APPEAL: DAWN TV should re-consider hiring Talat Hussain

By Yasser Latif Hamdani


Strong title? Well I suggest you read Talat Hussain’s ridiculous piece in an Urdu newspaper.

To respond to his article: Angelina Jolie is a hundred times more respectable than you . She has done more for this country than you will do in another 5 lifetimes.

However I am more worried about Dawn TV. Dawn News – when it was in English- was the only hope for sanity and good sense in journalism in Pakistan. Then it went Urdu and it still maintained a standard above that of other channels like Aaj and Geo.

Now it seems that Dawn News has finally succumbed to the temptations of advertising revenue and is bringing on board this strange character. As a long time Dawn reader, I would like to appeal to Dawn administration to reconsider their decision to hire a journalist  like Talat Hussain given the kind of nonsense he has written in a rag. After all if NPR could fire Juan Williams so could Dawn.

Also posted is a scathing piece by Tazeen.

Under the suit and blow dried hair lives a misogynist caveman

Ever since I saw the op-ed piece by Syed Talat Hussein in an Urdu Daily about Angelina Jolie, I have this ‘I told you so’ smirk on my face. Unlike most Pakistanis, I was never fooled by Mr. Hussein’s façade of urbanity. Quite a few of my friends and acquaintances (you know who you are) were taken in by his persona but I always knew that underneath the suit and the blow dried hair lives a man as primitive as those who consider honor killing and stoning of women as part of our heritage.
For those who still don’t know what happened, Syed Talat Hussein wrote an op-ed piece in an Urdu Daily about Angelina Jolie where he first called her a dirty slut and then said, in no uncertain terms, that he does not find her attractive. His was a fairly detailed and vicious tirade with such great gems (naa jisam mein jawani kaa saroor tha) thrown in that one can safely assume that if Dawn fires him after this op-ed (I know, it is wishful thinking on my part) he can make it big as chauvinist and sexist Urdu soft porn writer.
I don’t want to go into detail about how dreadfully malicious, presumptuous, factually incorrect and appalling his article was as two esteemed bloggers Kalakawa and cpyala have done a great job of cutting him down to size for making up shit against Ms Jolie. However I want to focus on just one part of what he passed off as an op-ed piece. He wrote that if Articles 62 & 63 of Pakistani constitution are invoked against Ms. Jolie, she, or rather her ‘reputation’ would not be able to pass muster. I hate to break it to you Mr. Hussein, but Article 62 and 63 define the criteria for membership of Parliament in Pakistan. As Ms Jolie is not contesting for a seat in any of the legislative bodies, her character or lack of it does not really matter.

Read the rest of the entry here

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85 responses to “APPEAL: DAWN TV should re-consider hiring Talat Hussain

  1. no fan

    Isn’t this the urdu version of the newspaper that you write for, express tribune, YHL?

  2. sid

    why get personal?

  3. amar

    Dawn should ask whether Jinnah would have appointed him.
    May be they only want to give him a chance to make a fool of himself and then throw him out.

  4. The [EDITED] of Shia Press TV the mouth piece of brutal dictatorship of Islamist regime for a job in London and he can ‘hooker-up’ with Lauren Booth(pervert to Islam) Talat is allowed 4 wives and even a shia mouta marriage.

  5. I have more respect for an ‘anti-India’ but honest secularist YLH than a hypocrate Muslim nationalist Talat Hussain, who is looking for a quick ‘fix & funding’ from Islamist sponsors.
    On Lauren Booth Press TV

  6. Tanzeel

    Talat should be given benefit of the doubt over this shit. He’s still way better than the current lot of sensationalists.

  7. Hameed

    @no fan:

    yes and please read this;

  8. Muhammad Ali

    Listen dear fellas,

    your post and comments made me think that we still, as a nation, are immature. Don’t curse Talat Hussain so brutally. If he has done something wrong, he should be criticized not cannibalized.

  9. Third rated journalists like Lauran Booth,Yvonne Ridley (Press TV & Aafia Brigade) & Mr. Flottila T Hussain convert to Islamist brand of activism in order to boost their stinking careers and get some well earned funding from Iran,Hamas & rich Arab Sheikhs.
    Show me da money!!!

  10. K-

    It is just one piece guys !!!

    Criticism is good but this bashing was over-dose !!

    One doesn’t have to “HATE” something when one can “dislike”

  11. Farooq

    never been a big fan of Talat though. It seems YLH has something personal against him. Not clear who should be shoving something up there. At least from now on I can stop taking YLH seriously. this spiteful piece says a lot about you.

  12. YLH

    I don’t have anything against talat personally. I was a fan till 6 months ago but the asshole has taken a sharp right turn and I have lost all respect for him.

  13. Humanity


    Most sane people agree with the stands you take. You have a brilliant mind and a lot to share. Please do not allow anger to get the best of you.

    Running for cover :):)

  14. YLH

    Thanks humanity. Means a lot. I am working on it.

