The Highest Act Of Cowardice

By. D. Asghar

Yet another murderous day, claiming 70 plus lives in KP has blazed the electronic media around the world. The same old suicide bombers targeting innocent civilians, in the “House of GOD.” The place which is supposed to be a sanctuary for any human being. Avenge, revenge, blood, cries, fear, pain and despair. Some how our psyche is constantly being tested by these words. The loss of life has become the order of the day. Those who call the perpetrators of such acts, “beasts” are fairly humble. In my opinion, not a single word in any dictionary can rightfully encapsulate this savagery. Yet again, a famous organization immediately claims responsibility of such unprecedented act of valor.

Certain elements in the media go buzzing about this sheer brutality being cost of doing business with the US. The poor Mujahids are avenging the drone strikes by slaying their own brethren to send a befitting response to Washington. Then there are those, who realize that this monster is the enemy within and the nation is dying from the inside. Condemnations like this scribe, may come and go, but there is one thing for certain, the 70 families or more, may not be the same forever.

The enemy is coward and spine less. This is the reason why he picks on innocent people who are either worshiping or travelling or just about managing their daily lives. After all for the enemy, its a jungle and inflicting harm is all he knows. Preying on unsuspecting and unarmed people gives the infamous enemy a great sense of accomplishment. I call it the highest act of cowardice. Whether it is Pakistan or around the world, the recurrent theme of this enemy is so pathetic.

The recent statement of the Number 2, of this enemy, should not come as a surprise at all. This is a new threat in response to the 86 year sentence awarded to a convicted Dr. And supposedly the “daughter of this nation.” The voice of the enemy repeats the same rhetoric, which all the spokes holes of his beloved organization, tend to repeat.

These calls that provoke Muslims to wage Jihad against Infidels are quite amusing and laughable. Because only GOD knows, who has accepted or rejected HIM. Human Beings do not possess a device for this inspection. However, in our neck of the woods, anyone who looks, speaks or prays differently supposedly fits the bill, perhaps in the perverted logic of the enemy and his cohorts.

Declaring any and everybody an infidel on a whim, has become the hallmark of the enemy. Most Christians or Jews, in Islam are considered, the “People of Book.” This is clearly referencing their belief of Abrahamic faith and the revealed books of Bible and Torah. Hence they cannot be considered “Infidels” at all. They believe in the “One ness” of GOD much like Muslims. But the enemy is ruthless and careless. The darkness in his heart has permeated his soul completely. Hence to him the entire world is wrong and only he is right.

If his ability to cause harm is restricted, then he resorts to corrupting the cargo headed overseas. Desperate and despicable, just hell-bent to cause death and destruction. With each slain body, his thirst and hunger for more increases. The enemy is within us. Its tentacles are increasing day by day. To those who are seeking the enemy at some other borders, “the enemy is within.” It is a malignant tumor, which has to be removed rather swiftly. The messiah please don’t wait any more. Don’t hesitate any more.


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20 responses to “The Highest Act Of Cowardice

  1. The author has very carefully avoided identifying and condemning the foot soldiers (i.e., extremist Deobandis of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba) and the real mentors and supporters of sectarian and jihadi terrorism (i.e., GHQ and its strategic depth and good Taliban policies).

    Our enemy is not anonymous, for God sake! Have courage to call a spade a spade.

  2. D. Asghar

    My question is, what are you, and the nation, prepared to do?

    Pakistanis are living in denial and they are dying in denial of the reason, which is killing them and they refuse to accept the reality.

    If some one wants to commit suicide, there is not much you can do about it. Pakistan, as a nation, is simply incapable of learning from its past and Pakistanis, as a people, are determined to deny the reality and exist in a make-believe world.

    Pakistanis are Lemmings and like Lemmings, they will follow each other off the cliff.


  3. D Asghar

    @Abdul Bhai..Thanks for your contribution. I agree with you. In the past this novice scribe has very openly and clearly called, “a spade a spade”, here and at other forums.

