Pakistan: A Train, A Trail.

Nadeem A. Butt – Virginia USA

Another Pakistani, Farooq Ahmad arrested, a few days ago, allegedly planning to blow up DC Metro Trains! Wow, Terrorism, America, Pakistan and Me! All these links are very frustrating! What should I and others like me do, to end such trends as this one? Many like me try all their lives to build trustful relationships in another place far from their birth place! They behave nicely, learn a different language, abide by the Laws of the land, but then suddenly someone with extreme ideology put all this in jeopardy and put a big question mark on my trust and loyalty to my homeland! And the struggle starts again from the scratch! Really frustrating and intimidating! Shall this ever be end?

I do not know what the reality is behind the above story, but all this took me back in time, in 1984, when I was about 12, to a journey by train! The train was ready to leave Chawinda, a town in Sialkot District, famous for making Surgical Instruments and Sports and Leather Goods, where as Chawinda is famous for a major Indo Pak Tank Battle in 1965, and for its zealous people, who live in strong groups and communities. I remember, during that time, the town got divided into two main groups, violent and non violent! The violent group was using slogans like Jihad, Enemy, Kafir, Non-Muslim, Fire etc., to motivate and recruit, especially youth and those who would look for short cuts to earn ‘dignity’ or ‘authority’ in the society. The group was well in minority, but the general understanding was that they had support from the Authorities, which made people shy of them. I remember a young man, who raised an objection on violent attitude of these people, was murdered and nothing happened to the murderer!

Anyways, I was traveling with my aunt and a couple of younger cousins, so we seated in a compartment which was basically reserved for ladies. Men would normally travel in a different compartment, but I was still a child so I stayed with my relatives. Few men and children were also there, surely to accompany there families. There were no cell phones at that time, for families to be in touch, so this facility for ladies also had some drawbacks. Any how the train left for Lahore, a main of Pakistan, at about 3 hrs distance. Then, at about our half way, a group of about 20 college students, entered and started hitting men cursing them for traveling in the ladies compartment. A quick second filled with fear passed through my nerves. Everyone was silent on that but when they started hitting children as well, a roar of anger did show up not from men but from ladies. As their common and powerful passion of motherhood was put to test, they all pounced on these self made reformers who were inspired by the atmosphere of power and “Religimism”! The ladies rightly, took it as an invasion, rather than help. Having seen this reply from ladies, those “invaders” had no choice but to run away.

Now with that memory in mind I believe that Muslims or Pakistanis and especially Mothers who are extreme victims, should come out and tell such people who in their thoughts, try to help Muslims, that there help is causing more harm than good. Slogans like “Mothers for Peace” “Ma’on ki Pukar, Aman Aik bar, Aman Har Bar” are need of the hour. Also I believe the Authorities, instead of just killing Terrorists or Extremits, should work more on going back to the peaceful ideologies and dialogue, which was corrupted in the past, so that this chaos may really end.



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  1. Hayyer

    Why do you think that women are not as divided as the men over the ‘right’ Islam.There are plenty of hard core women around. Look at Aafia Siddiqui.
    The women in your compartment were defending their own children but they were also stressing the difference between a child and a man. The exported bombers offer no such defensible ambivalence to women, or even to men for that matter.
    Besides why should not women make a beginning at home in Pakistan where children are indoctrinated into becoming suicide bombers; and it need not be just women.

  2. O J DEEN

    “There shall be no compulsion in religion for guidance and error have been clearly distinguished”. (2:257)

    Islam, like all true religions, taught Love, Peace and Tolerance in its beginning.
    They are the unholy scholars of the latter dark ages who attributed hatred, terrorism and violence towards Islam.
    The Promised Messiah rejected all sorts of hatred, terrorism and violence in the name of God and that is the main reason why he and his followers are unanimously declared Non-Muslims by the terrorists and the so-called Muslim scholars of this dark age.

    Don’t you feel that the world today needs the divine guidance more than ever before?
    Is it not the time when servants of God are being drawn away from God, by the glamour of material world, more than ever before?
    If your conscience replies in the affirmative then please give due importance to the call of one who claimed to be sent by Allah (God) in order to re-establish the real and certain contact and relation of humans with Him.

