Royal Confusion: An interview with Ali Azmat

PTH is publishing this exclusive interview of Ali Azmat, Pakistan’s popular pop singer who has gained inordinate attention due to his controversial views and suggestions for the country. We are grateful to Fazeelat Aslam for sharing this interesting narrative that sheds light on the royal confusion that permeates the urban middle classes of this country. Raza Rumi

I recently interviewed Ali Azmat, former long locked rockstar, turned peace activist, turned conspiracy theorist and on occasion political analyst. Azmat has been a proponent of the Zaid Hamid school of thought, but wants to clarify that his views extend beyond what the public currently percieves. Azmat insists on stating his autonomy and that while he collaborates with Hamid, he stands on his own. Azmat tells me he stopped drinking branded beverages twelve years ago, that’s when the process of his enlightenment began. The McDonalds campaign he did in the middle was a small blip on his road to Nirvana. I begin by asking him what exactly the problem is in Pakistan:

AA: The image of Pakistan is being shown as fragmented, but it isn’t. This is psychological warfare on the people of Pakistan. In 2005 we were, as a nation, doing so well. I was making lots of money. We were doing concerts, we were doing social work. In 2005 the earthquake happened…

He pauses

AA: I’m suspicious about that, but lets not get into it…

This is where the conspiracy theory begins. Ali contends that the earthquake in 2005 was not solely due to natural causes, but potentially orchestrated as part of a global scheme to destabilize Pakistan. This scheme is organized by a cartel of Zionist bankers, and what most Pakistanis don’t know is that it’s all around us.

AA: “Silkbank is a world bank subsidiary.”

Well, actually Silkbank has nothing to do with the world bank, its a company that comprises of Japanese, Arab and local investments.

Azmat looks at me with pity. I am told I have been brainwashed by the Western media’s agenda.

AA: “Pakistan is a client state of the global bankers. They fix your GDP, your derivates…”

From my very basic understanding, a derivative is financial instrument which takes risk and breaks it into pieces. It’s fairly apparent Azmat has no idea what a derivate is.

I try to veer the conversation towards the acts of terrorism that have been escalating over the past few years, a clear repercussion of the increasing disenfranchisement of the majority of the population.

FA: Why did the events at Lal Masjid happen?

AA: It was a ploy orchestrated by the Zionist regime to bring attention to the world, that ‘Hey, here’s a nuclear power! They have a nuclear bomb!’

FA: What does a nuclear bomb have to do with Lal Masjid?

AA: Zionist media are trying to demonize Pakistan. They’re saying ‘Here’s a Muslim country with a crazy population!’

Crazy, you say?

I try to take the conversation back to the Taliban, who have been a growing force in Pakistan for years. Azmat alleges that prior to 2005 Pakistan had no problems with the Taliban.

FA: Do you honestly believe that prior to 2005 the Taliban had no power in Pakistan?

AA: No, none.

FA: What is your message for Pakistan?

AA: It’s for all the countries; we have to get rid of IMF world bank.

At this point, it’s fairly clear that Azmat and I are, as he says, living in two different worlds. I think, that perhaps Pakistan’s problems are due to decades of corrupt governments, as well as a denial of educational and economical opportunities for the masses. Azmat contends that the IMF bank and US Federal reserves are entities which sustain the true enemy, a Zionist banker cartel bent on taking over the world. These theories are indeed supported by a variety of websites, which also argue that the moon landing was fake and that the US, Canada and Mexico plan to implement a global currency. These sites allege that U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) is controlled by the head of the US Federal Reserve and the rest Azmat explained. With “facts”.

AA: The US federal reserve is a body through which 8 or 9 bankers control the world. This is a fact. Do you know the Bush administration wanted to give banks 800 million dollars? But then Obama came in. Then they claimed the banking industry was collapsing, stock options, derivates, everything was failing. The senate refused to grant them the money, SO the federal reserve made their own stock options fall, because all of the money is investors who they don’t care about. Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve bank, walked into the senate and asked, no, threatened the Senate saying ‘if you don’t give us this 800 billion dollars there will be martial law in America. We’ll get USNorthCom with 400,000 soldiers to take over if you don’t give us the money.’

Right. Mogambo, khush hua! Back to Pakistan

FA: Do you think our government allows its people an adequate education?

AA: Yes, Pakistan does. In Punjab the education is free.

FA: Have you…visited a government school?

AA:  I studied in one.