  15. no fan

    in my opinion yhl would have done much better had he instead posted the link that hameed has mentioned above in the comments, its gets pretty much the same message across, but much more elegantly.

  16. Zia Ahmad

    Cafe Pyala has offered an English translation of Talat Hussain’s odious write up so the true colors of Mr Flotilla is up there for rightful scrutiny. The scary bit is Talat Hussain is pandering to the Urdu paper readership that does enjoy such trashy sensationlist columns (kaalums) where the writer takes a hyper-righteous stance on whatever he/she wans to write about.
    Talat Hussain does a fine job of showing off his petty hypocritical feathers.
    Best of luck for Dawn News

  17. sameera

    seriously who is Angelina Jolie,and why are you supporting her?The money she gave was peanuts,she just made an appeal for like what 2 mins?(probably for her own publicity),and really why be so two faced that to say nothing to the govt otherwise but when she gets back home she criticizes it..I am in no way supporting the govt,but really her remarks just discouraged donors from helping people,they didn’t cause harm to the govt,just the people because now no country will trust us with money.The govt is corrupt,everyone knows that Miss Jolie,but really you could have appreciated efforts of people like Edhi,Imran Khan,so many other people who were working for floods selflessly…i mean why pick the worst from the lot!why not just give money to Edhi?why not appreciate him?
    And really supporting some foreign woman over talat hussain?How many programs has he done on the flood victims?how much time has he given and money has he collected along with Kashif Abbassi?whereas Miss Jolie came for like 4 days,tops-i dunno..and gave money that was really peanuts for her…like seriously are you people really trying to be liberal,or are you,or are you thick,but then again what can you expect from those who don’t care about hundreds of young girls and boys dying through phosphorus bombs?those who don’t fight for Afia Siddiqui but fight for this shameless woman.yes-shameless!(then again i think that’s why the guys are supporting her-hah,what a joke

  18. Humanity

    @ sameera
    “Sameera: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?
    Mirror: Jolie, Jolie , both inside and out !!”

    Sorry Sameera, Jolie wins, you loose.

    “because now no country will trust us with money”
    No one in their right minds trusted you with any thing even before Jolie said a word. Get it?

    “And really supporting some foreign woman..”
    This bigoted mindset is why no one trusts you with any thing, in case you need a reason.

    “whereas Miss Jolie… gave money that was really peanuts for her”
    For God sake, show some self respect. Anyway, what ever one gives, it never going to be enough for habitual beggars. The hand out has to be divvied up from the bottom to the top-most after all. It can never be enough. All are needy and in want more, all the time.

    “who don’t care about hundreds of young girls and boys dying through phosphorus bombs”

    Ever given any thought to the 14 years old human bombs that you sympathize with and perhaps support directly or indirectly? These teenage, brainwashed bombs are blowing your hundreds of own people in mosques and bazaars and shrines up from within.Clean your own damn house first before worrying for others. They will be fine. It is your house that is crumbling. Get out of denial.

    “those who don’t fight for Afia Siddiqui but fight for this shameless woman.yes-shameless”
    You expect others to fight for Afia Siddiqui, while you yourself perhaps sit comfortably at home and watch some movie of the shameless woman. Don’t just do the talk, do the real walk, Ms. Sameera! Join a jihadi ‘MAD’rassa and fight for the all the terrorists including Afia and her ilks, if you feel so strongly. Otherwise stop being a hypocrite and instead speak up against the plight of the women languishing in your jails under the stupid ul-haq laws. Stop worshiping talat and start using your brain for a change. You have one, believe me.

    The lack of gratitude towards Jolie’s contributions reflects the shamelessness of this ghairaat brigade. They demand to be trusted regardless of the fact that trust and respect are earned. These not entitlements that corrput can claim by hook or by crook.

    Th perpetual victims don’t like it when they are shown the mirror. They are quick to use their favorite weapon of character assassination. They don’t stray a step from the path of their holier than thou ‘ulema’. It seems that even God does not trust these losers who are corrupt and hypocrite up to the hilt and yet expect that the world trust them.
    Incredible nerve! Bai-sharm!

  19. Tilsim


    The point is that she came to help. She raised the international profile of the issue which helped generate vital funds and awareness internationally. Talat’s personal attack (for God’s sake what have here looks got to do with anything) and her character assassination is wrong at any time but even more despicable because she came to help during the earthquake and came again with the floods.

    You sound like you are a muslim. You will know what the value of even an ounce of goodness is infront of the Almighty. She did much more than an ounce of goodness. Also if as a human being she has some misfortune of her own family background, should that be held against her? Why is this relevant? If someone has faults, your religion teaches one to cover them.

    Kindly read Talat Hussein’s article and reflect again on why people are upset with it.

  20. androidguy


    “You sound like you are a muslim. You will know what the value of even an ounce of goodness is infront of the Almighty….”