    Hazrat Ali narrates that the Holy Prophet (swa) said:
    ” A time will come when nothing will remain of Islam except its Name, and nothing will remain of the Quran except its Script.
    Mosques will be full of woreshippers but as far as righteousness is concerned they will be emty.

    Their Ulemas (religious scholars) will be the worst creatures under the Sky.
    Evil will plot from them and to them it will return.”
    refrence al-Baihaqi as quoted in al-Mishkat Kitab-ul ‘Ilm, chapter 3, p. 38 and Kanzul ‘Ummal, chapter 6, p. 43

    Surely, all believers are brothers. So make peace between your brothers, and fear ALLAH that mercy may be shown to you (49:11)

    Abdullah ibn Mas’ud relates that the Holy Prophet (sa) said:
    Truth guides to virtue and virtue guides to Paradise.
    A person persists in telling the truth till in the sight of Allah he is named Truthful.
    Lying leads to vice and vice leads to the Fire; and a person goes on lying till in the sight of Allah he is named a liar
    (Bokhari and Muslim).

  3. MilesToGo

    Read this article and then think of Ayesha Siddiqa, Farzana Shaikh, Asma Jahangir, Tahira Abdullah…etc.

  4. amar

    Unless woman born in islam see what islam (an ideology from 7th century Arabia) is doing to modern mankind and take the courage to liberate themselves from this ideology we all will be facing more and more violence from (some) muslims. Non-muslims will only react, but they cannot get rid of this violence ever. This riddance has to come from within islam, from muslim-born women. No wonder islam keeps women under wraps and in confinement.

  5. Humanity

    Women all over the globe need to find courage to liberate themselves from male domination. Woman make easy target for macho men and bullies who are insecure about their manhood.

    Look around and see how the poorly the Hindu women are treated. Please get over worshiping yourself. Look in the mirror and see your own pathetic image.

    Please stop making noise at PTH and please go preach to your own kind.

  6. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ Hayyer – Yes women are devided, but mostly they follow what the men tell them at home. A mother gets hurt when his son become a uicide bomber and a mother get hurt when someone dies or get injured in that act. So “Peace” is good moto which can bring both sides together, to make a hard impact on the so called, “peace makers”!
    @Milestogo – women are working separately, and its time to become one for a good purpose,.. Peace, through peaceful means, like tolerance and non-voilance.
    @O J Deen – I beilieve Muslims should learn by the example of “Meesaq-e-Madina” where The Holy Prophet of Islam(SAWW), despite, muslim majority, formed a unified governing body, including and catering all other parties concerns and needs, and called themelves, “Millat-e-Wahida” (One Nation)! Such examples unite people even if they have differences! And we need to go back to the same “Sunnah” of the Holy Prophet (SAWW)!

  7. amar

    to humanity

    Your response to my post is inchoate. Hindu women being mistreated does not lead to any hindu terror the world over. Nor did I write that hindu women are universally well-treated. The article was, and the responses are to be, about muslim women.

    You wrote: “Please get over worshiping yourself. Look in the mirror and see your own pathetic image.
    Please stop making noise at PTH and please go preach to your own kind.”

    This is a childish response from you. You are accusing me of what I have not done and just being a bumbler.

    BTW, everyone is my own kind.

  8. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ Amar – All would agree with you that women should be empowered, but when you write that women should liberate themselves from this idealogy (i.e. Islam), then it sounds as you are giving a virdict that you know (almost) every thing about Islam and Muslim Women., which I believe is not true. Please be considerate that like any other true religion, Islam neither keeps women in wraps nor it wants them to be in opposition to that- Modesty is the best policy and that’s what we learn from Islam and try to spread this word.
    @ Humanity – Please be more humane when you try to preach or teach. Thanks

  9. fightingchance71

    This is the macho man, he has put his life on the line, he is not going to listen to any woman including his mother. I agree with the concept, women must participate in indoctrinating their offspring to beware of this evil, but there will always be renegades, and those are the ones who will defame you in the US.

    It is almost impossible to put this genie back in the bottle at least in the near future, it is beyond the realm of the ladies who scolded a bunch of rags from your railway compartment, this business is far more serious, the world has come a long way since.

