The News vs. The News On J. Deedar Hussain Shah

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Yesterday’s edition of The News (Jang) included another example of politicized reporting that even contradicts other reports in the same

Ansar Abbasi’s top news story, “New NAB chairman, a Jiyala from A to Z” ( accuses President Zardari of appointing a political crony as the new NAB chief. His report calls Deedar Hussain Shah “controversial” and includes statements that PML-N through Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan found the candidate unacceptable.

But another report by Rauf Klasra in the same paper, “Nawaz trusted the new NAB chairman” (, describes this new opposition to Deedar Hussain Shah as NAB chairman as like a tiger changing its stripes.“The court documents show that Nawaz and his legal team were satisfied
with the role of the SHC CJ, Deedar Hussain Shah, because they
believed that in line with the norms of justice, he neither allowed a
speedy trial of Nawaz nor he formed a full bench like his successor.

“Deedar Hussain Shah, when he was the SHC CJ, had actually appointed a
three-member bench comprising Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, Justice
Rabbani and another judge, to hear the Nawaz case and the former prime
minister was quite satisfied with this bench and its proceedings.
After reading these papers, it becomes quite obvious that Deedar
Hussain Shah was sent to the Supreme Court because General Musharraf
was unhappy with him during the trial of Nawaz Sharif.

“The official record shows that Nawaz’s legal team had praised the
then SHC CJ Deedar Hussain Shah in the petition no. 172/2000, which
was filed to challenge the speedy trial and formation of a full bench
by the new SHC CJ. The petition was filed on June 27, 2000,
challenging whether Sindh High Court registrar could constitute a full
bench for hearing of anti-terrorism appeals under Rules 2 and 5 of the
high court.

“Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer had complained in writing to the SHC after the
elevation of Deedar Shah as the SC judge followed by the appointment
of the new SHC CJ that the role of secret agencies had suddenly become
important in proceedings that had greatly disturbed Nawaz. He
complained in the petition that after the appointment of the new SHC
chief justice, inconveniences had been created by four intelligence

“But, today after the lapse of 10 years, the PML-N leaders have come
out to attack the same judge and challenged his appointment as the NAB
chairman on grounds that once he was a PPP worker and had contested
election on its ticket. But Nawaz’s legal team and leaders did not
question him or his past political affiliation as they had found him a
professional judge who did not allow secret agencies to disturb the
court’s environment or form a full bench or order his speedy trial as
it was done later.

“The documents revealed that with the elevation of Deedar Hussain Shah
to the SC in April 2008, Nawaz Sharif was not happy, telling the court
in writing that when he (Deedar Shah) was the SHC CJ, environment of
the court was smooth, orderly and peaceful. Deedar Shah had also
worked with Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary and had retired
without any complaint against him as he enjoyed a good record as a

This sudden change of opinion is well documented and makes for an
important news story. When citizens hear that one politician is
challenging the appointments of another, they must have the knowledge
of history to determine if these challenges are being made in good
faith, or are political theatre only.

Despite The News having access to all the information about Mian Nawaz
Sharif praising Deedar Hussain Shah for so many years, Ansar Abbasi
seems to have ignored this information and did not even ask probing
questions to get to the heart of the matter. He simply repeated, in
very political terms, the opposition talking points.

By calling Deedar Hussain Shah a ‘Jiyala’ (PPP activist) through-and-
through, Ansar Abbasi is acting like an opposition agent, not a
journalist. Please, we have enough political operatives – what we need
are journalists



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7 responses to “The News vs. The News On J. Deedar Hussain Shah

  1. ali hamdani

    It is important for the media to be careful to generate responsible news at a time when turmoil is faced by Pakistan. Such irresponsible attitude will encourage the instability in the country.

  2. amjad

    Abbasi always forgots ex-PML_N counseller Kh Sharif .

  3. Farukh Sarwar

    This is very true, because everyday newspapers are full of contradicting news reports that look more like statements from opposition benches instead of news.

  4. It is another piece of wishful journalism.
    The same newspaper contradicted its Urdu editon while reporting a Drone strike resulting in killing five German terrorists. In English editon, the place of attack was described as a house over the shops in a market, and in Urdu editon it wrote the place targeted was a Mosque.


    Sir Nawaz SharrReef is not qualified to issue any character certificates .. one way or the other.
    Some praise for the presiding judge is customary in sycophancy-ridden Pakistan.

    Pakistan will keep on drowning until we can have Equal Opportunity concerning top appointments.
    Now qasid jobs sell for rfs 300000/-; civil judgeships for Rs 200000o/- at the Sadiq Plaza Boutique.

    Sad what we have done to this Country.

  6. T.S. Bokhari

    The root cause of this mistrust in the appointment of NAB Chairman in my view is the fact that the appointing authority, the current President of Pakistan, is a Nab-zaddah Chairman of a political party, who is not behaving as a true political leader even, but as an ordinary accused trying all tactics at his disposal to escape justice. It is inherently a paradoxical situation where a person accused of corruption is acting as President when ordinarily even a lowest govt. official gets suspended when accused of any misconduct to prevent him from using his official status to influence inquiry against him.