    Et Tu Tilsim? Only muslims will know the value of goodness and not the kaffirs? Wow!

  21. Watty

    Mr. Talat Hussain is by no means the only journalist deserving the “two-face” award. He was merely catering to the misogyny commonly tolerated by some of Pakistan’s Urdu press. He got caught because Ms. Angelina Jolie is a westerner with high profile who showed greater empathy for the voiceless victims of the great floods than all the rapacious politicians put together.

    Misogyny is not the only poison being fed to the Pakistani masses. More potent dosing of false anti-India venom is doled out generously across the spectrum delaying the peace that is so desperately needed by the common people of the subcontinent.

  22. readinglord

    I would like to read the op-ed which prompted this tirade upon the person of TH. Will any friend kindly refer me to that?

    In principle I deplore such personal attacks against any one and that too only to spew out your stored up genetic poison.

  23. Bilal Qureshi

    Wow, all I can say is wow. Yasser, I am with you and I wish, Pakistanis will wake up.

    Enough, really, enough already.

    We need a society free of thugs like Talat, Kashif Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Zaid Hamid (or whatever his name is) Shahid Masood and other clowns TV. These people lack both intellect and character.

  24. alizeh haider

    @humanity. Could not agree with you more. You said it all.

    Pakistanis need to shed this delusion that just because we are muslims, we are somehow morally and ethically superior to others and we have an unquestionable right to point fingers and pass moral judgements on others. Pakistanis in particular and muslims in general need to wake up and face reality. We are NO superior beings. God has NOT bestowed us with a divine right to judge and malign others. Our political and social condition is in the pits becuase we are too busy worrying about other’s deeds than looking at ourselves. If only we come out of this false sense of superiorty and arrogance and see ourselves for what we really are, Muslims all over the world would be in much better condition.

  25. YLH


    Laanat tumharay jaise logon pur.

    You write :

    “those who don’t fight for Afia Siddiqui but fight for this shameless woman”

    Afia Siddiqui is a fucking terrorist who is just one of the many many who have FUCKED UP Pakistan’s image world wide.

    The so called “shameless” woman Angelina Jolie is someone who has contributed US $ 100,000 out of her own pocket to flood relief and has worked with Pakistan continuously for the last 5 years.
    Shame on you Sameera and others like you. May god, if there is any, protect Pakistan from people like you.

    Angelina Jolie rocks.

  26. AAR

    @ Sameera, Talat Hussein is a 3rd rate piece of shit…he has disgraced himself and the Pakistani nation with his article. Angelina Jolie has helped Pakistani earth quake and flood victims through fund raising and on top of that on all her visits she has respected our cultural sensitivities. And on the other hand what has your aafia sidiqui done for pakistan. She is a freaking nutcase.

  27. Tilsim

    @ androidguy

    This comment was made not because there is any exclusivity to goodness but as a reminder to someone who is taught this as part of their religion and holds their religion and culture dear.

  28. Fayyaz

    Talat is bad, coz he analyzed the hollywood gal in an eastern perspective, he revealed what sort of standards the girl has been maintaining for professional growth, and at the end, he said that still she had been much better than our politician coz instead of herself eating the precious resources in the names of inundated people, she actually helped from her own pocket.

    now mr. yasir latif, if any woman in your surrounding would follow the same (personal) standards, how would you regard her??
    any by the way whats wrong in what talat had said??
    had you cursed the guy on some Valid grounds, you could have been taken seriously, but i am sorry dude, you seem rather PERSONAL.

    and for you Mr Abbas, you should have the courage to accept whatever religious beliefs others have. being sunni does not mean we have the right to course others. just like us, they too would have some grounds which made them go their way.

  29. YLH

    Fayyaz mian,

    I am sorry dude but you sound like an idiot.

    I have nothing more to say to an idiot like you except that I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  30. Tariq

    @YLH: Great work here, and even better comments ;D

    @Fayyaz: Man, either you are extremely stupid, or extremely in love with Talat Hussain. Either case, you are losing on precious sanity.

  31. Sardar KHAN

    Talat is a wise and agressive personality and must be respected.Where is your slogan”Free Speech.”
    If you are so called liberal and secular,shouldn’t go so low in your hatred to hurl personal abuse.Be a man and take on chin and not a sissy at all.

  32. Zia Ahmad

    @KHAN sardar
    “Talat is a wise and agressive personality and must be respected”

    A cursory dissection of your two bit opener.
    Talat is wise you say. So he had most of us fooled for all these years. He started out well, a young earnest journalist with a mission. Then he graduated from print to TV and as the years rolled by found himself accumulating power and influence. The common perception is, too much of power and influence goes to one’s head. This elementary observation should pacify you for two or three odd minutes.

    Then you go on to claim that Talat is an aggressive personality. You would know.

