Another Scandal Rocks Pakistani Cricket

By D. Asghar

The recent incident where a Pakistani cricketer, Zulqarnain Haider went missing in Dubai, and surfaced in London, should not surprise any one at all. In the wake of a full blown undercover sting, done by a British tabloid, where Pakistani cricketers allegedly participated in a match fixing scam, anything is expected from our national heroes.

The details of his sudden disappearance from Dubai rocked the entire Pakistani media. Then his announcement of resignation from cricket, due to threats to his life by unknown people fueled the mysteries surrounding this incident. In a nutshell, what he is alleging is that, he was approached by the “match fixers” and he refused to budge. ZH was questioned by British Immigration officials for hours as he supposedly applied for asylum in the UK.

The fans have expressed their concerns and criticism about the Board. The disgruntled citizens show their angst, by equating the Cricket Board to the inept government of Pakistan. Both seem to be totally notorious for their reputation of incessant corruption. The scandals against Pakistani cricket team are mounting. The investigations are on going and who knows what the final outcome would be. Of course the details of this recent episode are sketchy and emerging on an ongoing basis.

Back in the old days the Pakistani wrestlers were famous for their “Noora Kushti.” It seems like the cricketers have given a new dimension to this beloved sport by following the footsteps of their brethren of a forgotten generation and athletics. The biggest losers are of course the die hard fans who are glued to the screen, hoping to see their stars in real action. Lately, they are getting a lot of deception from their men in green.

The valid questions that a lot of fans are raising are, why didn’t ZH report the threats to the Team Management or Dubai Police for that matter? How does seeking asylum in Britain help him in that regard? Giving the recent murder of Dr. Imran Farooq’s in broad day light on the streets of London some credence, how is that place out of reach for such shady spot fixers?

In order to bring some much needed trust back into this game, it is incumbent upon the Honorary Chief Justice to take immediate notice. Only a judicial inquiry into this can potentially uncover the real actors behind all of this mess. The government inquiries seem to be a temporary band aid. Until or unless a few culprits are brought to exemplary justice, the sorry state of affairs will continue.

Of course there must be some anti gambling laws in the books, which are begging for some serious attention in these cases. Or the other option would be, to perhaps legalize the wagers and gambling and let it emerge as an industry. The government should tax and regulate and generate adequate revenue to refuse the much needed American aid. (Just kidding, a thought crossed my mind while writing all of this. 🙂

There is no doubt that there are some real ugly and nefarious global characters embroiled in this entire saga. It is high time that those “Under world” characters are brought to surface and dealt with on a global level. Otherwise, it is a shame to keep the Cricket team and the Cricket Board of Pakistan in business.


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19 responses to “Another Scandal Rocks Pakistani Cricket

  1. Oh Dear; that’s just not “Cricket”, now is it!

  2. Sardar KHAN

    Why you think the Chief Justices intervention will solve the problem?It is the bad management of the PCB responsible for this fiasco.Moreover it is the weakness of the ICC against indian bookies are causing all sorts of problems for the game of cricket.The best for the game will be to make sure indian bookies are brought to book i.e.indian goverment must be made to take against these bookies in india.There is alsort of bets are made against all sporting events all over the world,but in a legal way and under proper legal controls.As for as india is concerned it is done without any sort of control.Therefore,it should be forced indian goverment to control these rauge elements of the country.As india is a rouge contry itself,I don’t think they will do anything saying it is their internal matter.But it should be forced on them by ICC.My request to ICC is to be bold and don’t be a mouse against indian bullying.

  3. nourdu

    @Sardar KHAN

    Smokin weed my friend.

  4. Taha Rizvi

    PCB : Pakistan [In]competent Board

  5. D. Asghar

    @Ms. Caroline you are right, it is not. This is of course a network of rogue elements encompassing the entire globe.

    @Sardar Bhai, I hear your point but even if some of the bookies are in India, that certainly does not translate into all the bookies being in India. Furthermore, some of the players get into all of this willingly. So we cannot shrug off by laying the entire responsibility on India and wash our hands. We cannot pretend like “innocent school kids”, being deceived into this treacherous trade. The only reason why I mentioned CJ is that his notice is taken seriously, rest is mostly tucked under the rug.

    @No Urdu Bhai..Sardar Bhai has some valid points, but not entirely valid though.

    @Taha Bhai..Incompetent or Competent it is representing a country. Either we are naïve or the others are too smart, that they are handling such incidents without getting their nations getting into an embarrassing situation.

  6. neel123

    The biggest and most notorious bookie is sitting right in the heart of Pakistan, Dawood Ibrahim. But no one can touch him because he is enjoying the hospitality of the Pakistani ISI.

