Attack On Sherry Rehman: A Black Day for Democracy

By Aamir Mansoor

As a Pakistani who has long believed in democratic values and has also fought for them and as a person who has always believed that a democratic party like the PPP should be the torch bearer of democratic values that will serve the citizens of Pakistan, I am appalled at the attack that took place on Sherry Rehman’s house.

It was obvious from the nature of the gathering and slogans of the attackers outside Sherry Rehman’s house that the event was organized by her own party leadership. If my understanding is incorrect then why has no major PPP leader including the Co-Chairperson openly condemned the attack on their own colleague.

The all-knowing Sharmila Farooqui who only recently became a member of the party passed it on as a normal reaction of the PPP’ s workers to Sherry Rheman appearing on Geo News which is supposedly being boycotted by the PPP. A party such as the PPP is now resorting to blocking the media if it is not being supportive of the present government. So the question is “ What has happened to the democratic ideals and the media policy of the PPP listed in its manifesto?”

God help Pakistan if this hounding of such outstanding party leaders like Sherry Rehman, is now the culture of the new PPP. After her resignation, the lady has behaved with dignity and has always defended the party and its leadership. Is this the way she is to be repaid for her belief in democracy and ethical politics? Not a word of condemnation against the protesters and no inquiry into this terrible incident? Is the PPP leadership going to adopt fascist ways to block out dissent from within the party? We have to all stand up and say no to all this. And we need to do it now!

Aamir Mansoor is a citizen activist based in Islamabad


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51 responses to “Attack On Sherry Rehman: A Black Day for Democracy

  1. Midfield Dynamo

    PPP is organized on the principle of fascism, this incident should be an eye-opener for all who fool themselves in believing it to be a democratic party.

  2. Talha

    Didn’t Bhutto kill his opponents and backstabbed many of his own.

    Well the legacy lives on in his party.

  3. D. Asghar

    The party under the amateurish leadership of Mr. Zardari has now become “Pakistan Paagal’s Party.” Point to be noted, that I still believe that political parties and democracy are the real answer. But these childish pranks displayed by Mr. Zardari and his cronies are deplorable.

  4. Tilsim

    This incidence deserves outright condemnation and everyone needs to raise their voice against it. However I am sure no Pakistani will be surprised as all the parties have deep connections with ghundas to maintain their street power and the PPP is certainly no exception. The fact that it turned on one of its own and that person is Sherry Rahman makes it all the more unsettling. Sherry is not an angel; she is a tough and ambitious politician but that’s not the point. No person deserves this. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

  5. Probyn

    Ah yes….the ‘democratic’ credentials of the PPP 🙂

    I’m shocked! shocked I tell you!

    democracy is the best revenge? wonder whom this revenge is being extracted from?

  6. YLH

    Well I am glad Raza bhai posted this here.

    We support the democratically elected government but not unquestioningly.

    Our friends at CriticalPPP blog – the neo-jiyalas- ironically are in the habit of accusing anyone who crit
    icises something of the present government or Mr. Zardari of being Pseudo-liberal and ISI supporters.

    A recent abusive article against Dr. Adil Najam is a case in point. PPP seems to have found new blood to act as storm troopers.

    PS I am a two-times PPP voter whose family has voted PPP since 1970.

  7. Thanks Raza for the great job.
    After condemning attacks on Kamran Shafi, Imtiaz Alam and Aamir Cheema the journalists,
    Tariq Azeem, Sher Afgan, Imran Khan in PU you have again raised the voice for Sherry Rehman. Indeed all these attacks were condemnable….
    Kudos to PTH for saying “Kalma-E-Haq” before “Jabir Shahenshah”.

  8. YLH

    aliarqam bhai,

    Thanks for that left-handed compliment.

    I know it is a personal thing but as the moderator of the criticalPPP blog will you mind telling us what party you voted for in 2002 and 2008 elections?

    Don’t you find it a little odd that PPP voters, erstwhile PPP leaders and people who have built the party are being called “pseudo-liberal” and “on ISI’s payroll” by people who were not even PPP supporters till recently?

    Isn’t it ironic that you dismissed a statement signed by inter alia SCBA President Asma Jahangir as Pro-Army military propaganda?