  10. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ fightingchance71 – I do understand that its not possible for ladies – but certainly they can add their voice ins homes, in schools and in laps.
    Also women here are basically representing Muslims, epecially Pakistanis, who are getting unwanted and unsuccessful help from insiders and out siders – may be sincere or may be politically charged – but voilent and hence counter productive.

  11. Humanity

    @Nadeem Butt “@ Humanity – Please be more humane when you try to preach or teach. Thanks”

    To ask to introspect is not inhumane. Thanks for the reminder, though.

  12. O J DEEN

    The Prophet ( S A ) stated that Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.

    The following Hadith records a conversation between the Prophet and one of his followers regarding mothers:
    “O Messenger of Allah, who is the most deserving of good care from me?”
    The Prophet replied: “Your mother.”
    He then asked: “Who next?”
    The Prophet replied: “Again, your mother.”
    He then asked: “Who next?”
    The Prophet replied: “Again, your mother.”
    He then asked: “Who next?”
    Thereupon, the Prophet replied: “Then it is your father.”

    The Holy Qur’an states,

    Surely, men who submit themselves to Allah, and women who submit themselves to [Allah], and believing men and believing women, and obedient men and obedient women, and truthful men and truthful women, and men who are steadfast in their faith and steadfast women, and men who are humble and women who are humble, and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who guard their chastity and women who guard their chastity, and men who remember Allah much and women who remember [Allah much] – Allah has prepared for all of them forgiveness and a great reward.(33:36)

  13. amar

    A god who forgives is popular among criminals and such a god is detrimental when organizing a good human society.

    Expansionist religions have always postulated a populist forgiving god so as to attract the criminals and make use of their energies for further expansionism.

    As regards a just god – that too is a concept that makes men lazy. Justice has to be done on the earth through human effort only. Bringing in god(s) is of no help – in fact counterproductive.

    In a pakistani forum I have to appeal to pakistani muslim women and hope that they shall liberate us from the scourge of this alien arab religion. There are hardly any hindus left in Pakistan to appeal to. And hindus in Pakistan are not bringing forth any terrorists and fascists, are they?

  14. This wave of extremism took more than 20-25 years to build. Now if we move to the right direction even then it will take some time to end.

    But our actual problem is that we didn’t workout proper strategy to come out of this situation. We are so used to the ad-hoc decisions that we could never be able to think of any long term plans for our country or our nation.

    Religious people have been in forefront of politics right from the beginning of Pakistan. They exploited our leaders like ZA Bhutoo and force him to make some very religious decisions like expelling Ahmadiays out from Islamic circle.

    With Zia ul haq they were the partners. They enjoy full powers then. They were encouraged to build Jihadis moments and were funded by many agencies govt. and non-govt. local and foreigners.
    This was the time when terrorism was being developed as fetus in the womb of mullaism.

    They are the main culprit here. We all need to find out ways to contain them to their Hujras….

  15. Humanity

    @Shazi gul “This was the time when terrorism was being developed as fetus in the womb of mullaism.

    They are the main culprit here. We all need to find out ways to contain them to their Hujras….”

    The goal should be to take back control from the mullah/poli-tic alliance and to contain and eradicate ignorance through acts of kindness, tolerance and inclusion.

    Every one who agrees with this mission must make it his/her responsibility to shun bigotry individually and to speak against bigotry loud and clear. The minds must be cleansed of the hatred that has permeated the psyche, one mind at a time.

  16. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ Amar – You can criticise those who ue islam or hinduism to cause hate and voilence, but you have no right to attack on the bassi of any faith or God Himelf.
    Please beware that Indian Congress was the main supporter of those muslim clerics who were agaist Pakistan. Before partition they, left the moderate Mulims or Muslim League and upported and encouraged Unionist Party who “religimised” the politics and shunned the opposition through “religimism”! So shall I blame Hinduism, for the act of some hindus or Congress?
    Also you should see the shrines of many Muslim Saints in all over India, who tried to bring all the people together. Bahauddin Zikria, Moeenuddin Chishty, Haji Ali, Bhulle Shah, Baba Farid, Ali Hajvairi etc., and even Sai Baba and Guru Nanak are symbols of peace in Islam. And more non mulims revere them, rhan muslims!

