Beyond the boundary

By Feisal Hussain Naqvi

Some weeks ago, an English newspaper published an expose of a sting operation in which one of their reporters pretended to be a bookie and paid GBP 150,000 to one Mazhar Majeed, the agent for several Pakistani players. To demonstrate his credibility as a match-fixer, Majeed offered to have Pakistani players bowl no-balls at specific moments during the fourth test match. The offer by Majeed and his acceptance of the money are on video.

It is not in dispute that the specific no-balls promised by Majeed on the video were indeed bowled by Pakistan. It is also not in dispute that portions of the amounts paid to Majeed have subsequently been recovered from the rooms of Pakistani cricketers, including the captain of the test team, Salman Butt. We can be sure that the money is the same because it was chemically marked.

Given these facts, the question is what should the Pakistan Cricket Board have done? So far, the PCB’s response is to say that “these are just allegations,” to refuse to take any preliminary action against the accused cricketers, and to accuse the ICC of acting hastily and wrongly (when the ICC suspended the three accused from international cricket).

But all this was only the overture to our current symphony of institutional lunacy. Recently, Ejaz Butt, the PCB chairman read out a prepared statement in which he accused the English cricket team of having taken money to deliberate lose the third one-day international match to Pakistan. When asked to provide proof, Butt responded, in effect, by saying that the English had no proof either against Pakistani cricketers and so thpppttttt!!!!!!. Had he extended his middle finger at the same time, his meaning might have been clearer. But not by much.

Let us begin with the basics: were the English Cricket Board and the ICC right in asking for the exclusion of the three accused Pakistani players? The short answer is yes.

The Pakistani position to date has been that everybody is innocent till proven guilty and that hence the cricketers should have been allowed to play till a final judgment is reached. This argument is rubbish. The innocent till proven guilty standard applies only to final judgments, not to interim orders.

Let me put it another way. If the police find somebody at the scene of a murder with a smoking gun in his hand, that person is normally denied bail and put into judicial custody. It does not mean that he is “guilty” of the crime with which he is charged because that determination requires a trial. What it means is that there are reasonable grounds for believing that he may be guilty. Repeat, may be.

If the PCB’s argument were accepted it would mean that no interim measures could ever be taken against any person accused of any illegal act, no person could ever be kept in jail pending trial, and no government servant could be suspended from service pending investigation. Pakistani law does not require any such stupidity.

What then about the merits of the case? According to the PCB, the accusations cannot be taken seriously because it has yet to be shown through forensic evidence that the incriminating video was made before the no-balls in question.

Let us take this argument seriously because it appears to be not just the last, but the only, line of defence for Butt & Co.

Logically speaking, there are two options. Option One is that the tape is what it purports to be. Option Two is that the tape is an elaborate hoax concocted after the fact by Majeed and the News of the World acting together.

Majeed is a successful businessman whose business includes, but is not limited to, acting as the agent for Pakistani cricketers. If the video is a hoax, then Majeed knew about it. And if he knew about it, he was either indulging some sick whim or was deliberately trying to destroy his own business. There is no evidence to show, nor has it been alleged to date, that Majeed and the reporter in question were friends who decided to film a hoax for laughs.

Assuming it was not a joke, the question arises as to why a sane man would cooperate with a news reporter in the making of a video which would destroy his own livelihood and leaving him facing the possibility of serious jail time? If it was a joke, why did the reporter go to the trouble of getting GBP 150,000 in marked notes and why did Majeed then pass those marked notes on to Pakistani cricketers?  If it was a joke, why did Aamer overstep the line by a good 14 inches? Are we to believe that a young man hailed far and wide as the best new cricketer in decades somehow made a mistake of larger proportions than ever before in his entire international career?

The rule of logic known as Occam’s Razor states that all else being equal, the simplest answer is most likely correct. It is possible in theory that the tape is part of a gigantic conspiracy but it is about as likely as Ejaz Butt being an alien from Mars.

At present though, the issue is not the guilt of Pakistan’s cricketers but our ham-handed response to the accusations.  By refusing to accept the obvious, Ejaz Butt & Co. have compounded our problems. Before, we were a nation with a few crooks. Today, the world sees us as a nation of crooks, period. The fact that Mr. Butt has in the process grossly insulted not just the ICC and the rest of the international cricketing world but the one country which has done the most to help Pakistan cricket in recent years only compounds our misery.

Let us not forget that the current series with England was preceded by a “home” series in which Pakistan played Australia in English grounds. The ECB lost money on those matches but they took the position that it was a worthy cause. They have already announced that they have no intention of being equally charitable in the future.