  9. Isn’t it ironic that being a Lawyer you violated the elections boycott by Lawyers community in the leadership of none other than Aitzaz Ahsan. Who was warned by BiBi to choose between bar politics and national politics. He chose the bar and kept himself away from PPP in elections.
    Why dont you write a “Shame on You Aitzaz” article when he kept himself aside from openly supporting Asma Jehangir by using the contradicting statement of this time keeping himself far from bar politics while an opposite excuse he used while not supporting BiBi in the elections.

  10. Or you might be telling us about voting PPP in local bodies election,
    And as for as my vote is concerned, here PPP and ANP have seat adjustments here in Karachi and have voted the alliance.

  11. Hold on guys..this post is about Sherry Rehman..
    Let us not discuss criticalppp and other ancillary issues.
    Let us remain focused on the issues of dissent and democratic evolution..

  12. YLH

    Bad argument Ali Arqam. All I am saying is that stop demonizing people who are validly protesting against the outrage…. I didn’t know every lawyer had to agree with the lawyer’s movement in toto. It is a not a political party you know… it is a profession.

    If your columnists continue to attack people – many of whom have spent much longer a period in the PPP than your neo-Jiyalas and political orphans (as you like to say) … and continue to attack people like Asma Jahangir as “pseudo-liberal” and “ISI agents”… you should be prepared to answer some hard questions … including your motivations.

    Supporting the government doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to everything.

  13. YLH

    Raza bhai…

    What can you say when aliarqam continues to attack all those who questioned this action against Sherry Rahman as “ISI agents” and “pseudo-liberal” blah blah?

    PPP has been hijacked by people who have admittedly never voted for PPP.

  14. YLH

    “I voted for the alliance”

    Again this is a lie. PPP-ANP alliance came about after the elections and not before it.

    When parties contest elections against each other … it is not seat adjustment.

    Let us not forget the ANP is historically part of the 9 Star alliance which was backed by the military establishment against Bhutto and the PPP.

    Today ANP is being fuelled in Karachi by the nefarious Karachi project.

  15. YLH, Please feel free to write a post critical of the PPP or critical PPP’s (LUBP) neo-jiyalas if you like. We will be pleased to publish it.

    Let’s focus on the message instead of shooting the messenger.

  16. Abdul Mian: thanks for the generous offer and I am sure YLH will take it up 🙂
    However, let’s set the context here – we are going to focus on Sherry Rehman and what is happening with the PPP’s internal governance and the way dissent is being handled.

  17. @Raza Mian, I agree. Let us focus on the ‘context’ of the protest outside Sherry’s house.

  18. Ali Abbas

    I have looked at various media stories and don’t understand how this event is being misreported as an “attack”; describing it this way is being disingenius at best; something that our “independant” media is quite good at. This was a protest; an activity that is an essential part of a democratic society.

    I condemn any acts of vandalism that may have taken place wrt this protest but so far, none have been reported. So I am baffled, what is the fuss about.

    An intelligent person like Sherry Rehman, who has decades of media experience, should have known what is fairly common knowledge; that the PPP had decided to boycott GEO. This too is not unusual and Obama has done the same with FOX.

    Why shouldn’t these women protest? Don’t they have the right to do so!

    If Sherry feels that the PPP is not for her, then she is welcome to leave and join one of these hum-khayal parties or assist Aitzaz in developing the kind of PPP that is palatable to our civil society types. After all, this is not MQM where “you can check out any time you want but you can never leave”!

  19. @YLH
    Actually you are sitting in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and take every comment in this centralised context. Man! Am not a member parliament, am just a votes, who can vote in his particular constituency not in Assembly. When I wrote about the alliance, it was about the constituencies, I have been registered as a voter.
    Karachi Project…haah! You are talking of AKC Op-ed?

    Let us concentrate on the issue of Sherry Rehman, then delete the comments pointing out to LUBP. But its ok, you cant.
    If you have gone through the post by Sarah, you will find your answers, apart from his criticism of Adil Najam.

    Sherry violated party policy, and was issued show-cause notice. What if the party workers mostly women had protested, or protest is not part of democratic norms.