  7. sardar bhai,

    are u on some intoxicant, or in ostritch mentality

    how can india be blamed? gambling is banned in india, and most of these bookies operate from south africa, thailand, dubai ect

    how can india arrest them whe ther is no evidence which can stand in court, need proof my friend, in indai there is somethjing called law

    and remmember most of the betting syndicate in india is headed by dawood who is in karachi arrest him , can u ?

    the other questin why only pakistni player get effected, why not indian or others as much as pakistnis, its something to think about right


    Per Article 164 of Pakistan Law of Evidence, Lie Detection and polygraph tests can be administered to find out if an y cricketer is telling the whole truth. It will separate the Bull from The $hit.

    Lie Detection tests are very reliable means of discovering deception, To Catch A Thief.

    But in Pakistan we have Law off rulers, footas and chamchas (cutlery) … Law of Rulers rather than Rule of Law. Freedom of fiefdoms is order of the day. This is lamentable and grave …

    Personally, I am inclined to feel that a Cricketer-Suddenly-Running-Off-to-London-from Dubai SharrReef sounds more like an asylum-obtaining device.
    Shrimatti Meena Kumari , RA, who hailed from Mitha Tiwana (near Khushaab) lipsed a song (sung by Mohtrima Lata Mangheskar Ji):
    inhi loggoan nay ..

  9. D. Asghar

    @Peer Sayeen aka Geoffrey Sahib, your post reminds me of the famous line from a 70’s TV drama on PTV called “Jhok Sayal.” The famous line was, “Peer Sayeen Aonda Aey Tey Mithey Chawl Khawnda Aey.” I will let you do the chaste English translation of this one.

    Polygraphs are not 100% reliable and in a court of law, the evidence of a polygraph may be less credible. It is hard core evidence that always stands. Yes the evidence may be really ugly and people may not like it. 😦

    The friends who are raising the infamous name of Mr. Ibrahim may have a point. Keep in mind that it is beyond Mr. Ibrahim. There may be many like him around the globe making a really fast buck.

  10. readinglord

    Wah Peer Saaein wah! Pakistan mein to cricket, jo kih ek gentleman’s sport thi, kanjar peshah (professional entertainers) ban geiy he. Yih peshaawar cricketers peshaawar mullaon ki tareh, Inshaallah, Inshaallah ki gardaan kar ke is khel ko zaliil aur mulk ka naam khub roshan kar rahey hein.

  11. no-communal

    Dawood Ibrahim must be a double agent!

  12. lal

    Even if we critiscise Indian bookies in general,i dont know what vl be the indian interst in a first class game in pakistan where salman bhatt smashes 90+ in 25 balls.There was another hongkong sixes last day were x no of wides and noballs were bowled by imran nazir in the last over of a final.The one good thing indian cricket did was that it stoppped playing in hong kong/singapore/sharjah/toronto and venues like that.

  13. Ahmed

    What is wrong with you people? The Paki cricket team is full of double-dealing thugs… and guess who is to blame? The same old littany of Indians, Israelis, and Jews? Have we no shame? When our country is filled with corrupt, violent, embezzling, non-tax-paying, two-faced, two-bit criminals, why should the cricket team be held to a higher standard? Wake up and smell the coffee people…


  14. Mustafa

    Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this, our cricket needs HUGE reforms!

  15. mustafa bhai

    i hope u are right, as we need pakistni cricket,

    and i mean a good honest pakistni side, who will play for their country and not money

    bec otherwise what is the fun, we in india love when india and pakistn plays, nothing can beat the thrill

    so even if only for that selfish need of mine i need a honest pakistani team

  16. Mustafa

    Actaully the problem is that Pakistani cricket is not democratic enough. Like Imran Khan says we need a system that is similar to other countries in the world like India and Australia, where they have thier own systems and elected bodies, separate from politicians and other interests groups. I mean what does Zardari have to do with cricket? Why does president select PCB chairman? It should be democratic where an elected body of proffessionals sets things up as in other countries.

  17. Mustafa

    I mean its important to understand that curroption and state incompetence affects all different institutions including cricket but whats important is that once we reform our cricket structure, and the way we select our players and the way its organized then things can get a lot better and you wont have to deal with curroptions and accusations of sorts as accountability will come with a good system. Its not about people, its more about system.

  18. Indian

    These Indian bookies are really notorious. They even book the Ashes. As far as Haider is concerned, I firmly believe that he panicked because of harsh laws of Dubai. He saw what happened to innocent players like butt, akmal etc, and he thought it best to move to England, where at least his life will be spared. Intelligent guy. One request, please save Indian team from Indian bookies. They are really in trouble.

  19. @Indian

    They are really in trouble.

    With increasing age, there is increasing difficulty with syntax. I presume you are referring to Indian bookies, who now have few people left to book. At least few who can perform as needed.