The (misplaced) Wrath of the LUBP hardliners

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

(Our friends at LUBP have asked us to respond to their libel with an open mind. In other words they can abuse us and lie about us but we should refrain from telling the truth about them. Ah well. I’ll try and keep it minimal so as to not offend the large egos and small minds that operate that website.)

A new breed of Jiyalas has emerged in the PPP which has nothing to do with the old PPP Jiyala who battled first the establishment backed 9 Stars (of which ANP was also a part) in 1977, Zia’s dictatorship (from which leading lights of ANP got medals and awards) and then Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N in the 1990s (with which ANP formed a coalition government). Today ANP activists and ethnofascists under the guise of PPP act like PPP’s most loyal activists. They stand for everything that PPP stood against and these are the same people who aided and abetted the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Somebody forgot to give Jamaat e Islami and the Daily Ummat wallahs the memo our friends at LUBP are privy to. It has been declared that I Yasser Latif Hamdani am:

1. Pro-Judiciary
2. Pro-Jamaat e Islami
3. Anti-PPP
4. Storm trooper and right-winger
5. An Imran Khan supporter
Could Qudsia please write to Daily Ummat and get them off my back please?
But seriously my crime: I suggested that attacking old PPP stalwarts like Sherry Rahman and Aitzaz Ahsan and abusing civil society activists like Asma Jahangir, Raza Rumi, Ayesha Jalal etc for signing a statement against the brazen attack against Sherry Rahman was not something one can condone or appreciate. Apparently this is enough to brand me all of the above and whitewash every article I have written. Since the NRO judgment I have taken a consistent stance against the Judiciary’s bulldozing of parliament. The irony is that my articles against my “beloved chief justice” and “jamaat e Islami” have been posted by LUBP itself. (Rabia Shakoor is the only LUBP moderator who has the integrity and honesty to call a spade and spade having read my articles on the Basic structure myth and against Khawaja Shareef and others).  So there is some major inconsistency there. Similarly my articles in support of the Pakistan People’s Party and President Zardari have been posted by the LUBP. My articles criticising Imran Khan are also on record. Like any Pakistani, I admire Imran Khan as a great cricketing hero and a philanthropist but I strongly disagree with his politics. How that amounts to being a pro-PTI storm trooper is something only the good folks at LUBP can tell.
One friend wrote to me earlier “congratulations, you are a jamaati for not saying jiye Bhutto”.  Actually it goes beyond that. The author of the said post has nothing to do with the PPP.  People who were till February 2008 abusing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto have now become his biggest champions. The issue has to do more with ANP-PPP-MQM equation in Karachi and the intra-PPP power struggle on which my friend Ali Chishti will write further.  The funniest statement though was by the author of the article against me:
” It has made some great strides and is already miles ahead of PTH where the dominant view is that secularism begins and ends with Jinnah and that cursing South Asian leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Bizenjo, Mengal, Bacha Khan, ZAB and BB is a badge of progressiveness and not prejudice!”
It is amazing how Bacha Khan has now been clubbed together with ZAB and BB. Now we have criticised Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for his role in the passing of the second amendment and BB for her role in the aid of Taliban, but we have always held them to be popularly elected leaders and in the balance have supported them. In fact PTH has written more pro-Benazir Bhutto articles than LUBP.  Let us not forget however:
1. That it was Wali Khan, son of Bacha Khan and father of ANP leader Asfandyar Wali Khan, who called Bhutto “Adolf Bhutto”.
2. ANP leadership- with the blessings of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan- was part of the PNA and Nizam-e-Mustafa campaign – funded by the establishment and moneyed interests and Saudi Arabia –  against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977.
3. ANP leadership contested direct elections against Benazir Bhutto and was an ally of Nawaz Sharif and Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi both in 1990 and 1997. In fact the mighty pro-PPP ANP leader Bilour defeated Benazir Bhutto in an acrimonious campaign against Benazir in Peshawar in 1990…. but the folks over there at LUBP will NEVER acknowledge this fact will they? Today these ANP wallas have become the Chachas and Mamas of PPP just as the Jamaat e Islami and JUI-F have become Chachas and Mamas of Pakistan despite their sordid history against Jinnah and the Pakistan Movement.
The author has a personal axe to grind. While ANP has lost many good people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, its leadership in Sindh continues to encourage terrorists in the illegal settlements it has championed on Karachi’s once deserted sandy mountains bordering North Nazimabad. Large number of Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists operate with impunity under the banner and safety of ANP’s militant wings in Karachi. This is an old ideological alliance of the ANP dating back to Bacha Khan. While that grand old man – the frontier Gandhi – went to Karachi and took oaths of allegiance to the new nation, in Peshawar he, his son Ghani Khan, his brother Dr. Khan saheb and others were actively promoting Faqir of Ipi’s revolt. Today the grandson of Faqir of Ipi, that old family friend of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan, is a major leader of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Yet the author in question takes umbrage to the view that Taliban is an expression of hardline Pushtun Nationalism mixed with puritan tribal and straitjacket interpretation of Islam commonplace amongst certain, though not all, Pathans.
What is even more disturbing is LUBP’s alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami netizens and cyber-warriors in attacking PTH and PTH editors. One brilliant LUBP contributor even quoted abuse by Dr. Jawwad Khan’s “Fundamentalist blog” abusing Raza Rumi, A H Nayyar and myself on the debate regarding the hate-filled ideological textbooks. How is this “miles ahead” of PTH in establishing a secular narrative. Perhaps both the LUBP wallahs and Jamaat-e-Islami will mind explaining why they don’t attack each other but always target PTH? I smell a dirty rat. PPP – at least on the internet- is being taken over by other groups who are using PPP’s good name to forward their ethnonationalist and other agendas. I suppose this is the new PPP we have to deal with, where Law Minister Babar Awan – an ex-Jamaatia and a conservative religious bigot- can claim a “Qadiyani conspiracy” when he was accused of corruption and yet be championed by this new politburo as being the bastion of secularism.
We on the other hand support the PPP government not because they are perfect but because we believe in the continuity of the democratic process. It is not our place to advise LUBP on what they should call their blog but to call it “critical PPP” when they abuse all and sundry for disagreeing with brazen and violent attacks on PPP stalwarts like Sherry Rahman is a joke. PTH is the only true critical PPP supporter blog out there. All of the editors of PTH are confirmed pro-democracy and PPP supporters and most are PPP voters, including yours truly “the pro-PTI Imran Khan supporter Yasser Latif Hamdani” while admittedly some of the LUBP people have a long history of voting against the PPP.
Keep Posted for a list of articles that PTH has written against the judiciary and in support of PPP. It is so long and comprehensive that it would take hours to compile it.