  20. YLH

    The issue of neo-jiyalas condemning the civil society’s condemnation of this incident is central to the issue of Sherry Rahman.

    “centralised context”

    God knows what that means… all I know is that a bunch of women protesters attacked Sherry Rahman’s house …. and civil society including people like Asma Jahangir condemned it by signing a statement. LUBP attacked that statement as ISI-funded Pseudo-liberal propaganda.

    How does any of this make any sense… except that some people are using PPP’s shoulders to shoot PPP’s own stalwarts.

  21. YLH

    The offending statement:

    We believe that freedom of speech which includes holding diverse opinion, is the fundamental right of every citizen and indeed forms the basis of every civilized and democratic society. In Pakistan we have fought long and hard to secure this right from dictators and democrats alike. We feel that we need to continue to be vigilant about growing attempts to muzzle free speech in the public domain. Most importantly, we must not allow our own inaction as citizens to lend sanction to the naked state-backed intimidation that we witnessed at the hands of a government that was once the proud standard-bearer of fundamental rights in Pakistan.

    It is therefore our duty as watchful citizens to not allow political parties to unleash such blatant acts of harrasment and intimidation in a series of crude attempts to gag its own senior leadership through violent means.

    Sherry Rehman’s case is particularly disturbing. As former Information Secretary of the PPP, and former Federal Minister for Information, her services to democracy and press freedoms bear no repeating.

    On the heels of a show cause notice served on her by her party for speaking on a television channel that was ostensibly under a ban by the PPP, her house in Karachi was held under siege for hours. On October 22, 2010, about 300-350 armed goons, front-lined by women, protested outside her gates while local police stood and watched them block roads as well as lay siege to her house.

    While some sections of the party leadership maintain no knowledge of these activists, their reluctance to take punitive action against these “fringe elements” deployed with party symbols and flags continues.

    In a subsequent development that was even more shocking, a Sindh minister went on the television to say without hesitation that Sherry Rehman should have expected such inaction for speaking to a channel that was proscribed by the party.

    She was blatant in owning the fascist behavior of these new party shock troops in what she described as “emotional outbursts” by party workers the government or party could control. The silence and inaction of other leaders after several days of the incident now also points to a trail of complicity in dangerous violence.

    It should be noted by all that we strongly condemn this attack. The attack on a public representative’s house, where her undefended mother and daughter were held hostage for hours, was completely unwarranted and constitutes a serious violation of their fundamental rights.

    It was reliably reported that Rehman’s effigy was burnt in front of her besieged house, while traffic and roads leading to her house were blocked for several hours by shock troops from the PPP stronghold, Lyari. Her vilification was allowed to go unchecked even before this incident. Graffitti threatening her with physical decapitation if she “violated party discipline” was repeatedly sprayed outside her house. We not only condemn such resort to terror, but also demand that the President and the Prime Minister order an inquiry into the siege of Ms. Rehman’s house and take swift and appropriate action against those responsible for resorting to terror in the name of a protest.

    We demand that the Report of an Inquiry be made public within 7 working days from today.

    SIGNATORIES (note according to LUBP ISI backed pseudo-liberals). Dr. Hassan Abbas, Tahira Abdullah, Dr. Meekal Ahmad, Amb. Shamshad Ahmad, Tasneem Ahmar, Ambreen Ajaib, Absaar Alam, Mukhtar Ahmad Ali, Miariann Babar, Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebraheem, Imtiaz Gul, Anis Haroon, Hameed Haroon, Ali Dayan Hasan, Dr. Parvez Hoodbhoy, Dr. Akmal Hussain, Irfan Hussain, Quatrina Hussain, Amb. Touqir Hussain, Prof. Ayesha Jalal, Nusrat Javed, Asma Jehangir, Amb. Shafqat Kakakhel, Ali Karamat, Haris Khalique, Aqsa Khan, Amb. Humayun Khan, Amb. Mazhar Khan, Samina Khan, Amb. Riaz Khokhar, Mohammad Malick, Amir Mateen, Fauzia Minallah, Hamid Mir, Khawar Mumtaz, Zubeida Mustapha, Kishwar Naheed, Dr. Adil Najam, Fawzia Naqwi, Shehzad Nawaz, Sameena Nazir, William Parvez, Omar Qureshi, Salman Akram Raja, Abbas Rasheed, Rashed Rehman, Dr. Tariq Rehman, Justice Majida Rizvi, Raza Rumi, Najma Sadeque, Babar Sattar, Dr. Dushka Sayed, Fareeda Shaeed, Zeenia Shaukat, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua, Najam Sethi, Kamran Shafi, Ahmar Bilal Sufi, Mohammad Tahseen, Nasim Zehra, Mohammad Ziauddin