    And you round up your marvellous appraisal of the man with an imposition. He MUST be respected.
    Should naysayers be scared for their safety if they dont extend Talat the required amount of respect that you demand? Disagreeing with his far from balanced account of a person who came to Pakistan with a charitable cause and digging up dirt on her past along the way is surely “respectful”.

    The man’s tirade was offensive and hypocritical. Voicing objections against it is anyone’s right. Just know that.

  33. @YLH and Tariq

    hahahahahaha, see i was right, thats your approach. you guys have ZERO tolerance for counter opinion, yet have the nerve to embark upon such serious issues. my child, Pleeeeeeeeeeeez leave this place for serious issues, cell phone msgs can do a better job for levelling your personal scores.

  34. @ Zia,

    Mr. zia, Talat appreciated the way jolie helped pakistanis, but there was another point as well which he tried to establish, but that seems far above the level of you guys.

    and one thing more, this is a place where everyone has the right to express what one feels. if anyone of you guys cant come up with a solid point to stand by, simply avoid replying. dont show what “Moral” grounds you have.

    if by publishing your opinion over here you meant to enforce your one sided thoughts, you had better used some other platform instead.

  35. @ alizeh Haider

    Miss Alizeh, the point is not about having superiority over others for merely being Muslims, but that does not mean that humans should altogether stop having some “standards”. by remaining indifferent does not mean you are depicting humanitarianism. there are values, which must be regarded, regardless of what faith, race, or region one belongs to.

  36. Zia Ahmad

    Fayyaz saab,
    If Talat Hussain did appreciate Jolie’s contribution, he sure did it in a funny way. And why don’t you please enlighten the uninformed reader the extra cookie point Talat Hussain was trying to make. Like you said it is way above any ordinary person’s comprehension so why keep us in the dark?
    And again its not about enforcing any “one sided” agenda (others do it so much better…and aggressively) but simply voicing our protest.

  37. YLH

    Fayyaz mian,

    Your point is so incredibly stupid and idiotic it deserves no response.

    But since you ask, you should cafe pyala’s blog which shows just how disgusting of a liar your Talat Hussain mian is.

    Here is another thing you must know. When the Israelis attacked the Flotilla, rumor has it that Talat mian soiled himself.

    I have nothing personal against him. I don’t even know him. But he is a crook.

  38. @ Sameera

    See Sameera, what sort of reply you have got from Humanity, these are the people who get personal when others tend to disagree with them.

    and ylh, hundreds of people are dying in drone attacks, why dont you write about them?? and people like me and sameera would also like to know about what afia has done (really) that pinch you guys so much?? and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i want a logical answer (if anyone of you have), not the bashing you have been quite used to with while replying to those who had the PRIVILEGE of reading your PRECIOUS thoughts.

  39. Girish

    What exactly is he saying in the article? I can read Urdu, but not fast enough to read this article in anything less than an hour. Would be grateful if somebody who has read it gave the gist of what he is saying.

  40. YLH


    Read the crook’s article in English on Cafe Pyala.

  41. @ylh

    “rumor has it that Talat mian soiled himself”
    wow, what a solid reason you have found for coughing up your venom.

    and i believe the rest of the bashing you have done to the gentleman is also amid the rumors, which, somehow, made their ways to you.

    i was constantly pondering upon what was the reason which made you right all that, but now think i have got that, in urdu we call it an effort to get “susti shohrat”, hmmmm nice attempt, anyhow, yasir mian, next time choose something which had some L-O-G-I-C-A-L standings.

  42. no-communal


    I read the article on Cafe Pyala. Despicable indeed.

    It’s a collection of all sorts of vile attacks on Angelina Jolie for no apparent reason.

  43. YLH

    Actually my source is quite credible but I would rather not name him.

    Your Talat mian is not just a crook, he is a liar as well as Cafe Pyala exposed him well.

    Why would I need cheap popularity at the expense of a third rate anchor of a fourth rate TV channel?

    I am not a journalist… And I am happy writing my weekly column for my own satisfaction.

    I am not a cheapster and a third rate crook like Talat Hussain.

  44. androidguy

    @Tislim, Thanks for your clarification.

  45. Humanity

    @Sardar KHAN October 28, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Mr. Khan, every now and then you spew your ignorance and defile the name of Islam through your hate mongering. It is time you sort out your values and principles for your own good. Learn the difference between right and wrong and stop being a bigot, if you have any humanity left in you. Raise your standards, for God’s sake!

    @ Sardar Khan “Talat is a wise and agressive personality and must be respected.”

    PTH is not a MADrassa. Stop issuing ‘who to respect’ fatwas. For your information, an aggressive personality is usually locked up in a mental or a correctional facility to safeguard the society and to keep law and order. For you own good, learn the importance of law and order and then think why it is necessary to lock up an aggressive person. Help is available, should you need to understand this concept.

