The blast that shook Karachi

by Kiran Nazish

Just moment before; over a cup of tea in the outside porch at Press Club, we were discussing the dilemma the city is in, with all those target killings and shit that’s going on in Karachi. There are so many dimension of a news that its gets confusing really to figure out who the real culprits are.
Hassan a senior journalist and a very old friend of mine, sounded as confused as I were. The confusion is very frustrating, we wondered aloud while stepping out.

Without a warning the earth started to shake. Literally!
A sudden rush of fear ran up and down our system while we saw a couple of dozen glass break down from the building right in front of us… The Lakson square right in front, the Banks on the right and the tall ones we could see at a distance while we stood at the gate of Press Club.
However much that it looked like some after shock of an earthquake that rocked the ground so hard, we just knew it wasn’t. The sound was enormous and we could instantly tell, it was a blast.

This blast was of the highest intensity (about 1.3 Richter Scale) and shook half of Karachi.  The aftershock was felt 2 kilometers, above, beyond and farther.

A friends Aunt who was visiting Karachi after a decade saw glass, table and lights shatter in front of her in the Al-Bustan while having her evening meal.  Staff at the hotel rushed them all into the kitchen.

The blast had occurred steps away from Sheraton at the CID office.

Just within moments of the blast, dozens of bodies were scattered on the ground, the air smelled of burning blood and dust…. mobile signals stopped responding, everyone was calling their family and friends… while  10s of ambulance siren-ed amidst the crowd trying to make way to the site.

This blast killed 60 something people, mostly women and children from the now shattered, residential building next to the CID office. More than 140 injured were taken to the hospital, while many died on the way.
This blast literally left a 10 foot crater in the earth and the CID building site looks like it was struck by some sort of targeted earthquake.

Suspected groups include Tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan, and Lashkar-e-Jhanvi according to Govt sources.

The question is why do these Taliban or whoever the hell these people are, think that they are doing the right thing by killing innocent people.

The entire population of Karachi is under stress… its like every time we step out of our homes for work and business, we are like soldiers who know they can die in a traffic jam or at the market.

Crowded places are safe, Police stations aren’t safe, all sorts of important buildings and business centers in Karachi are in the hit list.

Whats left of the common man? The man who doesn’t indulge into extremist discourse with his extremist friends, a man who has a simple life and a simple family and the one who is struggling to live in the economic meltdown and life threatening inflation with sugar at 120 rupees per KG???
What about the man who cant afford daily fuel for his car and travels in the public bus to make ends meet… a man who wants to educate his children so that they dont end up joining these extremist groups…

I literally know people who do not let their children go to the mosque to pray because they think their children can be influenced by any extremist maulvi and get brain washed.

Pakistan at this point has the worst leadership possible in the world.

While we are struggling from a gigantic flood and people are dying like animals in our flood-struck area, the govt is busy making money out of flood aid and asking for more from the world.

Who suffers at the end is not these leaders its the people. Its us.
We get rejected from admissions in good universities, our visas get rejected, we are made to block from a world of opportunities, because everyone in the world thinks we are terrorists.

Ironically we are so shit scared of this situation that we are failing all laws and theories of Revolution. Pakistan has all the problems a revolution-worthy country may have, but the people are so scared that they don’t want to come out of the streets.

No one wants to voice their opinion.  No one wants to come out and so much as express themselves.
Yes the  journalists talk, but all they really do is talk.

What will bring us together? No body knows.

We must realize one thing, that in this precaution to safety for our own lives, we are not only dying ourselves, we are also killing others.

We are probably like these Taliban who kill innocent people, only in a different perspective.



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6 responses to “The blast that shook Karachi

  1. irfan abro

    the administrators of this site should set up the facebook page of pth because as it is progressive voices have no access to come on our tv channels.the readership of this blog is miniscule,you need to tap into the facebook platform through your own page by which all your articles are uploaded onto your fans’ newsfeed daily.only the facebook sharing icon currently in use won’t suffice.
    saw the show on express with kamran in which rumi squared off against the three bigots & rumi & co. were completely shouted down by the opposing three,one of them resorting to calling secularism as “wahiyat lafz” ,when you cant reach the larger populace through tv atleast reach as much as you can through newsfeed section on their facebook pages daily.

  2. Milestogo

    Unless you feel the pain of new York and Mumbai and Dhaka in the same way as you feel for Karachi – there is no hope for Pakistan.

  3. O J DEEN

    O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female; and We have made you into tribes and sub-tribes that you may recognize one another. Verily, the most honorable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous among you. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.
    (Holy Quran: 49:14)

  4. Talha

    This is an accumulation of all the injustice and intolerance that took place in the last few decaded within Pakistan.

    Today no citizen is safe, all and one are the victims at the hands of the same people who were once promoted as national interests and patriots.

    I hope now the nation can revert back before it suffers any more from this extremist variant.

  5. Clueless

    60 people killed in the CID Blast ??? You sure u got accurate information about the dead,, coz i have been reading all about this blast ever since it could place,, i experienced the shock waves while at WORK….

  6. fightingchance71

    This piercing cry of distress comes from a wish to wash away our sins.

    The system is based on corruption, the unexplained sources of income, our connections which facilitate power or/and amassing money/wealth. We are obscurantists….100%. Hide the truth, hide the facts, hide the intent, we hold the cards so close to our chest, every other person is an outsider, not to be trusted, to be suspicious of, that is why the enemy within is invisible, that is why the perpetrators of terrorism cannot be traced, there is no way they will be, because we are hiding from them, they are among us but we do not communicate with them, we close our eyes when it comes to them, they are standing in front of us but they are invisible, surely they are having a hearty laugh for not being identified. Surely there is a curtain in front of our eyes, for what is the reason, why is it that we can’t see beyond it.

    The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars but in ourselves.