  22. Here is the article YLH has accused LUBP Of calling Asma and other respectable peoples as pseudo liberals.

    Chief of the cyber wing of Pakistan’s pseudo-liberals, Adil Najam, has once again posted an article on his website (All Things Pakistan) which, as usual, speaks of his and his civil society’s lack of political transparency, intellectual dishonesty and selective morality against the PPP. In the article, posted by the ATP team (why did Najam hesitate to boldly write his name on that post I wonder), Najam writes in an ‘apparent support’ of Sherry Rehman, to save her from 300- 350 armed terrorists of the PPP: “A wide array of civil society activists from different fields and different persuasion have released the following statement on the recent harassment of former Information Secretary of the PPP and former Federal Minister of Information, Sherry Rahman. ATP joins in the sentiment and spirit of the statement.”. So far, so good. While the way this whole episode has been reported by Jang / Geo and now by Adil Najam, speaks of their professional dishonesty and selective morality, one wonders where was Adil Najam and his civil society when Kamran Shafi was attacked in Wah Cantt a few months ago by none other than whose payroll is Adil Najam on, i.e., the ISI. The list of signatories contains names such as Mohammad Malick, Amir Mateen, Hamid Mir, Adil Najam, Babar Sattar, Dr. Dushka Sayed, Nasim Zehra, Ahmar Bilal Sufi. I have excluded other more respectable names, because I have strong suspicions that they have not read this statement or they did not realize that this statement will be doctored and published on an ISI stooge’s website. Also, I wonder where was Adil Najam and his team of pseudo- liberals when Citizens for Democracy felt compelled to issue a public support for the elected governme nt of the PPP in order to foil anti-democracy conspiracies by Pakistan’s military establishment and their agents in the mainstream and alternative media. Where was this outpouring of sympath

  23. Part 2

    Where was this outpouring of sympathy for Sherry Rehman when she was being terrorized by none other than mullahs of Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI etc for her statements against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Najam (on behalf of his civil society) further writes: “Sherry Rehman’s case is particularly disturbing. As former Information Secretary of the PPP, and former Federal Minister for Information, her services to democracy and press freedoms bear no repeating….On the heels of a show cause notice served on her by her party for speaking on a television channel that was ostensibly under a ban by the PPP, her house in Karachi was held under siege for hours. On October 22 , 2010 , about 300- 350 armed goons , front-lined by women, protested outside her gates while local police stood and watched them block roads as well as lay siege to her house.” Usually, Najam and his ATP are quite good at posting relevant pictures. Wonder why he, and his masters in Geo TV / Jang Group, did not have any single picture of those 300-350 armed goons to display? Did such goons ever exist, or is that once again, part of typical ‘civil society’ propaganda against the PPP’s jahil awam? It is worth noting that we at the LUBP consider the whole episode of Sherry Rehman and also Safdar Abbasi’s participation in Geo TV talks shows and the reaction by the PPP as an internal affair of the party. Finally, the ‘goons of the civil society’ demand that: “We not only condemn such resort to terror , but also demand that the President and the Prime Minister order an inquiry into the siege of Ms. Rehman’s house and take swift and appropriate action against those responsible for resorting to terror in the name of a protest. We demand that the Report of an Inquiry be made public within 7 working days from today. “ It is amusing to notice that Adil Najam and his pseudo-liberals term a mild political protest by passionate supporters of the PPP as an act of terror, while the same pseudo-liberal goons refuse to identify

  24. Ali K.Chishti

    Interestingly I mentioned the attack on Sherry Rehman with Sharmila Farooqi at a television program just yesterday and dumb-stuck reply was, “has anyone filed an FIR?” – let’s not go into FIR’s…

    Sherry called me last week telling me how Uzair Baloch & Co. of Lyari Gangwar and Lyari Amn Committee fame in direct supervision of Interior Minister, Sindh came out with a mob threatening her…..Its just sad….