    Mr. Khan, no self-confident, self-respecting person would ‘respect’ an aggressive person. Such a person does not know what respect means in the first place and is a liability. Only a wimp considers an ‘aggressive personality’ aka bully, as his role model and ‘respects’ the bully because of fear. So please exercise your own fatwa and respect the ‘aggressive personality’ talat, all you want. Any self-respecting person may pity an aggressive personality, but respect him, no way. I suggest, grow a spine attached to a brain!

    I hope you now realize why fatwas are so dangerous. Because they are based on ignorance, they cause injustice and violence, and are hence immoral and plain wrong!

    @Sardar KHAN October 28, 2010 at 8:34 pm
    “Where is your slogan”Free Speech.””

    Mr. Khan, JFYI a journalist with an iota of integrity should know the difference between “Free Speech” and character assassination. Talat has exposed his mindset through poor judgment. Not only is he a bigot, his pervert narrative would make a decent person puke.

    By attacking Jolie at a personal level, Talat has peddled his bigotry to a mindset that controls and oppresses the animal called a woman through woman bashing. The mind that devises lessons so brutal which strip humanity out of a woman to make her believe she is less than cattle. For example, strip a woman naked and march her in the streets. That ought to teach her what happens if she is immoral! Cutting nose and ears, or throwing acid are other popular techniques of subduing the animal called woman, in case you did not know.

    Back to Jolie. So, how dare Jolie, a foreign infidel woman of questionable morals, say bad things about the state certified superior Muslims? She must be punished according to the traditions encoded in the ‘ul-Haq’ and mullah laws in the guise of Islam. Talat, the ‘aggressive personality’ turned savior of Islam, took upon him self to strip Jolie naked and march her in the streets through his write-up. What a resounding victory of the ‘ul-Haq’ laws and the Islamization campaign! Talat is now entitled to the respect for his manhood and piety. Jolie, you better watch out, girl! The superior Muslims will break your legs if you dare to pass near the land of the pure. However, keeping sending of your (immoral) money.

    Mr. Khan, do you see the butt-ugly picture of Islam that your hero, Talat has painted? Do you see the crime against humanity? Still want to respect the aggressive personality called Talat?

    Thanks to the ‘ul-haq’ and mullah dictated curricula in the schools. The idiots with fake degrees are being churned out like rats. The basic values of a civil society have been totally decimated. The women are so brainwashed, they don’t see themselves being paraded naked by these ‘journalists’. Where is your humanity, you pious and moral women?

    Every body thinks s/he is the Judge, nauzobillah. The sense of right from wrong is replaced with unjustifiable, unearned claims of entitlement to every thing from respect to trust to unending financial aid and with NO accountability. Incredible!

    The superior Muslims don’t seem to know that respect and trust are earned. The have the audacity to demand hand outs. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has become a example of what not to be. The Quaid would simply die of shock, if he were to see how the mullah hijacked his dream and has turned it into a hellish nightmare.

    Instead of thumping the chests as champions of piety and purity, the nation ought to mourn its moral death. Stop dragging the name of Islam in blood and dirt with your ignorance and hatred. Better get off the high horse and try to learn the meaning of gratitude, character, integrity and respect. Jolie can teach you a thing or two about Islam.

    Good must prevail and it will (isA). Islam lives in the hearts of the good people and not in a fortress of evil enforced through ‘ul-haq’ and mullah made statutes. Faith does not need for its survival any ghairaat brigade or woman haters like talat. The superior, state certified Muslims better understand this fact and try to become humans.

    Humanity needed to venting because humanity is wounded at the core in the nation of the pure! Humanity wants to beat some sense into the comatose minds of this nation. So bear with me, please 🙂

  46. Humanity

    @Fayyaz October 28, 2010 at 10:39 pm
    “Miss Alizeh, the point is not about having superiority over others for merely being Muslims, but that does not mean that humans should altogether stop having some “standards”. by remaining indifferent does not mean you are depicting humanitarianism. there are values, which must be regarded, regardless of what faith, race, or region one belongs to.”

    Fayyaz, it seems to you having standards means “auraat kee izzat uchaalo, bharaay bazaar maiN.” (Disgrace a woman in the public!)

    Thanks, but no thanks. I would not wish the ‘standards’ by which Talat carried himself even for an enemy. He has only set new heights of bigotry.

    Please leave the ‘standard-less’ people alone and keep your fatwas to yourself. You are not accountable for ‘immoral’ people. Worry about your own baggage on the day of judgment. Trust me, your mullah will not carry for you the over sized bags filled with all sorts of fatwas and standards of bigotry and hatred!

  47. Tilsim

    @ Humanity

    Well said.