I’ve volunteered in government schools, and I’ve done extensive fieldwork in madrassas. The majority of children in both institutions are highly impressionable, have little to no analytical skills, and are indoctrinated to the point where they cannot form opinions beyond the arbitrary boundaries their instructors set.

FA: Would you say that the majority of the educational systems in Pakistan are functional?

AA: “No, but they’re better than the American systems!”

FA: “But we have a 40% literacy rate, and even that’s a generous statistic!”

AA: Why is it that low?”

FA: “Because of the reprehensible state of our government schools and the myopic education madrassas endow?”

AA: “No. People like you who are western educated, are very dangerous. The Madrassa system teaches children the normal subjects as well, they are welfare organizations.”

FA:“I think the majority of Pakistanis get a pitiful education.”

AA: “That’s your opinion I don’t think so.”

Azmat believes that the educational system in Pakistan is functional, he further goes to say our healthcare system is better than America’s because “…everyone gets treated for free. How well funded and well equipped those hospitals are that’s a different story.”

A different story indeed. Lets get down to the brasstacks shall we?

FA: What do you think the youth of Pakistan should do?

AA: The Islamic financial system is far fairer to the world. The Islamic financial system is not interest based, it has other ways of making profit. I don’t really know, bankers might be able to tell you.

As for the type of government system Pakistan needs, Azmat has an alternative, it’s called spiritual democracy, he’s just not sure how it works. Oh wait…

AA: “We need to print our own money, we need to take our own resources, and forget this democracy. We need spiritual democracy which means that any [expletive] who doesn’t have a matric degree, or seven murder cases on him, and banking fraud ever gets into parliament. That is spiritual democracy, which means no [expletive] of ill repute can get into government.”

Azmat follows the teaching of Iqbal, the philosopher poet and leader.

FA: But Iqbal did not live what Islam would constitute a moral life.

AA: “Drinking and dancing and partying don’t matter. I think you’re a good Muslim, you’re a good human being if you don’t steal, or burn people’s homes. You must have high values.”

FA: When people pick and choose what they do and don’t like in Islam you end up with extremists like the Taliban who skew religion to suit their cause. While there are many things that are open to interpretation, I don’t think imbibing alcohol and whatever it is ‘partying’ entails is exactly promoted in Islam.

AA: The media teaches you Islam is evil. You’re so against Islam I don’t even know if you’re a Muslim! You don’t understand. If Islamic militants really were wreaking havoc this world would be a much scarier place. None of these terror groups, Taliban, etc are real entities. Have you seen this movie called “Body of lies”?

Russell Crowe? Yes.

Wait a minute, Leonardo DiCaprio? Oh no.

And with that I realize that while an autonomous, self-sufficient Pakistan is what both Azmat and I agree on, while I agree that large conglomerates have been guilty of everything from unfair business practices to war crimes, while I agree that the US is far from innocent in the dilapidation of Pakistan, I do not think pointing fingers at a global Zionist banker cartel set on destroying the world is a message that should be given to the incensed, uneducated and destitute masses of Pakistan. I think whatever problems we have we can solve by holding our government officials accountable, yes they should be role models, but not measured by some skewed Islamic rhetoric no different from that of the Taliban.


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50 responses to “Royal Confusion: An interview with Ali Azmat

  1. YLH

    Ha ha.

    And Gorki sb was saying Gandhi has no followers in Pakistan.

  2. Rhazes

    Next one to be interviewed: Orya Maqbool Jan. He believes 500 HumVees have been smuggled into Karachi to take over the city.

  3. I dream of the day when there will be open discourse on Allama Iqbal’s ‘philosophy’, and the ‘Islamic financial system’. I hope this day comes immediately so that such concepts emerge out of their preferred rhetorical purity and face the scrutiny of science and reason.

  4. Talha

    Lol, what happened to him, I remember him well and enjoyed his music a lot. He even played in my school and one of my class mates worked in his music video of Sayonee.

    Atleast he is better than reborn Muslim fundamentalist, owner of fashion boutiques and ex-singer Maulana Junaid Jamshed.

  5. Caroline

    This guy is crazier than a crack house rat!

  6. Humanity

    Another brain drains into a land of make believe. Sad.

  7. Ali,Salam Zaid are all proponents of jackass opportunist muslim mambo-jumbo ideology.
    They promote mcdonalds meals coke (of both kinds ,for the halal sufi rockers only) with a free kiddy toy Taliban when you buy a BigMac from Hameed Gul franchises in Gulberg Lahore and Muridkay.

  8. Amaar

    What a lunatic!