    Finally we need to understand the intra politics of PPP, Sindh where there’s two camp now,

    I. Nisar Khuro, Mazhar Camp

    II. Zulfiqar Mirza, Agha Siraj Durrani Camp

  25. @Dear YLH
    I am sorry for your misunderstanding, you can see the number of posts, LUBP has published on the victory of Asma Jehangir in SCBA Elections.
    You have smelled a bad Rat but it is not ANP, as it is irrelevant here, the bad Rat is a corporate media group and its affiliated journalists. Hope your next op-ed soon will appear on the newspaper, they own.

  26. Midfield Dynamo

    McNaughton, are you real or just a wannabe, for the real ones hold this connotation in high reverence and will exercise discretion against flaunting it in this forum, notwithstanding their lack luster appeal for both the PPP or SR unless…. I will leave it at that.

  27. Ali K.Chishti

    I. Niasr Khuro, Shazia Marri, Pir Mazahar ul Haq and Co. (Sherry supports the above group)


    II. Zulfiqar Mirza, Agha Siraj Durrani and Qaim Ali Shah Co.

  28. Tilsim

    @ Ali Arqam

    “It is amusing to notice that Adil Najam and his pseudo-liberals term a mild political protest by passionate supporters of the PPP as an act of terror”

    It was hardly a mild political protest. Perhaps so in the context of other protests that pass for normal politics in Pakistan such as violent beatings, threatening phonecalls and suicide bombs.

    The appropriate name for it is not mild protest but political intimidation – to one of the PPP’s own.

  29. Ailia Zehra

    Shame on the govt on not taking action against harassment of its own party member who has been an excellent minister of the same govt. If this govt cannot provide safety to Its own collegues, what can we expect for ourselves? Sherry’s services to this party are numerous especially in the Musharaf regime. She got her life as a gift after 27th December attack. If she really is a traitor why didn’t she ran away from the spot on December 27th as Babar Awan and Rehman Malik did. She is an honest politician & attack on her house has to be inquired.

  30. Raza Raja

    PPP is the only NATIONAL electable liberal option and therefore I will will be real critical supporter of it. But frankly the party needs to take a real critical look at itself. For God sake get rid of legacy politics. Progressive parties are suppose to be progressive. Learn to take criticism also…

  31. @Raza
    Love to see a genius person and objective writer like you as critical PPP supporter…

  32. Raza Raja

    I dont know whether I am genius but I am critical supporter of PPP…My family has supported the ideals on which this party was formed right from 1967. My close family members were even in that 1967 convention when PPP was formed. It aches my heart that party is in problems….. I think at least to some extent party itself is responsble for it..
    please Zardari is not Benazir….In fact I am lately beginning to realize that Benazir was even bettter than ZAB himself….Yes she had flaws …but she was so brilliant so liberal…..I wish that she lived…….Sorry mr Zardari is not even one tenth of her

  33. Raza Raja

    I can not respect a man who called Pervaiz Elahi THE murderer of his great wife and yet when the need arose he sent that crook named as Baber Awan to PML Q for alliance!!
    Come on!!! there is a limit to political manouvering…
    Spare me…For God sake get rid of this guy…

  34. Raza Raja

    Even NFP is now admitting though in guarded words that Zardari is a liability….
    I am even ready to accept Bilawal as a leader….just get rid of this guy….he is a liability….

    I have tried to be objective all my life….
    I have voted for PPP and against PPP…
    Today if elections are held, I will vote for PPP in National Assembly but for PML N in Punjab assembly…I recognize that PPP is the only way to keep this state intact…But please get rid of Zardari

  35. “My family has supported the ideals on which this party was formed right from 1967. My close family members were even in that 1967 convention when PPP was formed. It aches my heart that party is in problems”

    Its Ok but supporting PPP is for the ideals not family affiliations, you are a bright guy, I respect your knowledge and insights, the sincerity you write with and dedication towards PTH, for bringing peoples like Pervez and D Asghar.