    This particular scribble purposely had the, “enemy” as a metaphor. Come to think of it, the acronyms used for the “enemy” are so popular by now, that our brains have started to process them like major multinationals. This is what the scribe wanted to emphasize. Humble Regards.

  4. D Asghar

    @Feroz Bhai, thanks again for stopping by as usual. You are aware that you and I agree on this one.

    But humbly, may I say that its not the entire nation that’s headed towards this suicidal path. I know you and I want the leaders to give heed to this utter deterioration. The root cause is well known and its high time that hyper religiosity is put to rest for once and for all.

  5. @D Asghar

    Thanks for clarifying. Perhaps, I have become tired of articles in the mainstream media as well as on various blogs which (just like Imran Khan and his stalwarts) half-heartedly condemn an anonymous enemy but do not specify and condemn the footsoldiers and their mentors.

    I am glad to know that you are not one of such authors, and that you used the term ‘enemy’ as a metaphor.

    Best wishes to you and the PTH team!

  6. Fellow-Pakistani

    Chickens are coming home to roost.
    Guys don’t foget what victims of mosque bombs did in 1974 and ever since then in Pakistan!

  7. fightingchance71

    hyper religiosity is put to rest for once and for all.

    Would you not want to be amongst the first to enter the gates of heaven, so why should you deny yourself the opportunity, to achieve that end you must be religious and if possible hyper religious.

    But yes you must spare the others of your obsession/fanaticism. If they are with you in piety, very good, if they are behind you they will catch up, not to worry, if they are ahead of you then you need to do some catching up.

    Bullying tactics, like wearing the shalwar in a certain way or sporting a certain kind of beard and demand all under your influence to follow suit, similarly one-up-man-ship like I go to the mosque for all of my prayers and mocking others who do not leads to a certain kind of religious rat race leading eventually to extremism.

    This is what we need to harness, otherwise we must be religious, or hyper religious, that is what Islam is about, purity of the soul cannot be achieved without hyper religiosity.

  8. D Asghar

    @Janab FightingChance71 Sahib,

    “Bullying tactics, like wearing the shalwar in a certain way or sporting a certain kind of beard and demand all under your influence to follow suit, similarly one-up-man-ship like I go to the mosque for all of my prayers and mocking others who do not leads to a certain kind of religious rat race leading eventually to extremism.”

    I am with you 101% with you on that one. Hyper religiosity is strictly personal business. Cannot be forced on some one. But just food for thought, when you become hyper religious, there is another kind of devil you end up facing.

    That devil starts creeping inside you and tends to give you those endorsements internally, “only you are righteous, and the rest are all misguided and hell bound.”

    That’s where the extremism takes its roots and the rest is all in front of everyone. This is the reason why there is emphasis on a balanced life, both “Deen and Duniya.” Rest GOD knows better, I am just a wanderer on HIS earth.

    My humble gratitude for your input Brother.

  9. MilesToGo


  10. Humanity

    @Ashgar Bhai. “This is the reason why there is emphasis on a balanced life, both “Deen and Duniya.” Rest GOD knows better, I am just a wanderer on HIS earth. ”

    Well said!

    “Meyana rawee” i.e. middle ground is the key.

  11. Nasir

    There is a simple way to end terrorism in Pakistan -You fight fire with fire.
    When the extremists bomb or murder an army jawan we murder 10 of them along with their family.
    When they plant a bomb in a mosque and murder 10 innocent people we plant a bomb in a high profile extremist religious seminary or red mosque and kill 100.
    When religious scholars incite hateful speech that causes a death we assinate them along with their family.
    When the media makes a hero out of a whore like afia we bomb the the OWNER of the tv station along with his family.
    Seems extreme but pakistan really would have the potential to become the land of the pure rather then the land of the mullah and fake degree. This is the only language that pakistanis understand these days. The paki mullah / politician who today knows he can get away with anything needs to understand there will be direct consequences for his actions.

  12. MilesToGo

    What about the training camps in PoK?

