The Musharraf Bounty

By D. Asghar

The recent statement by Bugti Jr., about setting a bounty of Rs. 1 Billion for Musharraf’s head is pathetic, deplorable and highly immature, to say the least.

In the same statement, the leader of “Jamhoori Watan Party”, indicated that Brigadier (R) Masood Malik, would act as an approver against Musharraf, for genocide and abduction of innocent people of Pakistan.

Both of these statements are in sharp contrast with one another. The first one comes from a Sardar of a tribe and demonstrates the typical depth of a tribal leader. There is no denying that Bugti Jr., has valid grievances against the former President. But asking a person to behead him, would be tantamount to inciting grave violence against another human being.
This is what is fundamentally wrong with our nation. Violence from the screens of Punjabi flicks to the streets of the country has become the order of the day. We are indifferent, when people are “beheaded” as some how it is the “Islamic justice.” Some how the idea of prosecution, defense and due process have been erased from our collective intelligence. Even in the Islamic Justice, the decree of such extreme can only be declared by a Qazi (Chief Justice) and of course after appropriate due process.

If violence was the means to the end, then we would have seen a total reform and revolution around the nation in all these years. The fact is that, people are sick and tired of the daily acts of violence, which have ripped the entire fabric of this beautiful nation. Jinnah’s peaceful and progressive Pakistan has become the ridicule of the entire world.

If Bugti Sahib’s party really wants to make Pakistan a truly “democratic country” (much like the name of his party) , then he should follow the process of any “democratic and civil” nation and demonstrate some depth of a statesman in his character. His Rs. 1 Billion reward should be used towards his own people who are deprived and the Province which still needs to catch up with the 21st century.

If Bugti Sahib has an approver, then he is familiar with the legal process. It would be meaningful to bring concrete evidence to the fore, to seal the case against the former dictator. But to suggest any thing other than the legal course would only endorse the commonly held perception that Pakistanis and Muslims are wild and barbaric.
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9 responses to “The Musharraf Bounty

  1. Nasir

    your article highlights one of the main problems with pakistan, and that is that most of its citizens feel they are above the law or that violence has the ability to sort everything out.

  2. D Asghar

    @Nasir Bhai…This violence nonsense has really transformed the country to the worst.

    Muslims in general are fearful of ALMIGHTY and HIS wrath on the transgressors. The HOLY Book repeatedly mentions the severe punishment for such acts.

    Some how, some where some thing went terribly wrong. I think we all know where, but it is high time to reverse its course. Thank you so much for your feedback as usual.

  3. Zulfiqar Haider

    There is a wrong tradition of fighting fire with fire in Pakistan. It is true that the previous dictator illegitimately killed Bugti, but instead of using a legal path his son has fixed a price money on the head of Musharraf.

  4. D Asghar

    @Zulfiqar Bhai, I read a news item, stating that this was actually PML-N’s stinger missile fired from the shoulders of Mr. Bugti. All to give a befitting response to Mush, for his scathing criticism of NS. Interesting.

  5. It is very hard to determine whether or not Musharraf ordered the death of Nawab Bugti. I would say not. It is not his style. I gather from the grapevine of older Army officers that a number of Pakistani officers were killed by the same booby-trap explosive device which set off the cave-in that killed Bugti. If this is true then he is a martyr to local stupidity rather than to Punjabi heavy handedness.

    The ‘shahid-profile’ of ZAF Bhutto, Zia, Murtazza, Benzir and Bugti is a living testament to the fragility of the national federation of provinces. In which case, Pakistan is more a ‘martyr to its nationhood’ than it is a nation of martyrs. Or else, perhaps, the real martyrs are the common folk, not the self-promoted celebrities. JW

  6. DAsghar

    @Jay Bhai… I agree with you. But Musharraf never came out clean in the episode of Nawab Bugti killing. If you recall he was on record saying that (before the killing of Bugti), “Main uss ko (Bugti) aisey hit karoon ga, keh uss ko pata bhi naheen chaley ga.”

    All this was happening before the seige of Bugti and there was a verbal altercation going on between the two in the media.

    In any event, there is something which is adding more and more towards speculative talk on this event. It is about time that this chapter came to a logical and legal conclusion. Thanks for your contribution as usual.

  7. T.S. Bokhari

    They say,”All is fair in love and war”. It is the open war going on between Bugti tribe and Mush and his coteries.

    After all, what is the definition of terrorism and whether one can expect justice from our judicial system. Only yesterday Babar Awan had said that the Swiss case against Zardari can go on for ever with dates after dates. If you have the means you can delay justice if this is against you with no end. Mukhtaran Mai’s case is in point which was taken up by CJ suo motu but to lie in limbo for years together. He can take up this case also suo motu but I think Mai is more important to him than Bugti and Musharraf.

  8. Rs

    This shows how Pakistan treats separatist(I suppose fighter planes or helicopters were used to Kill Bugti Sr.). In India Kashmiri separatist can go live on TV and babble what were they want. And most harsh punishment they get is House arrest. And Pakistan’s real Sugar Daddy , the Chinese imprison a man and he is labeled a criminal for just asking for Democracy.
    What most Liberal Pakistani would do on this blog is Disown Musharraf.
    Now After doing all this Pakistanis want to treated as par with India.

  9. Rs

    Pakistan has been sucking Balouchis for years and when they rise against that , they get killed like a rat.
    On an ordinary Kashmiri Indian goverment spends 8times more than what it spends on an ordinary Indian.