    Forget AAZ or idiots like Rehman Malik, Salman taseer and Babar Awan, PPP performance is not bad at all in constitutional issues and other aspects, though it failed to respond the masses and their miseries. But we have no option than Democracy, let democracy continues, If PPP failed to perform it will be replaced or it will rectify.

  36. Raza Raja

    Dear ali arqam, I have appreciated PPP’s role in 18th amendment and improved NFP award in many articles. But at the same time I think that PPP would be much better off without

    1) Zardari
    ii) Rehman Malik
    iii) Salman Taseer
    iv) Babar Awan
    v) Fouzia Wahab

    Please lets get rid of these scounderals

  37. Raza Raja

    Ali arqam the problem is that these people are at the forefront…THEY ARE

    These people are a liability to the PARTY… Sorry I will call spade a spade…

    PPP whatever its shortcomings was built around left wing ideals…Such a sorry state to watch it defend croony politicians like Zardari, Baber Awan and salman Taseer..

    Come on!!!! the party of brilliant people like ZAB,BB and J Rahim is reduced to this!!!

  38. Raza Raja

    PPP is the only liberal party which can keep this state intact in a harmonious way…I hope that the party realizes its true potential


    The attack on Sherry Rahman is reprehensible and was an outrage. Dirty politics must be aborted before the cancer kills the Nation.

  40. Ailia Zehra

    @ Raza: Is this party similar to the one we had in bibi’s life?

  41. Raza Raja

    @Ailia Zehra

    Even the most die hard supporter, if he/she is objective wont say that THIS party is similar to BB….

  42. Raza Raja

    You see in our effort to be branded as liberal we do not say what needs to be said…….Zardari led PPP is a joke and insult to PPP’s great tradition…Sorry but lets admit a problem when it exists….

  43. D. Asghar

    @Ali Arqam Bhai, I am honored. I am perhaps not even 1/1000th of what Raza Raja Bhai or Raza Rumi Bhai are when it comes to eloquence and sincerity. I am just a novice, following his heart and an observer. My observations are relatively similar to Raza Raja Bhai, as we share the same ideals. The short list of people that Raza Bhai has provided, I would endorse that fully. Todays PPP is very far away from ZAB and BB’s vision.

    As much as some people may dislike them, but Amin Fahim Sahib and perhaps Aietzaz Ahsan Sahib would be good torch bearers of the party. Only and only if party holds an internal election and elects its leaders without giving heed to the dynasty nonsense. For crying out loud, this is not a monarchy, where a Prince or Princess has to ascend the throne.

  44. @Raza, Ailia and Asghar
    I think PPP needs improvement, it is undeniable fact. AAZ is a Co-chairman of the Party, he is chosen for the post by none other than BiBi sahiba, but it was just for two or three daws, then the CEC has unanimously agreed upon Bilawal as Chairman and AAZ as Co-chairman. The decision was endorsed by the people in the general elections and then the party elected representatives in the presidential elections.
    Now whether we like or dislike, he is the elected President.
    The political parties are judged by its ideals and the step taken to achieve these ideals.
    The party has succeeded in various aspects, and failed in a few, but why it failed, the reasons are evident. The failure belongs to the state not Govt. With a little space to perform, too many elephants in the room and the disasters brought upon us by the War on Terror and the recent flood have contributed to this failure.
    The failure of the party is due the degeneration of political culture in Pakistan. If there was uninterrupted political process here, the PPP and the other parties might have been in more better shape than the present.
    What we need is the continuity in the political process, it will rectify the political mistakes gradually.
    The most important form is the revival of student unions, labour unions, replacing argument with the barrel of the gun.
    Political parties evolve with the political system, expecting political parties to evolve and democratised in a society where sane people choose the way to be politically non aligned can be called “Is sadgi pe kon na mar jay A! Khuda….

  45. D. Asghar

    @Ali Arqam Bhai, thanks for your input and forthright response. In this complete novice of a scribe’s humble opinon, there needs to be some reformation at the grass roots level as well. The political parties should be taken out of learning institutions and industries. You may disagree with me, but regretfully their presence has been detrimental, at least in Pakistan.