    Angelina’s personal life and appearance have nothing to do with the amazing way she helped the flood victims. She is a UN goodwill ambassador. So why this character assassination? TH’s comments against Jolie were made because I suspect the idea of a foreigner and in particular a woman Hollywood actress helping Pakistanis really pressed all the wrong buttons as some sort of violation of our dignity and culture. Ustaghfurallah, would our sisters and mothers’s morals and our men’s chaste virtues be corrupted if they started to see her as a role model? Sadly TH is voicing the deep insecurity of a certain sort of Pakistani male who wears his religion and culture as a sign of his macho male pride and nothing else. To understand the importance of her visit is not a thought that would cross his mind and of course in his world the desperation of our fellow destitute Pakistanis takes second place to his quest to protect what he perceives as a cultural threat or a loss of dignity.

    Similarly, the state was mocked for giving her too much importance. However it was right to give her importance because she is the sort of person that can inspire ordinary people to help from different corners of this globe that we all share. TH’s article betrays a beseiged mindset and he has his audience who think like him.

  48. Girish

    Thanks for pointing me to the Cafe Pyala translation of the article. The article is complete trash. I didn’t know much about the author of the article (have seen videos of one or two of his shows, including an interview of Sushma Swaraj, minister in the Vajpayee Government) but he did not seem like such a bigoted and sexist person at that time. But the article exposes his true character. The tiger cannot hide its stripes after all!

  49. Tilsim

    Below is how Angelina’s displeasure was being reported earlier. Her crime was that she pointed out our leaders’ vanity and hypocrisy in front of the UN. They feted her to bring the dollars in but their personal behaviour was the same old same old.

    “She is not happy with the attitude of the authorities and the government, who were more interested in toeing her line, watching her make movements, trying to please her while pushing the flood victims. She was also perturbed at the Prime Minister’s wish that his family wanted to meet him. Prime Minster’s family was especially flown down all the way from Multan to Islamabad and they presented expensive gifts to Jolie and had a sumptuous meal with her.

    She said that she was feeling awful at that time to see so much food at the table, suffice for hundreds of flood victims who were fighting like crazy to get a small bag of flour and a small bottle of water. She was ill at ease when she saw the interior of lavish Premier house and some of the government buildings and the chartered planes and other such luxuries, when there was so much misery outside.

    In her report to the United Nations, she has recommended UN to ask Pakistani government to first cut down on their expenses and to first cut down their luxuries before asking the aid from the world.”

  50. Humanity

    @ Tilsim
    A couple of weeks back, a youtube clip was going around about AJ’s being upset with the display of indulgence and opulence at the meeting with the PM’s family. The caption did it for me. I did not watch it out of disgust.

    When I first read about TH’s article on AJ, I had a feeling that this defamation campaign was orchestrated from the top level as a cover up for incompetence and for retaliation. We all know how petty Pakistanis can be, when their real faces are exposed. A woman’s character is an easy target for mard-e-momin.

    AJ ain’t no Paki mai from a remote Sindhi village who can be buried alive in the name of tradition. She can sue for defamation, though I doubt she will go there. She is probably done with Pakistan and its hospitality, I would think.

    The macho men seem to forget that evil has a way of coming around. Let’s see how this tamasha unfolds.

  51. YLH


    Tilsim and I and Raza Rumi and Cafe Pyala and Tazeen are all Pakistanis.

  52. Humanity


    “Tilsim and I and Raza Rumi and Cafe Pyala and Tazeen are all Pakistanis.”

    I am not sure why you pointed this out. Thanks for the information, anyway, There are many real, good Pakistanis in Pakistan and all over the world without a shadow of doubt.

    I apologize, if any of my statements came across as a broad stroke stereotyping. Just so that we are clear, my venting and comments are about the the macho men in general, who put humanity to shame. Woman bashing is a global phenomenon, as we know.

  53. Umer

    Talat’s Article is way above your heads … isn’t it?

  54. Umer

    Please help me understand what was the Article about to begin with and what did you understand from it? Plain, simple and to the point answer by the writer will be appreciated ..

  55. YLH

    Abay chutiye we all know talat was saying that the govt’s character is worse than even a characterless woman like AJ but we are disputing his laanti panna on how AJ is characterless.

    Ofcourse a chutiya like you doesn’t get why abusing a woman is wrong anyway regardless of your eye wash at the end.

  56. Ummi

    So Jolie talked truth about your PPP and Gillani which made you mad? Why cursing Talat?The whole central idea of the column was that even a woman like “JOLIE” has more shame than your “rohani baap” zardari.

  57. YLH

    Jolie was on the money about Gilani. I am against the Gilani cronies.

  58. nasir

    @ sameera – “those who don’t fight for Afia Siddiqui but fight for this shameless woman”

    you are sad excuse for a human being! – Afia is a witch who should burn in hell! – have you ever talked to a victim of a terrorist attack – obviously not, i suggest you do. I think you would change your mind about this whore afia!

  59. bciv

    I had doubts about TH after his OTT and imbecilic response to the indian media’s equally OTT performance in the aftermath of 26/11.

    had Miss Jolie been on the ‘flotilla’ when it was boarded by the IDF, TH would have been hiding behind her without any hesitation or thought to his own sexist views about her.

    he was re-emphasising a valid point AJ had made, but there was no need to bring her private life into it. if it was sarcasm about our own society, it was ill-considered and very badly presented. if not, it was sick. it’s rather disgustingly obvious that it is the latter.