  9. D Asghar

    Unfortunately a lot of the people in the middle class buy into this conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

    Losers retreat and find a convenient scapegoat for their failing. What no one ever addresses is, if Americans and Zionist are out there to destroy Pakistan and have been doing so, why the heck have they been dragging their feet for 60 years and on top of it paying $$$ along the way. By now they should be done with it. Pakistan would have been part of some “Fact Book of S. Asia” as a joke.

    This crazy mind set is what hinders with objective thinking and the ability to move forward. Remember “Karza Utaro Mulk Sunwaro.” OK so put your money where your mouth is Ali Bhai, go on a never ending tour of the world and sing and dance till your feet and voice gives in. Bring the dough in and tell the IMF to take a hike.

    On the mean streets of Karachi, there is a saying, “Sub Munh ki kahaniyan hain bacha, sub munh ki kahaniyan hain.” 🙂

  10. Lower classes are struggling for life.
    Middle class is struggling for sanity.
    Upper class is struggling to keep status quo.

    This is the story of Pakistan.

  11. Straight-Talk

    US doles out $ 2.29 billion, still these people have some thing or other to say against US.

  12. My favourite is the ‘spiritual democracy’!! A great idea for a political satire/spoof. Mix it with Zionist conspiracy and the earthquake and maybe even the floods.. would be a hit.

  13. yawar

    Oh, my. This idiot get’s worst by the hour.
    NFP was right all along.
    These guys have really and truely lost it.

  14. Ally

    OH MY GOD… is this guy for real???

  15. AA

    Spiritual democracy means to be ruled by either Deobandi, Baralvi, Salafi, or some other theo-crazies who elect each other through shura council or AK47…
    He is an excellent case of brain damage due to heavy drinking….

  16. Gorki


    ‘Ha ha.

    And Gorki sb was saying Gandhi has no followers in Pakistan….’

    You know Yasser, the problem with you Pakistanis is that you guys are too competitive. 🙂

    It was only a short while ago that our very own ‘celebrity’ Arundhati Roy had set the standard for outrageous Gandhi comparison when she labelled the Maoists as ‘Gandhians with guns’ but you guys could not digest it, could you?
    You guys HAD TO come up with your own version with this ‘peace activist’ !

    Since you guys don’t know how to be graceful losers, I refuse to compete any more in this regard.. 😉


  17. Junaid

    I think this was a zionist-Hindu crusader conspiracy against Islam, Muslims, nuclear weapons of Pakistan, Pakistan army, General Kiyani and pious Mulim Arab Saud family which is also harmeen al-sharafeen and own the printing press which prints quran for free.

    The day is not far when Muslim armies will conquer all the infidel lands, quickly marry any good looking white women who are sick and tired of their infidel husbands and are looking forward for Muslim army heroes to emancipate them from the clutches of their infidel husbands. Any ugly white women would be left untouched.

    When Muslim armies run over Al-Andalus and Amrikka, all the immigration departments would be completely destroyed so all Muslims can live and
    work with unrestricted work rights in the land of the infidels and send foreign exchange back to the Muslim countries they come from.

    Alcohol, gambling, prostitution and all other evils would be shutdown. The only thing that would be allowed would be corruption, sifarish, bribery, opium, hashish, AK47, raping women through the orders of tribal jirgas and breaking traffic lights.

    Suicide bombers, Afia Siddiqui and Lal Masjid martyrs would be declared heroes in Pakistan studies and Islamic studies books. Mukhtara Mai is a
    villain she wanted to have it so that she could get citizenship of canada. her name would be put next to meer jafar and meer sadiq. she is a bigger traitor [EDITED] to bring bad name to the land of pure.

    how to become a suicide bomber would be taught in every primary school and the children of the poor would be encouraged in high numbers to participate in suicide missions against aliens, infidels, hinjews,
    zionists, kaafirs, homosexuals, shias, murtads, ahmadis and any one who doesnt believe in the Islam of GHQ Raiwa-lpindi. children of generals,
    army officers, bureaucrats and all other khans, waderas, zardaris, mazaaris, legharis would go to US on scholarships.