    Students who are focused on learning and industries which focus on production, in the end, produce a more healthy and productive society. In other words, the tentacles of political parties from educational and business institutions will have an overall politically mature society. No one is stopping them from exercising their right, once they are out of their respective institutions and participating as a private citizen. My two cents worth, I would let you have the final word on that. Many thanks again.

  46. As in the previous comments we have discussed political culture and internal democracy in the parties.
    Student politics in the educational institutions is for the very purpose of their training to be a part of democratic norms and culture. To learn to react in the domain of democratic system. Where we are confusing is the very nature of Pakistani Society.
    As for as Aitzaz Ahsan is concerned, apart from the love for him in civila society, even the right wing blogs praised him and he paid it back with his activities, As in the general elections, he refrained to be a part of active politics, and when his support was needed, he did not come in Asma’s support and chose to fly away. Political parties can not be led by people like him. I can bet, if he is opposed in Lahore by a PML candidate, he cant win the elections.
    And Amin Fahim, he was treated in the same way after 93 elections by Benazir Bhutto herself. When the same minus one formula was in the making, Amin Fahim won bothe provincial and National assembly elections, BiBi kept him out from the National Assembly, and was sent to be a part of Sindh assembly, when she took the oath, then he joined them in the national assembly.
    I like the way you express your opinions and disagreements, and I respect it.
    But here in Pakistan, there is a selective amnesia regarding political personalities and leaderships.

  47. salma

    @raza,my family is also a die-hard supporter of ppp since its inception.however,i have to disagree with ur viewpoint regarding zardari’s leadership.i think its not right 2 draw comparisons between BB and himself has said time and again in his interviews that he is no way near BB and that she was his leader too. zardari was handed over the ppp leadership under extra-ordinary circumstances.had he not been the ppp head at that time of crisis,this party would have been torn to pieces by the powerful military establishment.please take ‘ground realities’ in to account and be more objective in ur analysis. no one is perfect including zardari and uptill now the govt.has failed 2 address the ‘awami massa’il’.however,i must say that removing zardari as the head of ppp will neither be good 4 the party nor will strengthen our nascent democratic system .but there is no one else who enjoys the confidence of the ‘majority’ party members and jiyalas @arqam,very insightful posts as always.

  48. A relevant discussion on LUBP or

    Pak Tea House’s criticism of LUBP

  49. fightingchance71

    ZAB slapped in public his mentor and most influential supporter in Sindh, the Makhdoom of Hala. Blackmailed his party cronies into coercive guaranteed loyalty through sexually compromising video tapes. All of his party stalwarts came up with a fresh crop of young, beautiful and cultured (an aspect they lacked themselves) wives to humor ZAB socially and hoped for the best results, Hakim did so too, which eventually led to the royal BB, AAZ wedding. Talking of BB she killed her own brother, so people don’t fool yourself and sing praises for PPP, WE MUST CLEAN THE SLATE.

  50. Raza Raja

    Dear Ali Arqam

    Last time when I was critical of PPP in my satire, I was called a taliban supporter in an article at LUBP.
    This time people have been kinder and stopped at calling me and Raza Rumi members of chattering classes!
    Thanks for that, at least this is a huge improvement!

    Just remember one thing. Not every one who is critical of PPP is against PPP. Just because I do not think that AAZ is the greatest thing on this side of the galaxy does not mean I hate PPP or am against it.

    BTW what will you call Fasi Zaka. He has also been critical of Zardari?

    I have nothing more to add.

  51. Cross-posting my comment from LUBP which is also relevant to this thread:

    @Raza Rumi

    Personally I really appreciate your sentiments. Thank you!

    As an author of the
    the present post (on LUBP blog), let me assure you that the intention of the post was not PTH bashing. Quite the opposite, I wanted folks from PTH, civil society and from within our own team to bash LUBP.

    Thus, I will welcome YLH and others to criticize LUBP, its editors and articles as much as they wish in this thread or as a separate post which we will be pleased to publish.

    Indeed, how can LUBP improve if we are not receptive to critical ideas and comments?