  60. Umer

    @ YLH

    Logoun pe comment kernay walay ki apni zabaan daikho … apnay giraybaan mein jhaank pehle … If your arguement is that TALAT said AJ is characterless … Well, SHE IS!!

    Tell me if TALAT made it up … She made out with her own brother, she had extra Martial relations, she was on substance which is wrong even if you judge her on Western standards.

    Ganday ko ganda kaha TALAT nay … bilkul theak kaha …

    And between you and me … you should be fined for reading his Article … wasn’t for people of your calibre .. Tu TARZAN MINKO perh ..

    It ain’t a secret why she adopted kids … you know shit!!

    People who she belongs to have the same opinion about her… who are you to defend? He isn’t the first one to say all that about your beloved AJ … google it MORON!!

    Get a life!

  61. YLH

    Umer mian…

    It is because of [EDITED] like you that our country is in the depths that it is.

    She hasn’t passed judgment on your lifestyle, on misogyny, bigotry, trampling of women’s rights and the hypocrisy that is the hallmark of Muslim life today.

    Who are you to pass judgment on her. Jao munh dho kar ayo [EDITED].

    Aur mujhe nahin pata thaa talat tera baap hai. Sorry.

  62. If the translation in Cafe Pyala is reasonably accurate, Talat Hussain is a sickening human being. Leave aside what she contributed or did not – there were tasteless and strange comments on what she did contribute – there were personal remarks and nasty attacks which should have led to the man being horse-whipped. It is not difficult to understand YLH’s and Tilsim’s anger – for that matter, the indignation of Zia Ahmed, Watty, Alizeh Haider and Tariq – after going through it, although it was painful finishing the read.

    A Abbas [October 27, 2010 at 4:56 pm]

    YLH anti-Indian? That’s interesting; why do you think so? We’ve all read his fulminations against Indian trolls, and you might be astonished to learn that most balanced Indians writing here agree with him. But that’s not anti-Indian across the board, surely?

    bciv [October 30, 2010 at 3:56 pm]

    I’ve been an admirer and sometimes out-of-my-class sparring partner of yours over the years, but found your remark equating Talat Hussain and the Indian media very strange indeed, largely because this kind of equation is deplorable. Please consider the circumstances under which the Indian media said what it did. While I have never been backward in criticising its excesses, on that occasion, writing and speaking and presenting even as that horrific event was playing itself out, there is much to consider in extenuation. If you seriously wish to convey that at those moments of horror, horror caused not by our own home-bred lunatics, sponsored and fostered, and, as is becoming increasingly evident from a flood of evidence from prisoners in American custody, not Indian, horror planned and then led by state institutions in Pakistan, justifying the worst and most extreme assumptions made at that time, I need to ask you what you think the media should have written instead. Something on the lines of “Oh, dear, there they go again. But then, what are we to do? Boys will be boys, after all”?

    And, in your opinion, the views expressed by the Indian media are equal and opposite to Talat Hussain’s views? I am handicapped by not knowing what these views were, but whatever they were, the act of comparison and equation, with the implicit cancellation of one by the other, is far from what we have come to expect from you.

    It is depressing to watch you converge with those who have always played Shiv’s “Your shirt is torn. So what? your fly is open!” game.

  63. bciv

    so TH actually stooped down to the level of this Umer fellow above. is there any hope left for TH then?

  64. bciv


    i apologise for not communicating my views as clearly as i ought to have done.

    equating Talat Hussain and the Indian media

    i have pointedly not equated the two. i equated TH’s OTT response with the worse of the indian media but not his imbecility for there was no match for it.

    the extenuation was too obvious to mention more explicitly.

    OTT-ness being understandable is not being less OTT. similarly, understandable or excusable are not the same as justified, or dignified and honourable.

    While I have never been backward in criticising its excesses, on that occasion, writing and speaking and presenting even as that horrific event was playing itself out [..] as is becoming increasingly evident from a flood of evidence[..]

    i don’t know the details of what your criticism exactly was. i assume that cautioning them to wait for (such or other) evidence might well have been part of it. i also assume that your criticism might have been about aspects of the ‘reporting’ other than relating to such evidence or lack of it. so was mine.

  65. Umer

    She didn’t pass judgement? How could she? She aint a Journalist … and if still she could … TALAT could … [EDITED]

    Common people have done so much for flood victims… woh to nai btaya [EDITED] Jolie nay… my entire family didn’t buy clothes for Eid gave the more deserving people all that money … Angelina, Angelina lagai hoii hay … impact daikh jo uski is statement se tum pe aaya as a nation, tum jaise zehni mazoor loog aisi politics se he khareedtay hein goray [EDITED] … you don’t understand their gimmicks [EDITED] !!