  13. D Asghar

    @Miles Bhayya…..
    Was that supposed to mean that more miles to go I guess. 🙂

    @Humanity Bhai Sahib. My emphasis has always been that faith is a guideline for LIFE. If you are able to follow it and make your LIFE and the ones around you better, chances are that your DEATH and SALVATION may end up mirroring your LIFE as well.

    @Nasir Bhai..No matter how much we criticize, when a malignant tumor poses a serious threat to the body, you can analyze and over analyze its cause, but in the end you have to remove it. Period.

  14. D Asghar

    @Miles Bhayya…There should be schools, I mean real schools (not the Medressah kind) instead of training camps in Azad Kashmir and the rest of developing areas of Pakistan.

    Only citizens with modern education, can have a balanced mind to compete with the rest of the world.

    Poverty is eliminated by creating opportunities, and opportunities are only created by people with an open mind. Regards.

  15. MilesToGo

    D Asghar

    Just to clarify, the training camp question was not aimed specifically to you but generally to all the commentators.

    I wanted to acknowledge that I read your article – that is why the dotted line…

  16. MilesToGo

    D Asghar

    I do have a question specifically for you. One of the reasons for Islamic extremism that I get a lot from Muslims is that some Muslims interpret the Quran wrong. E.g. kill the unbelievers is a verse in the time of war etc. etc.

    I suggest do the following –

    a) strike off the verses that are no longer applicable
    b) add the correct interpretation underneath each verse in the Quran
    c) do not teach those verses to young kids who are likely to misinterpret those verses
    d) Pakistani government should publish the correct interpreations on internet and ban any other interpretations
    e) all litreature with alternate/incorrect interpretations must be banned
    f) all teachers/preachers with the incorrect interpretations must be jailed e.g. Israr Ahmed and his sons and the likes
    g) all the qurans should include correct interpretation
    h) applicability of every verse in current times must be evaluated and mentioned

    What do you think?


  17. D Asghar

    @Miles Bhai..Thanks

    B), C), D), E) and G) make sense.

    Rest are rather questionable.

  18. Salman Arshad

    I believe such incidents come to an end sooner rather than later. Such episodes don’t have the substance to sustain themselves. Eventually the enemy will get bored.

    The real problem is the victim is not yet fed up. The victim is only temporarily angry, that too at the Jews and the Hindus, curses them like little children, prays that the fairy-like daughter of the nation soothes him after being released from her captor, and sleeps quite forgetfully the same evening only to be surprised again by the enemy a few days later.

  19. D Asghar

    @Salman Bhai..very well described and aptly embedded with the metaphor, I was using.

    The only minor difference of opinion, I may have with you is, the enemy will not get bored. The enemy unfortunately is thriving on the hateful ideology and it has plenty of bodies to be used as cannon fodder. Thanks for stopping by. Regards.

  20. Salman Arshad

    @D Asghar

    I was mostly referring to suicide bombings coming to an end.. and my reason to believe so is that the war between the extremists and the Army is a typical gang war..

    The extremists have no ideological differences with the Army.. they both firmly know they need each other for their survival .. The Army actually needs the extremists more than the other way round..

    The present war is only an expression of changing demography and goals.. its only a matter of time for a stability to occur in the relationship again..

    What is happening is typical between gangsters .. And gangsters keep fighting until an obvious equilibrium ensues and everyone knows their rightful place in the hierarchy..

    The extremists simply want their own territory back.. and when one gang tries to interfere in the other gang’s territory, the other responds in kind.. thats all suicide bombings are as I see it..

    as for the “victim” .. the victim is ALWAYS suffering from a fetish in such gang wars.. praising the gang winning at any particular time and considering it righteous.. just some time back when the army was getting beaten, it was the bad guy.. now it is the good guy…

    an equilibrium is almost being reached.. and new territory for the extremists and new roles are already on the table.. that is why I feel it will come to end soon..

    Male mammals are notorious for this ritual in order to define and redefine hierarchy of roles…