It does not seem that we, as a nation, are ever going to have the courtesy to apologise to the English. That is a shame. The game of cricket is a gift which the English gave us. Some day we will remember how to respect it. And them.



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  1. lal

    I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. I also believe the burden of proof is on the accuser. I also believe the accuser is biased. I also believe bias is wrong. I also believe I am not wrong. And therefore I am right.
    Imran yusuf-Avast, ye Poms!-cricinfo

  2. This incisive, no nonsense writeup by Feisal Naqvi is brilliant in every respect. What he relates reads bitter, (that is cricket!) but that is better.
    Feisal in my magnanimous estimation is the third most respectable human-being stemming from Jhang. The other is a Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam.

    Since about 1951 we have gushed down into the nadir of colossal corruption , chicanery and cliches.

    I wish that our intelligentsia like Feisal Naqvi suggest concrete changes. Towards a better (not more battered) PakistaN.

    We have jackals looking after melonfields and foxes supervising chicken coops. These are shameless idiots who want to turn our Motherland into Pack-A-Satan.


    I suggest that we popularize/institutionalize use of polygraph/Lie Detection machines for discovering deception (all forms of Exploitation and incometax evasion) and exposing money-laundering. That remind me about the loans that Asma Jehangir husband owed banks before he silently/ quietly went to Canada as an immigrant.

    For over quarter of a century I have proposed that hyper-corruption be made a capital (=mandatory death sentence SANS MERCY) offence.

    It seems that all that matters in our Country is bucks and (fashionaBLE) buck-buck!!

  3. AZW

    This is a brilliant and incisive article. While it touches upon simply the mental somersaults that the Pakistani public and thinkers engage in when it comes to matters of national failure, I would submit that the attitude runs rampant across all failures that the country faces nationally as well as internationally.

    After all, a society that has bare minimum governance, whose leaders to leading public figures show a stark lack of judgement and morals on a daily basis, likes to bury its heads in the sand by invoking all sorts of conspiracy theories, hidden hands and collective denials. If Pakistan had appropriately punished the previous generation of cricketers some 10 years back (for whom the investigative judge confessed to have a soft corner), this generation would have a stern precedent, and would have likely thought twice before engaging in this behaviour.

    But invoking conspiracy theories against a team whose performance has been in the bottom of the pile for the past few years sounds like a fantastic idea. It dulls the pain, and obviates the need to realize that it is us who are our own enemies. Until we stop blaming others, we cannot work towards putting our own house in order.

    Until then, long live the-idea-of-blaming the conspiring enemies of Pakistan.

  4. moniems

    Well done Feisal Naqvi! Some honest write-up like this was sorely needed. Shukriya!

    We, as a nation, have become a butt of all jokes. Not only cricket, there is hardly any other field where we do not first go into denial mode, and when the truth comes out, try to cover up our denial by innumerable other lies. Pakistan seems to have decided that any crime is “Halaal” as long as we do not get caught; and if caught, it is the responsibility of the rest of the world to prove we are guilty. No proof– no guilt!

    There is something known as National Character. What sort of a National Character are we projecting on the international stage? I have started feeling ashamed of being a Pakistani.

    There is much talk presently of a regime change. I will vote for anyone who can restore for us honour and respect in the comity of nations.

  5. Feisal Naqvi

    Dear Jafri Sahib,

    Thank you for your kind words. However, your allegation that Uzair Bhandari became “a very affluent lawyer” because of his father’s decisions re BB is grossly unfair. As you well know, Uzair is a brilliant lawyer and has succeeded entirely on his own merits, a fact which — as his partner since 1998 — I can certainly vouch for. In any event, your allegation does not make much sense. If Uzair was to receive any “patronage” as you allege, it would have been from a PPP government. However, between 1997 (when I believe you filed your petition) and 2008, there was no such government in power.

    I respect your right of free speech but that right comes with responsibilities. Slagging off a lawyer who is honest, decent and phenomenally competent is not worthy of you.



  6. YLH

    It goes without saying that anyone who has come across Uzair Bhandari or his father Justice Karamat Nazir Bhandari knows that they are men of integrity and are upright and honest.

    I am shocked at this slander. Mr. Geoffrey I am afraid I cannot in good conscience allow you to post on PTH anymore since I do not believe in unstinted freedom of speech unlike Mr. Naqvi.

