Lahore citizens condemn Karachi violence

Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP) strongly condemn the continued violence in Karachi which has resulted in the loss of over 70 valuable lives in the past four days. On Tuesday more than 20 people were killed in Kabari Market in full view of the public, yet nobody has been apprehended.  It is a matter of deep concern that the largest city of Pakistan, which is also the major centre of commerce and industry has been paralysed. Normal life has come to a stand still but indiscriminate firing continues. The city of lights has been reduced to  a slaughterhouse where bullet riddled and tortured  bodies of young people between the    ages 20 and 35 are found strewn over different parts of the city. The imposition of curfew followed by search operations has not yielded any positive result.

This communal strife appears to be entrenched in  ethnic differences. Many of the  Muslim immigrants from India sought refuge in Karachi at the time of partition. They had given tremendous sacrifices for the sake of an independent Muslim homeland. Refugees also poured into various parts of Punjab. Their family members gave their lives for the sake of this country.  In the Islamic tradition we are all part of one community. This was  historically demonstrated  when the Holy Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina. The Residents of Medinah, the “Ansars,” accommodated the Muhajreen in their own homes. The Holy Prophet organized the Muslim community into a State under the Charter of Medina, (Misaaq-e-Medina). This covenant was entered  into between the Muslims (Muhajreen and Ansars), the Pagans, the Christians and the Jews.  According to the covenant, the diverse ethnicities and religions present in Medina constituted one community, Ummat-ul-Wahida. The state guaranteed the lives and security of all the citizens. They could pursue their professions and livelihoods and practice their religions in peace. In public matters,  the affairs of the state were regulated by a common system of laws acceptable to all, however in personal matters each group was free to  practice and apply their personal laws. This is the example of  tolerance taught to us by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).  Our nation, particularly the city of Karachi, is divided across ethnic and sectarian lines where no tolerance is found for diversity.

Firqa bandi hai kahin or kahin zaaten hain.
Kia Zamaney mein panapne ki yehi baaten hain ?

CCP urges state functionaries to rise above petty personal political considerations and devise a system where by the citizens of Karachi belonging to diverse ethnic, racial and religious persuasions can live together in harmony. Peace and security must be maintained by law enforcing agencies through strict regulation and monitoring in a transparent manner, in order that  the city of Karachi may  eradicate these killing fields and regain its past glory .

Nasira Iqbal, Chairperson,

Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP)

61, Main Gulberg , Lahore.

Cell: 0321-9456644



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12 responses to “Lahore citizens condemn Karachi violence

  1. Amaar

    only a state and a constitution that touches base with misaq-i-madina will work for Pakistan not Zia or Bhutto’s Islamizations.

  2. Mustafa

    Peace can be acheived in Karachi from violence, like in other major cities around the world, the police needs to be depoliticized and be independant of political afialiations. Then they can do their job of protecting Karachi.

  3. Parvez

    Karachi killings are about politics and greed. There are two ways to deal with the fire. Send the fire-brigade or let the fire burn till fuel fanning this fire is consumed.

  4. D Asghar

    Target Killing or target practice for more is the question. All of us will condemn such third rate barbarianism, but in the end what matters is the realization by ALL citizens.

    Of course the blabber mouths will put the much expected blame on the proverbial monsters (India, Israel and US). In all these years, why not a single RAW, Mossaad or CIA agent gets apprehended then? Its a question some insane people like me keep on asking.

    May GOD have HIS mercy on our land. Thank GOD Jinnah Sahib is not alive to witness all of this. Humble regards.

  5. krash

    Who is killing who?
    Why can’t I figure that out from the media?

  6. bciv

    Why can’t I figure that out from the media?

    what about the conspicuous lengths to which the media is going to clarify that it does not claim to know who is killing who and is not accusing anyone? what do you make of that?

  7. Watty

    Pakistan needs to be partitioned to guarantee regional peace.

    The situation in Pakistan has degraded to a dangerous level. The Karachi killings is more proof that Pakistani Muslims cannot live in peace with their fellow Muslims. The fundamental premise upon which the Pakistani federation was created has been totally destroyed.

    Of greater concern is the Pakistani military engaging in covert terrorist strikes against its neighbors.

    The time has come for this failed federation to be partitioned into its constituent provinces, before the out-of-control military mafia can do more damage.

  8. Mustafa

    I seriously have no idea whats wrong with half the people that post here. If there is violence committed by small mafias and fringe groups and political militias amongst themselves, then people have to conclude that Pakistan is a failed state and that the Pakistani people are all barbarians that cant live with each other. Yes there are some criminals and militias killing each other and innocent people getting caught in the crossfire but who says you can blame ordinary Pakistanis for this? Same thing with TTP insurgency, just because a small extremist militias cause so much damage, people start thinking the entire Pakistani people as intolerant and extremist. This is not the case. Hopefully we will find a way to overcome these issues. An insurgency was defeated in Sri Lanka, also cities like LA and New York and some cities in UK had major mafia wars and gang wars that caused massive damage, but over time the authorities took action and now those problems dont exist.

  9. Thanks Lahories for such a ‘generous’ gesture.

  10. Sher Zaman

    I believe there is dire need to introduce such forums across the country in order to denounce violence and terrorism across the country.

  11. Hira Mir

    The death toll has now risen to 85 and it is not just Lahore but the entire nation condemns and is tragic on such killings.

  12. Amna Zaman

    CCP all around the country are weary of the situation and urge authorities to impose anything it takes to stop the killings of poor civilians!!