PTH featured in a British newspaper

Dil Nawaz, our contributor has informed that the UK Weekly Jewish Telegraph have featured PTH interview in their latest issue.
He sent us an image of the copy as well. PTH’s moderate credentials are now getting global recognition. Thanks to all the readers and writers. Occasionally, there are slips in comments and verbal duels erupt for which we are always in a dilemma – to censor or not to…One day, an equilibrium will be found. Until then please bear with us.


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12 responses to “PTH featured in a British newspaper

  1. Talha

    Lol, now all the nut cases will say that this blog is run by Zionists as Jewish Telegraph featured it.

    Anyhow congratulations & let the conspiracies begin.

  2. Yes you are on your knees to please Israeli supporters now that Indians have abandoned PTH for abusive language directed at peaceful neighbours.
    Why would a nutcase claiming to be a moderate Muslim read Jewish prayer book? Isn’t that Haram!

  3. @Ex-Muslim
    October 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Indians have abandoned PTH for abusive language directed at peaceful neighbours.

    Huh? We’ve been kicked out? Or did we walk out? Nobody tells me anything!!!

  4. Gorki

    “Indians have abandoned PTH for abusive language directed at peaceful neighbours….”

    Except for the ones who have been assimilated.

  5. Prasad

    Certainly we would be a part of PTH. This is a blogsite for passionate folks who could make a difference to subcontinent in one way or the other in our own small way

  6. amjad aslam

    now the yahudis love you pth,you’re f***** now,no credibility in pakistan now

  7. @fyi wasn’t amjad islam the blond yahudi hijra- who converted to islam -character from Tariq Ali’s Book of Saladin(Ayubi)?
    the history of Islam is full of hijras like…

  8. Maryanne Khan


    congratulations! one has to live overseas to appreciate the journal as nowhere else does one hear grass-roots comments.

    I’d suggest that certain petty squabbling and xenophobic comments shame the writers of those posts, not the editors and journalists of PTH who exercise integrity.

  9. micksdad

    Congratulations! Good for you as this blog definitely is worth international attention.

  10. Jamat Islami hooligans hate PTH and its secular ans liberal ethos for pakistani intellectual debates

  11. Ummi

    @Abbas: Mutta Khor…acha hay tujh jaisa Hijra ab Islam me shamil nahi.

  12. @ummi the follower of uneducated….
    I donot understand ,mutta khor is that a new punjabi gaali invented by haram-dazay of Mardoodi Man-Soora(pun intended) Pathankotwalla-Sun way Baalori Aakh wallaya

    I thought Londa-bazi is the national sport of afghans and jamaat Islami