What is it that I seek?

By Akbar S Ahmed

What is it that I seek?

A force of such might

it sets me free

A light so bright

It blinds me

I heard it in the voice of the nightingale

I know it was in the hearts of the wise

I sensed it in the lover’s tale

I saw it in your eyes

I heard it in Rumi’s poetry

I know it was in Gandhi’s gaze

I sensed it in Mandela’s oratory

I saw it in Jesus’ ways

What is this riddle and what is its part?

What is this enigma and mystery?

What can reveal the secrets of the heart?

What has the power to change me?

It is God’s greatest gift

It raises us high above

It is the bridge over the rift

It is love, love, love

Give it in generous measure

Give it as if there’s no tomorrow

Give to all you meet this treasure

Give it and banish sorrow

October, 2010

Washington, DC


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One response to “What is it that I seek?

  1. D Asghar

    Professor Sahib, my humble appreciation for your beautiful poetry.

    I am not gifted as you, because I am a simpleton. Do not know the fancy language, do not have the style or eloquence but strongly believe and share the same philosophy as you have so beautifully portrayed in your poem.

    May ALMIGHTY give us the understanding of your lines. Amen. I say it as well, in my own way, in Urdu mostly in my amateur style. Regards.