  17. Watty

    It is unfortunate that so many discussions on PTH eventually distills down to a Pakistan vs India dichotomy. At this time it is the women among the common citizens across Pakistan who are holding their families together and by extension holding the nation together despite many difficulties. If literacy among women is pursued aggressively it will be a great benefit to the country and the region. The same applies to women in India also. Empowering women is an effective means of building progressive democracies and peaceful societies.

  18. amar

    to nadeem

    I am not attacking god – I am consistently exposing those who use the word “god” and claim to speak in his name or claim to know his will through some old arabic or non-arabic book. Islam is the ideology that misuses the word god maximally. It is the most blasphemous ideology and has hit hard upon mankind and misled and misused more than a billion human beings.

    What you call faith is just stubbornness, irrationality, dreamy-ness and emotions. Faiths have to be questioned again and again. Otherwise they become fascisms. A genuine faith will ask human beings to question it and verify. Islam however punishes those who question it and muslims let loose abuse and even violence and terror against those who raise doubts. This is how fascism functions. You muslims have lost the ability to recognize fascism due to your islamic indoctrination and manipulations.

  19. Straight-Talk

    The women in South Asia do have strong motherly affection or you can say obsession with their children. So reaction from them to rowdies were not by any means surprising.

    But to expect them to work for us the so called enlightend and egalitarian people is big ask. Even then the women like Asma Jahangir do fight with the rotting system, which should be the work of a civil society.

    We should not hide behind our feminine companion or shy away from our responsibility or outsource our problems to them.

    In fact, truly speaking, we are frightening from these extremist people for fear of our life. We know very well that these people can kill us on even slightest pretext but will not confront with the ladies of our society, at least they’ve some sense of cultural legacy of respecting women and their dignity in their mind too, or at least we hope so.

  20. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ -Straight talk- All agreed, but women here are not only women with great pluses to add but they also sybolise Mulims and especially Pakistanis! If the culprits realize that they lost their support from their own homes, they would definitly get effected by this change.

    @Amar- Amidst talking against those who use faith for wrong ends, you need to realize that you end up calling the faith or God, names.
    Use some common sense that Muslim themselves are the most effected party of this voilance and most of them are trying to get calm and peace! You or your elders, have actually added fuel to fire! I wish you would have prayed for the better or at least seen things just as an unbiased spectator!

  21. amar

    To Nadeem

    You have not read my last post carefully enough. I am very unhappy to se human beings being killed and wounded and in pain. This is totally irrespective of the religion. What exasperates us outside of Pakistan is that there is NO ONE in Pakistan (of any importance) telling the truth about these events, about the why and the wherefrom. When there is talk of a “foreign hand” then for me it means this foreign religion called islam. Islam was not created in the Sindhu river basin or in the indian subcontinent or in Pakistan. YES, it is a FOREIGN HAND causing trouble in Pakistan – it is the hand of islam, an alien ideology from Arabia and from alien times (7th century). You pakistanis are so idiotized that you don’t understand this truth even when you speak it out yourself. You pakistani are actually the real hindus. But islam has made you so depraved that even here the truth is lost on you, although it is in your very blood and DNA.

    What use is prayer here, and how can we be unbiased spectators? Merely spouting forth pieties does not help.

  22. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ amar – Your words show frustration and hatred (at least to me), and this is actually not going to help anyone!
    In pakistan, the peace has been hijacked by those extremists who first opposed pakistan, with help of Indian elite and Congres I, and then gradually started mob politics in the name of religion (just like Shiv Saina, or Bajrang Dall, or even BJP try in India). Then they became partens of Martial laws and Black mailed or cornspired with the rulers to support their idiologies and laws – then this hateful idealogy was promoted and utilized againt Russia and against India (who actully helped them in the start), and now world wants to stop it but the Jieni is out of the bottle now…! We all have to be patient and sincere. It will definitly end!, because there is a God who sees and hears and does not want people to play his name and his “Deen” as politics for wrong and worldy ends!

  23. Hasnat Chohan

    I left the Islamic Republic 20 years ago for an “infidel land” and found peace. Religion and Politics do not mix folks. If you try to mix them you get Pakistan. Secularism is the only way. The people of Pakistan are not victims of the system, but rahter the its supporters. A large majority of Pakistanis have sold their humanity to Islam. Allow me to quote the following which is attributed to Bacha Khan ” I am a human before I am a Pathan, and a Pathan before I’m a Muslim”.