    Telenor would be banned as they show vulgar advertisements which promote dating. dating is haraaam because a boy and girl can end up having sex before marriage. all pakistani males and females must conquer their sexual desires and sexual organs or face eternal damnation and the raging fires and infernos of hell fire in the company of Madonna and
    Sharon Stone.

    inzamam is a five times nimaazi and would be re-instated as the captain of pakistani cricket team. the team selection would be based on taqwa
    and amr-bil maroof wa nahi anil munkar. any team member who converts a player of another country to islam would be declared man of the match. if he can convert him and also convince him to keep a beard then he would be delcared man of the series. spot fixing and match fixing are not haram as they are not mentioned in quran and hadees. praying five
    times ba jammaaaat is more important.

    all women with big boobs and curvaceous bodies are haraaam as they can weaken the faith of the faithful. they must remain inside the walls of their homes as they have weapons of mass seduction attached on their chests and [EDITED].

    Kullu Hum Fin-nnnar
    Kullu Hum Kuffffar
    Kullu Hum Ziaqat-ul-maaaut

    Laaanaaat Ullah ul Yahoood o Nassaaaraa wal mushrikeeen wal munaaafiqeeen.

    American Aid welcome. American aid with strings attached not welcome. Kerry Lugar bill not welcome.

    Pakistan zindabad.

  18. @Junaid


    Laaanaaat Ullah ul Yahoood o Nassaaaraa wal mushrikeeen wal munaaafiqeeen.

    Yeah? A nasty letter is on its way to Raza Rumi about PTH’s condescending air towards religious minorities and would-be minorities. No Hunood, no conspiracy. Those two little almost-accidental mentions in line 1 and line 25 don’t count. Big Brother is watching you.

  19. poke

    He is a true muslim and a pakistani…… and that’s the reason for the present state of pakistan

  20. faraz

    What worries me is that Ali Azmat and other jokers like Zaid Hamid, Ahmad Qureshi had actually caught the attention of many educated young people.

  21. Probyn

    @ Poke…

    I say…were you ‘poked’ in the head recently?

  22. Rs

    You guys should be thankful to guys like Hamid and ganja Rockstar . Because they would only speed up the inevitable, the ultimate demise of Pakistan.

  23. Prasad

    Junaid//Pakistan army, General Kiyani and pious Mulim Arab Saud family which is also harmeen al-sharafeen and own the printing press which prints quran for free.//

    Joker one of the Al Saud family member is being convicted for being one of the nastiest GAY ever found in the World!! in London, this dog is being convicted for good and I would suggest be hanged for being weird…

    Junaid you are probably a recent avatar of Aurangzeb Alamgir…unfortunate you wont have any listeners…even in your own country that is…

  24. due

    Some in Pakistan are interested in keeping the pakistani population foolish, angry, irrational, arrogant. The pakistani religion and religion-based indoctrination helps (even encourages) them in this.

    Germans did not come out of their nazi fasciNation (fascistNation) until they were punished terribly and could no more open their mouths to praise the nazis.

    Pakistan may be headed for that sort of a thing. Experience is an expensive school – as they say – but fools will learn in no other.

  25. THANK YOU FAZEELAT ASLAM! This interview is a perfect description of Ali and reveals his true colours. As someone who has been the victim of his hate-speech and lunacy, I strongly believe that idiots like AA are doing this country a MASSIVE disservice by well… existing. He shouldn’t be opening his mouth to let out so much ignorance. It’s cringe-worthy really. And he IS responsible for so much we go through. When the Western world is aware that one of our biggest pop artists is spreading lies and conspiracies, it reflects badly on us and WE suffer on his behalf while he runs around in the US and UK making shit loads of money (and then blaming them for all our woes).

    PS: I just sent Ali this article. Let me guarantee, now, that his minions will start writing very idiotic responses and another word of warning: they have no brain as we know. They lack even half a brain cell otherwise they wouldn’t be his friends. So the only way they know how to respond is by personally attacking people (OH YOU HINDU ZIONISTS!). Well, go ahead bring it on. Ali, I’ve dealt with you and your likes before.

  26. Vijay Goel

    @ Junaid Weapons of Mass seduction and of Mass Suction. Lol.

  27. Hameed

    Nice programme Frontline with Raza Rumi. Really showed Fareed Paracha the liar’s true face.

  28. YLH

    The Frontline programme with Raza Rumi and Ali Chishti was awesome. I am traveling right now but would it up here once I am back.

  29. YLH

    Junaid that was hilarious.


    Hanood fall in the general category of Mushrikoon ;).

  30. YLH

    “Earthquake…I have my suspicions about that … But let’s not get into it”

    The real question is how fazeelat continued the interview with a straight face.

    Ali Azmat is an idiot. He wants substance like Salman Ahmad.

    This is the same man who declared “I have lost my nationality”.

