Destination Dubai For Our Bhai

I read the news item In Thursday  Sept. 30, 2010’s “The News” about MQM’s Supremo, Altaf Bhai’s potential plan of changing his Postal Code.
Like any other political observer, I was perplexed, why would a British citizen decide to leave England after almost two decades.

If it is Dr. Farooq’s murder and security concerns, then Britain is providing full security protocol to former President Musharraf, who is not a British citizen. Some would argue that former President was a “Head Of State” and supported the US led and UK supported, GWOT, so he is entitled to such pleasantries. Mr. Hussain has been running his party from its London Secretariat very ably, for so many years. This sudden change of venue may have something more than mere security concerns as the primary motive, behind this sudden move. Of course as usual, there are a lot of speculations about his decision.

It is no secret that MQM is very well aligned with the “establishment.” It was a strong ally of former President Musharraf and his Q League. Former President Musharraf, who is presently settled in London as well, a few months back, had stated that he might shift to Abu Dhabi, to be close to his aging mother in Pakistan. Mr. Musharraf wants to launch his APML, shortly as well.
It is a no brainer, that it will unify the PML Q and other Leagues (minus PML N) in the mix. Perhaps MQM will be invited to join the new and improved “King’s Party” as well.

Mr. Hussain’s recent calls for revolution in Pakistan which only made some self proclaim experts on the idiot box, jump up and down, were ignored by the population in general. People have a lot of other issues on their plate and day to day survival takes the utmost precedence. Of course those were “feelers” thrown by the Quaid e Tehreek on behalf of certain people. The failure to stir any storm on their behalf, may be one of the reason behind all of this.

His recent criticism of the US and the demands from the US to produce evidence against Dr. Siddiqui are of course comical. There is no one in his league when it comes to providing spontaneous entertainment. My personal assessment, he would have made a great stand up comedian, had he pursued that particular field. Even in his present capacity he uses the microphone to amuse many around the globe. I am one of his great fans, when it comes to his mimicry, songs and street smart Karachite jokes.

Dr. Farooq’s murder, which is still under investigation, of course has changed the entire scenario. There was an item on, which eluded that his murder may be due to an internal strife within the MQM. There are very few key members of the party residing in the UK. The rest of the party is mainly based in Karachi. If the strife hinted towards, its rival faction, then that rival faction and the real MQM’s rivalry dates back to the 90’s. The timing does not seem to have the date stamp of the rival faction

The bizarre developments are of course raising more questions than answering them. A few years back, supposedly Imran Khan of Tehreek e Insaf, brought a lot of very important and damaging information against AH to London. He made a lot of tall claims, but till date nothing transpired out of those allegations.
I remember Nawaz Sharif had also joined the chorus back then with IK, but it was just bunch of political rhetoric.

But this change of venue has at least one definitive clue. UK is no longer a place, where the Pakistani political elites and figure heads can seek refuge or carry their political business as usual. The new and perhaps permanent, political nest for them may be the ever bustling Dubai. Incidentally, a place that does not allow any political parties, democracy or any remote concept thereof to its own citizens. As they say in Politics, “any and everything is possible.”



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4 responses to “Destination Dubai For Our Bhai

  1. From west to mid east, the shift can be seen here in political stances too…

  2. eraj danish

    after all who knows this might be a strategy of the terrorist to shake the political stability of Pakistan. It is a known fact that they have ties all around the world.

  3. bciv

    @aliarqam 🙂

    so what’s next on altaf bhai’s menu of more eastern flavours, after afia siddiqui? any guesses?

  4. Hope Bhai will pay a visit to SA for performing Hajj, as an SMS joke is being circulated as Bhai was denied Telephone Hajj by the SA authorities