  24. amar

    to Nadeem

    There you are, the typical pakistani putting blame on others. Your pakistani history books taught you lies and you have not overcome that yet.

    With that attitude you are no friend of anyone seeking peace.

  25. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ amar – you need to read before you give your virdicts! Firstly you gave virdicts against God m, then Islam, then pakistan and now those who try to find the solution to the problem! I am not against India or Raussia or any other, but that is an unfortunate history where Pakistanis are suffering mostly, for some insanity of outsiders but definitly of some insiders – that’s why my post is basically for iniders.

    Also you are offering your unwanted help just as some students did in the train. I am not blaming you I am just telling you that before you attack my faith or my God you know the facts and history behind the situation.
    I am telling you that there are people in Islam, as there are in other faiths, who use faith for voilence, and when we try to teach or preach them, some outsiders like you add fuel to fire and offer their unwanted support which actually deteriorates the situation – and people like you jump to another conclusion that the Faith or God are to blaim! Please do something else instead of trying to arouse more anger and hatred in pakistanis/muslims, other wise I would be bound to think that you are a paid recruit of the same people who want to disrupt the peace efforts of the direct victims!

  26. amar

    To nadeem

    We don’t expect anything good from your god or your religion ever. We don’t want cosmetic surgery or show of piety or emotions anymore. Faiths, all faiths, have to be questioned in the 21st century according to the criteria and needs of the 21st century.

  27. Nadeem A. Butt

    @amar – now you talk. I am of those muslims who neither likes to call others’ faith or God, names, nor like vise versa.
    Every one is welcome to reason like a gentleman!

  28. amar

    to Nadeem

    “now you talk. I am of those muslims who neither likes to call others’ faith or God, names, nor like vise versa.”

    If you decide to be an uncritical eye-closing person then don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are the better or safer or less-harmful human being. Furthermore the denigration of non-islam and non-muslims is an integral part of islam and its theory, practice and history. You personally don’t have to do it again – it is already done for you by your predecessors and is a part of the muslim mentality through their schools, mosques etc. Trying to present your own self as a holy-harmless person may bring you some self-satisfaction, but that is a trivial event in the whole on-going tragedy. Every muslim is, because of his muslimness, party to the mean-ness and sufferings which islam has already inflicted upon non-muslims through the centuries. Of course islamic history-writing takes care not to inform the muslims about it, so the muslims keep thinking “we are such a wonderfully innocent people”.

  29. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ amar – You may think what ever you like! Neither you know the history or basis of your own faith nor you nor of others.
    In fact every faith has almost ame fundamentals, same problems, same solutions. That is why I do not talk against any religion or Prophets.
    Islam as I and majority of Muslims understand, just teaches Mercy and Love for all the creatures. You can fight but just in defence. All else is politics and ignorance!

  30. amar

    Nadeem writes:
    “Islam as I and majority of Muslims understand, just teaches Mercy and Love for all the creatures.”

    But there are other muslims who using the same so-called holy book are on a kiling spree and you can do nothing against them without the non-muslims helping you. That is why Pakistan is begging/bullying the USA and India and even China. This idea of islam being religion of peace and love is borrowed recently from the christians. But in islam it finds no real nourishment for its roots. So keep deceiving yourself – but don’t think others will be fooled by your pious talk.

  31. Nadeem A. Butt

    I know that there are people who get angry or frustrated and then try to find word of God in support of their anger.
    And ignore, “There is no compulsion in the matter of Faith” and “.. And when these people are asked not to spread riots (or cause chaos) in the Earth, they say, “we are reformers”, no they are the rioters, but they do not understand that”.
    Any ways outsiders try to help – but not for free or with sincerety – they have their own motives. That is why their help has actully been counter-productive.

  32. Nadeem A. Butt

    @ amar – But I would empasize more the insiders to stop their “Religimism” and fear God and be a good model, full of mercy and compassion for the creatures of God. They will find more comfort in Mercy of God rather than His or their own anger. They should try to excel in good things and personal character and should trust in God for other things. If they are really curious about the society, they should preach them with word, and wisdom and kindness and morality! And that’s basically all they are supposed to do! May God help all!