    Perhaps less eloquently he said in an NBC documentary “they think we eat daal roti in the street.”

    I met him once in New York at a club called Karma on 1st Avenue in Manhattan a few blocks from townhall. I think it was May 2002.

    He was piss drunk and being bitchslapped by some Chinese chick.

  31. no-communal


    Junaid is using sarcasm.

    “one of the Al Saud family member is being convicted for being one of the nastiest GAY ever found in the World!!”

    Talk about his other crimes. But “nastiest GAY” ?

  32. Yasser,

    Here’s the link to the frontline programme with Raza.

  33. In relation to being bitch slapped while drunk, Ali’s STILL in that boat dude. He’ll try and bed any woman who crosses his path. The only reason he can’t sustain a relationship is because he can’t keep his pants on and he has the audacity to tell US how to behave like “Muslims?”

  34. D Asghar

    @Juanid Bhai..Super Duper Interact. Bringing Karachi lingo again, “aik dum dhansoo.” 🙂

    I was never impressed by the “Jinnoon” any way. Come on “Hard Rock” in Urdu with too much guitaar and too much “bey hungum naaize”, not ear pleasing at all.

    But after seeing the born again “Jinn” with the Pastor Zaid Hamid, it was absolutely clear that he was a CNJ (Certified Nut Job).But I guess the Ummah needs these kind of heroes badly. I think the new solo that Ali Bhai is working on is,

    Hai Jazba “Jinnoon” to himmat na haar

    Dehshat apni hogi,
    Taaliban hain hamarey

    Afghanistan hai hamara
    Hindustaan hai hamara

    Once this number becomes the anthem of the fauji jawans, victory is ours, undoubtedly. 🙂

  35. Watty


    With your permission allow me to expand on your theme:

    Lower classes are struggling for life.
    Middle class is struggling for sanity.
    Upper class is struggling to keep status quo.

    Military class is feasting on biryani in their kushy academies playing the game of “Lets play soldiers” …

    Watch Today’s episode of Front Line with Kamran Shahid – October 24, 2010 @

    This is the SAD story of Pakistan.

  36. Parvez

    So much hatred for one guy. How did he get under your skin? According to these comments, he is going to destroy Pakistan single handed.

  37. MilesToGo

    I actually find him funny. Just record his interview and re-play them with a laughter track in the back – he will sell better than Umar Sharif…

  38. Mich

    Lol! What has he been smokin’? Spritual Democracy? Earthquake orchestrated by a cartel of Zionist bankers? Silkbank a subsidiary of World Bank? Martial Law in the US?

  39. amar

    Such people are actually dangerous.

  40. K-

    Junaid – That was great !!! Can’t stop laughing 🙂

    For that frontline program, I was expecting “severe” bashing of Paracha which never came, unfortunately !!

  41. @YLH

    Junaid that was hilarious.


    Hanood fall in the general category of Mushrikoon


    Another Indian bites the dust…..

    Yasser, you wet-blanket.

  42. amar

    Does anyone have an explanation why such people come about? How can we expose them in a friendly manner, in a manner which disarms them? Such persons are a bane everywhere. Are they harmless in their private lives? There are teams of mutually protecting crazies: “we protect each other, we defend each other, no matter right or wrong!” They live in cowardice, but camouflage it by blurting bravados.

  43. amar

    …bravados and of course conspiracy theories.

  44. he used to be a normal guy…what the heck happened????

  45. Chote Miyan

    “he used to be a normal guy…what the heck happened????”

    Syphilis, maybe?

  46. @chote miyan

    Advance stages eh 😀

  47. Octavian


    Poor Pakistan, sometimes you read it, hope its a lie, an then are confronted with gems like this.

    BTW as some one who has closely worked for / consulted for Islamic financial institutions I can wholeheartedly say that they are masters at cynically using religion to fool the people – like everything Muslim nowadays.

    The abuse of religion in Pakistan (nay most of the Muslim world), and its transformation into a tool for indoctrination and promotion of madness is a pantagruelian perversion.

  48. sai aravindh


    Top class!

  49. YLH


    Editors/moderators please ban “perspective”. We all know who this person from New Jersey. Do not allow “it” to post.

    But this crook is claiming on another website that she merely “chanced” upon a post addressed to her.

    Have some shame.

  50. Raza Usman

    I guess the psychedelics finally took over.
    It’s all groovy Ali..
    Plus here’s a little secret, it’s not the bankers controlling everything it’s my neighbors chicken.