Clash of Civilisations: Killing of the Christians Vs Deporting the Muslims?

by Dil Nawaz

As a student of history, past week’s headlines have made grim readings for me personally, as I genuinely feel that there is a connection between both traditions of the Followers of the Books of Abraham.

56 killed in a Baghdad church and continuous attacks on Christian neighbourhoods of Iraq, Iraq’s Christian Orthodox Archbishop advising Christians to seek refuge in foreign countries, continued violence against religious minorities in Pakistan, allegations of religious discrimination in flood aid distribution and now Asia Bibi the 45 year old Christian woman sentence to death under blasphemy law in Pakistan for allegedly refusing to convert to Islam under the pressure of a Muslim cleric.

In Europe, rightwing media and fascist parties warning of invasion of “Muslim illegals”, Turkish Ambassador’s comments that the Austrians [Christian] consider Turkish[Muslim] as a “virus”. Muslims complaining of “Islamophobia”, anti-immigrant shooting in Malmo Sweden,France’s “full face veil” debate. Young Muslims feeling alienated from the European values of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity and the incidents of “Honour Killing” of Muslim girls on the street of United Kingdom.  Does all this point to an impending Clash of Civilisation, a counter Crusade (Jihad) in the 21st century, if you will? Is Samuel Huntington (who prophesied the Clash of Civilisation) jumping for joy in his grave?

Let’s examine Europe first. European neo-fascist parties like Freedom Party in Austria and Netherland and British National Party term Islam as a backward and tribal religion which treats women as “legalised slaves”. These “prophets of doom” predict a Western civilisation overrun by a “Tsunami” of Muslim immigrants fleeing their repressive and impoverished “Lands of Islam”. It is a black and white world view, which sees fellow citizens as “enemy aliens”(make a note), belongs to the era of Nazi 3rd Reich, would be unacceptable in a modern Europe. Fortunately these parties belong on the fringe of modern democratic European Union and it would be a worrying sign if they were to gain acceptability in future.

The mainstream of the debate belongs to media and political parties who would be classified as mainly liberal and conservative. According  to Slavoj Žižek (leftwing philosopher), all the current mainstream political parties in Europe whether Left or Right espouse  to a similar neo-liberal economic  and “equal opportunities” cultural policies which encourage a certain level of tolerance for the minorities (whether religious, racial or gender) in a multicultural society.

Ironically the Islamists who advocate the ideology of Takfir Wal Hijra -emigration to Land of Islam by rejecting the Kufr (non-believer) of permissive sinfulness of western civilisation, agree with the European fascists on voluntary (paid or unpaid) repatriation of Muslims back to their homelands.

Post-War Western Europe experienced a transformation in terms of religious, cultural and economic rights of minorities living in modern nation states. The fears that confrontation between fringe-elements could lead to a forced exodus or “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims from Europe, can only be described as delusional and dystopian. In the presence of safeguards like Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1951 Refugee Convention and European Court of Human Rights such a scenario would almost be impossible?

Herein lays the biggest challenge not only for the defenders of Human Rights but also the wider Muslim societies, where the constitutions and the common law often have limited or no scope for secular concepts of freedom, equality and fraternity.

Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Palestine, Malaysia are Muslim majority countries with sizable Christian minorities. These minorities share common cultural and linguistic bonds with their fellow citizens but the freedom to practice religion is not accepted as a universal right in many situations where Islamic law takes precedence over the “secular” law. The emergence of violent extremism in form of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt has meant restrictions on the visibility of religious and cultural practices of these communities.

Al- Qaeda’s stated aim of violent struggle against the “crusader” western powers occupying Iraq and Afghanistan (including imaginary imperial conquest of Arab Oil by great “Satan” America) means that they view the indigenous Christian population as “enemy aliens” residing within the Land of Islam. The declared aim of Islamist groups is to alter the course of American and NATO’s foreign policy and War on Terror through attacks and armed conflict.

Unfortunately in this scenario, Christians are perceived as an extension of foreign powers that are part of a greater Christian brotherhood just as Muslims are part of one Ummah (Muslim Community of Nations). Defenceless Pakistani, Iraqi, Indonesian and Egyptian Christian are often held responsible for the actions of governments and armies thousands of miles away. Needless to say, but unlike the global Jihad brotherhood, the poor Christian lady Asia Bibi sitting in a Pakistani Jail will have no emotional attachment or political influence on Pentagon in USA.

Telegraph UK reported that the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) [no relation to ISI Pakistan], which claimed the responsibility for Church killings in Iraq , stated that “We will open upon them the doors of destruction and rivers of blood, All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers are legitimate targets for the muhajedeen [holy warriors] wherever they can reach them.” It called the Pope, who issued a letter of condolence over the killings, “the hallucinating tyrant of the Vatican” and said Christians would be “extirpated and dispersed” from Iraq.

The aim of such tactics seems to cleanse the “undesirable Christians” from an area which stretches from the shores of Atlantic (Morocco) and Bosphorus (Turkey) to the shores of Pacific (Indonesia), and establish a “pure” Islamic Caliphate of Middle-east and North-Africa, would such a Caliphate include Shia Iran and sinful Lebanon?

The prayer and the hope is that the future generations will be able to live in peace and prosperity whether they are born in Europe, Asia or Africa.

Dil Nawaz is a blogger, a PTH contributor from ‘Bradistan’ Bradford UK.



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6 responses to “Clash of Civilisations: Killing of the Christians Vs Deporting the Muslims?

  1. Junaid

    Just wondering if these jihadis realize that if all non-muslim migrate from Muslim lands to non-muslim lands then who will pay the Jizya to enrich the Islamic state.

  2. fahad hussain

    why doesn’t the facebook link on this blog show the no. of shares on facebook like it shows in figures the no. of retweets?? the no. of times the article is shared on facebook should be visible as the retweets are.

  3. I am willing to suffer racism in Europe but going back to Muslim Shariah Murtad and Kafir face death penalty.

  4. Samachar

    From marginalrevolution dot com


    I view Timur as our most important apologist for the history of Islam, and I mean that word apologist in the classical sense, not cynically. I am not claiming he is a Muslim (I have no idea), but rather that he has insight into Islam. He is telling us: “this stuff isn’t as screwed up as it might seem to some of you. It is more like you than you probably think.” Yet, like so many good apologists, you get mostly biting criticism of what he is apologizing for; he is seeking to reform the world he cherishes.

    His first book Private Truth, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification (one of the best economics books of the last twenty years) is about how societies can stick with screwed up beliefs and defend them publicly, yet without everyone being evil or stupid, even if they sometimes sound as such. It has major implications for the theory of revolution, and sudden flips of opinion, yet I read it as a defense of [fill in the blank] society. His work with Sunstein on availability cascades extends the basic point of how falsehoods spread in otherwise normal environments; it applies directly to U.S. regulation also global religion.

  5. T.S. Bokhari

    But Zulqarnain, the Wicket Keeper, runs to England to seek asylum (Inshaallah) there instead of running to his home for safety from THE ALLEGED threats.

  6. I wish we’d kill our hate and deport our prejudices.