Let’s not waste the blasphemy law, please!

We are linking here a hilarious and yet tragic piece written by Ejaz Haider which is an apt commentary on how far we have fallen.

Pray, what is this National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW)? Terrible the very fact that such a commission is functioning here to turn good Muslim women into monsters by giving them funny ideas. What makes it outrageous is its defence of Aasia Bibi, the Christian woman who blasphemed and has been, in our mercy, sentenced to death by hanging, which, arguably, is better than being lynched.

But no, they want to make a big thing out of it, like some people today talk ill about Henry VIII for getting rid of some of his wives. What’s a man supposed to do when wives become troublesome? He merely acted in good sport and did the routine, though slightly more imaginatively.

So, please, let’s get some perspective on these things. Now this NCSW, I am told, has strongly condemned the death sentence an additional sessions judge, in his infinite wisdom, has passed on Aasia Bibi. Worse, it is now talking about gross irregularities in the judicial process and questioning how an illiterate Christian woman could have cited Islamic textual and exegetical references to blaspheme against the Prophet (pbuh).

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One response to “Let’s not waste the blasphemy law, please!

  1. amar

    The heavy doses of pakistan-ideology, as a sub-contract or a franchise of islamic-arabic imperialism and totalitarianism, are having their poisonous effects. Even as a satire it is dangerous both ways. That Ejaz Haider too writes such inanities thinking it is satire (or may be he really means it so in order to survive in the land of the pure) – is actually a dangerous foolishness on his part – it shows how deep the fall is.

    To be a quisling and mischief-maker for larger money-givers (like USA), alien faith-peddlers (Arabs) and ruthless imperialists (China) who have to be visited by the bosses of Pakistan, as vassals and minions have to do – that is the ultimate loss of self-respect, dignity and reason. That descendants of hindus in the Sindhu river basin have been reduced to this abject level is painful to me.