and all sympathizers of so-called minorities
    and champions of civil societies
    would be hiding their double faces
    in the marshy water of Boating Basin!!
    Hail Mary!!

  5. T.S. Bokhari

    December 2, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    “Why premature pressure to pardon her
    without due course of law
    just because she is Christian?”

    May be they want to lynch her as ordained by Sharia.

    Btw, argument has now started in the public also about the BL. To counter the argument that there is nothing in the Quran to support the death sentence in the BL some ulema have argued that there is no mention of deatails of Namaz even, in Quran, which are known only through sunnah and hadees.

    They are right. Not only ‘namaz’, even the words used with it in Mullah jargon, like ‘Farz parhna’, do not occur anywhere in Qura or hadees, relating to it. But there is mention only of ‘Salat’ (prayer) which is stated to be written in the genes of humans perhaps. Again, there is a mention of ‘Musalleen’ (meaning perhaps ‘namazi’) in Sura Ma’un (107) who belieth ‘deen’ (a righteous way of life, seeking good of humanity) but make a show of their piety for only egotistic intents, and try to avoid helping the indigent by small kindnesses which do not inflate their ego. Such musalleen have been cursed by God in no equivocal terms.