    As it is his every act of the president may be looked upon as malafide and controversial like Kala Bagh Dam is controversial in the eyes of some Sindhi politicians.


    Our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that when double standards become rampant and endemic, such nations are extinguished by almighty God.

    Regarding the illicit appointment of Deedar, Barrister Syyedna Mohammed Jawaid Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore (my cousin, and I am his devoted fan for the rightful reasons!) filed the first Writ, WP 21611/2010 at Lahore High Court on 8th. instant. It was listed before a provisional judge of Lahore High Court and Jafree Sahib wrote to the designated Judge (very respectfully) that he for religous reasons JAFREE won’t appear in his Court (and did not!) because his ancestor wrote: “Do not test the tested any further”.

    The Judge accordingly requested the Chief Justice LHC to designate another Judge.

    The Writ was preliminarily .. very graciously .. heard by eminent Senior Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chodhry Sahib on 16th (Jafree scholarly argued and also gave to the Court a letter he recd. that very morning from the Office in Larkana of Nawab Mumtaz Ali Bhutto regarding the sycophancy and lack of credentials of Deedar which sound in mediocrity and double standards)and he reserved his decision which is expected to be announced on Monday, inshawLAW…

    Jafree mentioned to the honourable Court (very frankly but most respectfully bluntly) that the country is draining into oblivion and Failure because even clerical and peonic jobs are being sold under the table for 5 to 10 Lakhs a slot (WE KNOW AS JUSTICES WHAT WE KNOW AS HUMAN BEINGS!!). Equal Opportunity has to be rehabbed and must meaningfully fructify if the country is to survive. That it is not any Gilani’s mother’s or Fouzia Muzafargarvhi’s country that Rs 70 Lakhs pm jobs are going to intermediates and former disco operating jiggloes. Right to Equal Opportunity is granted by God (Concept of equal protection of all without obfuscation; concepts governing Trusts/AMANATS), guaranteed by the Constitution (Articles 1 to 10, 18,14, 24-25,36,40,227 to be implemented per art 194, 199, 2A and their penumbras).

    Jafree told the Honourable High Court he has spoken up for EEO for 51 years in over 42 common law jurisdictions as common law barrister. And that he is not interested in the indigenous, nouveau-riche “FILTH AND RIFFRAFF” – – – he used these words loud and clear – – – that cowardly threaten and aarrtfully seek to intimidate/harass/blackmail him). That litigating importantest hardcore issues of first impression is not easy, nor facile or pronto.
    It is easy to take up cases like Punjab Bank being looted by wicked crooks representing Harris STEAL Mills.

    Every appointment (the highest, including judges elevations) must be on merit, without sycphancy or networking or nepotism or favouritism.. publicly advertised, honestly vetted and filled on comparative genuine merit. Jafree Sahib was heard with pin drop silence in the honestly awed courtroom.

    The telltale brochure sent by Nawab Mumtaz Bhutto from Larkana and a copy of the Writ has also been mailed, postage prepaid, to learned Reza Rumi at c/o 72 FCC, Gulberg IV … … from Lahore High Court Post Office by the undersigned – – not a lawyer, not Harvard/Illinois/Etc returned. But i am very irked and very anxiously concerned about my Motherland being abused an d Exploited rudderlessly endlessly..

    Certainly Jafree does not Sing Along With Mitch. And the undersigned is not some phony pseudonymous person. Truth is stranger than fiction. Filthy email sent by one PTH moderator re Jafree has been forwartded to RR and to Faisal N. Jhangvi. This HAS to be curbed, foe-runn.

    Whatever the connection (may be or may not be) of Reza Rumi to the (Jamalo Dooor Kherrii) Faisal-N-Jhangvi or Bhandhari-Eimanabaadi, I hope he boldly and righteously follows the directions given by NAJAM SETHI that Jafree’s writs be published verbatim (after editing any typos) in the Friday times.

    Those who scurrilously claimed while feigning as moderators at e-PTH that Jafree did not study at Harvard are certifiable stigmatizing idiots and fantatic lunatics and disgraceful Sedition-makers. Jafree obgtained, inter alia, his L.LM with Honor Paper at Harvard Law School in 1966. He is a legend at Harvard; and Pakistan Government itself recognizes him miserly to be a Living Legend in Pakistan. He has appealed to the finest.

    I am tickled: why is e-PTH so sold on Deedar and on any other bhangvi ; or Bhandari or indirect status quo worshipping by encouraging chalta-haey. Won’t work, it will boomerang and cannoit promolte resistance to Harm’s Way.
    (Typing Errors and Omissions Expected and Excepted).

    s/o Peer Asghar AliShah