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13 responses to “The (misplaced) Wrath of the LUBP hardliners

  1. YLH, we acknowledge and welcome your criticism. I have requested the LUBP team to consider your arguments in a constructive manner. Best wishes to you and the PTH team.

  2. YLH

    Bohot achay… you get others to abuse me and lie about me on line and then you want to consider my arguments in a constructive manner.

    How about you do the right thing and take the lies against me off.

    Or send me the corporate or registered address for your website… so that I can initiate legal proceedings …

  3. YLH, Not unlike PTH, we believe in freedom of speech. We have posted your article as a headline post on LUBP. I think both sides must refrain from divisiveness. Raza Rumi is dear and near to us; I will not argue any further.

  4. Khalid Chohan

    Dear Yasser,
    This is what happens when people fight unnecessary issues. Sherry Rehman was not that much an important a person that we at LUBP and you at PTH get into unnecessary arguments.
    The problem is that a lot of people hate the mainstream leadership of the party till they are leaders. But the day they leave or are sidelined, they are made heroes.
    let’s take examples of Sherry: she was joked every now and then as an immoral person on text messages; videos circulated of her smoking with songs in the background and etc etc. The day she resigned/removed, she became a hero for all and sundry.

  5. YLH

    Sherry is far more important than you and your little band of brigands and crooks. We wrote against the abuse against sherry even then… and we stand with her now.

    You crooks can shove it. We will see who wins this “fratricidal” match now.

  6. YLH: Your portrayal has been unfair and contrary to the facts. PTH editors and I stand by you.
    However, I will request that your post says it all. Please dont get into shouting matches here even if provoked.

    Let me also say one more thing: Abdul Nishapuri is someone who is balanced and appreciates our work. If his hot-headed colleagues have misinterpreted us we will defend ourselves without losing sight of the big picture that we should not appear divided and squabbling marginal ‘secular’ loonies in the face of the right wing tide of Islamo-fascism.

    This is why I would welcome Nishapuri’s comments with the clear proviso that his colleagues should disagree with us but should not misrepresent us at LUBP.

  7. YLH

    No Raza Bhai. Now these **** will either take off the post or I’ll take them to school. In any event these **** jokers have messed with the wrong guy.

  8. Rashid Aurakzai

    Never write a letter (I say article) while angry. (Chinese Proverb)

    Some of LUBPians were absolutely out-of-mind when defended the mob, terrorizing Ms. Rehman but you have a-based yourself more than them by bringing in ANP, to show the typical mindset of ultra nationalists that have yet to accept Pakhtoons, their culture, language and politics in Jinnah’s Pakistan.

    Do Pakhtoons have no right to join or support PPP?

    Aren’t they, the most politically diverse ethnicity in your country?

    Do you assume every Khan Saab an ANP supporter like the MQM does?

    Isn’t PPP among the top two parties in KP?

    Disagreement if any; Were Dr. Khan and Ghani Khan bound to agree with Bacha Khan ideas?

    Was ZAB not responsible for his murder?

    Did he not suspend certain clauses of the constiutions he had signed just two hours earlier?

    Is it not that even his own friends turned against him for his feudalistic and dictatorial approach towards his opponents? Did he not go back on his promises?

    Which ANP men was crowned by Zia? Isn’t that you cannot think beyond Jinnah?

    Aren’t you trying to be the one with ‘TRAITOR’ Stamp in hand?

    Think thrice Yaser Mian, before you write.

  9. YLH

    The people running the LUBP are all ANP… not PPP.

    There are Pushtuns in all parties. But they are not trying to hijack the PPP unlike ANP wallay losers.

  10. YLH

    I have a very simple demand to Abdul Nishapuri. Take off the lies against me and PTH on your website… and we will take off these articles…

    If you are so concerned about the joint front then show us some maturity. Let us end this … but LUBP should take off the offensive and libelous piece first.

  11. YLH

    Raza bhai,

    On Facebook page for the third rate website i.e. LUBP…one Al-Qaeda terrorist wrote (in an uncanny similarity to our old friend Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui)

    “I just read the comments on LUBP. Raza must end this association with him once and for all. I don’t want people to pull him down with this as well.”

    Hazaron khawahishain aisee kay hur khawish pe dum niklay

    Bohot niklay meray armaan phir bhee kum niklay

    (Hazrat Mirza Asadullah Ghalib Raziallah Tallah Unho)

    I suppose it doesn’t hurt to hope. Lol.

  12. Farm Boy from Thatta!!

    Its a shame to see label YLH as pro Jamatii & a right winger.
    Have the last ray of hope for PPP, LUBP, lost its minds, they have also labeled the Respected Dr Adil Najam as a pro taliban, pseudoliberal & a pseudo Leftist!!

  13. Iqbal

    stop taking yourselfr so seriously, mate.
    You are making a fool of yourself and that pains me because I am an avid reader of your articles.

    Why be so mad on just a single blog site? I have seen people abuse and accuse you more on various other sites.

    Or are you too become a sucker for hitting at soft targets?