Mr Zardari is this your idea of a joke?

Guess what ministry this guy holds in our liberal democratic government?



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19 responses to “Mr Zardari is this your idea of a joke?

  1. Tilsim

    Big tent liberal democracy.. he he.

  2. Ally

    OH MY GOD… i thought he was the one from the Hajj debacle!!!

    Ministry of tourism is in a bad situation… you cant really promote Pak for tourism in this climate… maybe internal tourism!!!

  3. Talha

    Hot, lol.

    Tourism, LMAO.

    What Tourism?

    I think you meant to write ‘Terrorism’.

  4. Copper

    He is younger brother of Moulana Diesel. The ministry is the key to keeping important ally Hazrat Diesel on board.

  5. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

  6. D. Asghar

    Yaar you guys are being a bit too harsh on the Minister Sahab.

    “Aftar Aal he iz da raight purrsun faar da jaab, bee caaz he willl bee inn vaytung da toorust dat aver Paakusstaan izz fay muss faar. Waat Inglush you peepul taaking aal da taime.”


  7. koy batne – inshallah!

  8. Humanity

    Zardari is keeping folks occupied with distractions like attack on Sheri Rehman and and handing tourism to a terrorist-like.

    The real pie is being shared behind closed doors.

    Check out the story “$260 billion gold mines going for a song, behind closed doors” posted on:

    thenews (dot)com(dot)pk(slash)03-11-2010(slash)ethenews(slash)-1771.htm?sms_ss=facebookat_xt=4cd0f2b30cf2c993%2C0

  9. Probyn

    At least no one can accuse zardari of not having a sense of humor….

    That being said; pass the sick bag please!!!

  10. Tilsim

    Wonder what he does all day… !

  11. What he does… hmm.. salim bakra nigalta ho ga with dakaar sounds :P.

  12. Probyn

    @ Tilsim…

    not exactly sure but I’d wager it involves activities centered ar0und nubile young boys..

  13. Ahmed

    Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. He is proudly wearing the religiously-appropriate attire of our country – beard and all. Nothing wrong with that! That the tourists might mistake him for Ayman Al-Zawahiri is not his problem. Ok?

    Further, I think *most* educated tourists know that Ayman et al live in a *different* part of pakistan and can’t quite be the tourist minister for that reason despite the uncanny resemblence!


  14. Octavian

    Welcome to Pakistan! Come, pray, fast, and meditate upon the transient nature of this life! Also, you are cordially invited to a Halwa party at the local Mullah Darbar.

  15. Nasir

    doesnt mr 10% realise that these guys murdered his wife

  16. Fahad Yousuf

    First off, why the heck are you guys making such a meal of this based SOLELY on his appearance. It might be a fact that he might not be the best person to be the Minister of Tourism but in that case you people should at least point to VALID negatives like his level of education and communication/democratic skills.

    But its absolutely shameful and extremely narrow minded to be mocking his appearance. Its quite appalling to see that most of us liberal, educated people come up with such bigotry when it comes to people who choose to wear the national dress and grow a beard. If its really that sickening why don’t we just give up on what little Muslim identity we have.

    I am not in any way backing this guy for being an apt Tourism Minister, since we all already know that around 90% of our ministers are corrupt and useless when it comes to actual governance affairs.

  17. YLH

    Fahad Yousaf,

    Do you think the gentleman in question will endorse alcohol, cultural programmes, dancing and other normal human activities?

    Haven’t people like you messed with Pakistan enough with your hard ideological moorings? India since the 1980s has completely outplayed Pakistan because we have receded into this so called Islamic identity shell… And India has integrated with the world. In doing so we have squandered decades of advantage.

    So stop it. It is wrong to appoint fat assholes with long beards as your “tourism minister”…because it is irrational. Got nothing to do with being liberal or conservative.

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