    N thats not even the debate … point under discussion is what TALAT said … was it immoral? Did he make it up? Answer is NO … As in my previous post … SHE IS WHAT HE SAID SHE IS …

    Example …


    Get a real job!!
    Sorry to all readers if you find this post disturbing but he earned it!!

  66. @bciv

    Must be my less-than-perfect grip over the language then; only my Urdu is worse than my English.

    equating Talat Hussain and the Indian media

    i have pointedly not equated the two. i equated TH’s OTT response with the worse of the indian media but not his imbecility for there was no match for it.

    I had doubts about TH after his OTT and imbecilic response to the indian media’s equally OTT performance in the aftermath of 26/11.

    Obviously, I erred in thinking that ‘the Indian media’s equally OTT performance’ meant that there was an equation. Silly me. I also failed to catch your subtle turn of phrase where ‘Indian media’ meant, to the initate, ‘the worse (sic) of the Indian media’.

    I really must get a grip on things, before making such a fool of myself in public. 😦

  67. bciv


    oops! i hadn’t seen your response, or any responses to my post so i thought i could add the following lines to my original post:

    “i apologise for not communicating my views as clearly as i ought to have done.”


    “OTT-ness being understandable is not being less OTT. similarly, understandable or excusable are not the same as justified, or dignified and honourable.”

    i apologise, once again.

  68. bciv

    to the extent of being OTT, there certainly was an equation, expressed and implied by me as intended.

    ‘the worse (sic) of the Indian media’

    even if i had access to a representative sample, i wouldn’t have had the time to sample it all. to me it seemed pretty much across the sample i had access to. the use of ‘worse’ is in terms of both sections and moments. (and whether worse is grammatically correct or not, i did not mean ‘worst’. even less than the worst had their OTT moments.)

    TH, and by extension Aaj news, represented worse of pak media. the worst, i presume, would have been somewhere in the urdu print media.

  69. YLH

    Umer mian,

    The more you bark the more you show yourself to be an idiot. So keep barking.

    Waisay [EDITED] have you even earned US $ 100000 in your life …that is just one cheque Angelina gave.

    To my mind … “Sexy” Angelina is a much better role model than [EDITED]
    *** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***

  70. YLH

    “Identity chupa k”

    Abay [EDITED] … Apna naam to meine likha hua hai…aur kiya identity chupa raha hoon.
    *** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***

  71. @bciv

    No harm done, just one more Hunood wandering away disconsolate and sobbing quietly into his soup at the unfairness of it all (not all at the same time)…it’s OK.

    First somebody like PMA in uniform sends across a bunch of yobs to off more than a hundred men, women and children, then we get the results compared to a jerk like QNB doing a journalist. Insult after injury. And all of it in excellent English intended to make us feel inferior and not worthy of being massacred.

    It’s not fair.

  72. bciv


    his soup

    sounds like the thing to have. can i have some too, please? and some tips on sobbing into it? 😉

  73. @bciv

    First the bomb and now this! Is nothing sacred? Where do you think I’m from, Bhopal? I suppose if I don’t give in to these pressure tactics, you’ll call the local take-away for chop suey and Chinese soup?

  74. bciv


    i knew i was treading on the thin ice of chhotta munh badi baat. low on luck, i ended up in the hole i had dug for myself. it might not do me any good to stay there but it will prevent me from doing any further harm.

  75. readinglord


  76. Umer

    wOW!! US $ 100000? Really? Lot of money … Tried converting that to Pak Rs and got an error on the calculator …

    itnay mein to tu apnay piyo ko galiyaan nikal sakta hay … Nai? balkay shayad Abba he badal lay … gandu …

  77. Umer

    Tere jaisay logon k haath mein pen aa gya hay jin k haath mein {L} bhi na day koi ..

    Don’t write if you don’t have balls to face counter argument!!

  78. YLH

    Mr. Ass (aka Butt)

    Here is my article in Daily Times today. Read and weep:

  79. Umer

    Logo ko rook rook k bta raha hay … “Excuse me, maine Article likha hay Daily times mein, please perh lain”

    Btw what makes you think I’d read it.FYI, I won’t even wipe my ASS with your Article …

    Chal easy hoja, don’t feel gandu gandu!

  80. Umer

    Specially for you YLH … Bohat achay hotay hein woh log jinko criticize kiya jata hay, un se bohat achay jin k baray mein koi baat kerna pasand nahin kerta … Farigh hy tu!

  81. YLH

    Umer mian,

    Clearly you have no clue who or what I am. Chalo tum is khaam khiyali mein khush raho.

  82. Umer

    ohh please enlighten me …

  83. YLH

    That is an impossible and futile task.

  84. Umer

    In other words, you are a faliure! Ohh I know you now. Thanks

  85. ppl who critecize talat,i pray 4 u that god make your family women’ life and charactor just like AJ.ameen!