  7. I do not know who YLH is. So – – Hare Rama Hare Krisna – – I won’t waste my shabds of wisdom on him.

    What is truthful and relevant and in public interest is not defamatory. That I commented about The Bhandharis is flattering in the sense that it makes them for a while minor footnotes of history.

    I am a VAKEEL (facilitator of justice not polisher of apples or peeler of apricots). Vakeel is High Name of God. It is a role model, a noble calling.

    I wish FN was an art critic. I have great respect for Faisal Naqvi (although, for other reasons I am glad that Chiniot, where I was born, is no longer in Jhang District).

    I am gravely against all form/norms of Exploitation, nepotism, favouritism and racism. I am aware that in Pakistan, the only sports that we excel in is Merit Abuse.

    My epic+epochmaking Writ that Faisal HN has mentioned , if it had been properly calibrated and decided on merits, Pakistan would not have encountered the marathon mess and the steep fall (into nadir of ignominy, virtual bankruptcy, oblivion and being labelled a Rogue/ Failed state).


    Karamat Bhandhari, has been to school in Eimanabad .. I have been to Kamoke Primary School. I have excelled him in every field commencing with Primary Scholarship of DB Sheikhupura to Meritorious performance in LLB. Bhandari still travels on his concessional car that he obtained at LHC … the flag is not unfurled, but it is tied and errect (a trick to peddle the illusion that one is more important than he really is!) … he suffers from accute inferiority complex. He deserves it!

    May God bless me: I have no chips on my shoulder, I call a spade a shovel. There are no closets, so the questions of skeletons does not arise. They rankle elsewhere!

    I have filed an Application to resusitate and restore the Writ that Bhandhari had “Disposed Off” without hearing me. That represented an Outrage and sheer fraud on justice.

    Rib bone is connected with the Back Bone!
    There is no immunity or impunity for it.

    Finally : to err is human, and certainly I am not divine.

    If Faisal relays to me ONE SCHOLARLY writing ever by anyone of Bhandhari & Son … I will gladly apologise. Otherwise, Bhandhari and Son can luck themselves. I am not impressed by mediocrity.

    Caliph Hazrat Ali, my noble forefather, was told that a bloke had arrived in the mosque to kill him. Hazrat Ali knew it full well. His friends knew it!! But Hazrat Ali said before commencing his Namaaz: “I cannot punish him for an offence he has not yet committed!”. He declined bodyguards: “I have a covenant with Death: it shall not occur a nanosecond too early or a nano second too late!”.
    He furthermore wrote (When English language did not exist): “What is important is not who says it but what is said!”

    This was restated by an English Lord (I forget his name for now) “AN office does not sanctify its holder” (or beholder!).

    As for the off the wall threats of this YLH: he joins a long list of naan-entities whom I leave utterly speechless : Abraham Lincoln described them well : WHEN THINGS ARE ILL DONE SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION: SILENCE MAKES COWARDS OUT OF PERSONS… (I admire YLH’s YWCA courage to erase / eradicate my Right of Responsible Free Speech).

    Sycophancy is not my obligation…

  8. AZW

    Mr. Geoffrey:

    Your comment about Uzair Bhandari was a poor attempt at slandering his name. I agree with YLH that the calibre of your vikalat probably demands that you save PTH from your all-over-the-place arguments, flavored with really bad English. I encourage you to hang out your shingle some place other than PTH.

    Have a good day and moderators, kindly remove this gentleman’s comments at PTH from now on.

  9. hayyer

    SiG’s writing is golden I think, not all over the place. Every post is a bit of minor art, even if it libels.

  10. Deer YHL and Herr HZW:
    Yes, I take pills, Aspirin, Surficol and occasionally Erythrocin. This proof that i am human.

    If there was any substance or even an iota of genuine manhood about you, you both would not hide behind cowardly anonymity. ((Perhaps)) You have, being ACDC, stooped to the level of name-KKKaling at gutter-level.

    There was no nonsense (what idiots cannot make sense of, is not necessarily nonsense.) in my note. I require that you remove that silly-epithet within Nine days. Or your destiny shall be changed equitably properly….
    Truth shall make you (Ja) free!

    Bhandhari and Son are epitome of mediocrity, payola and perhaps your paymasters. Remember LIE DETECTION TESTS are part of the Law of Evidence. Bhandhari will blow the machine.

    My reputation at the Lahore High Court is magnificent and second to none (except that I do not appeal to Fashionable-Filth, nor do I condone any mediocrity).

    Both of you immediately need a Good Luck!!

    A.K. Brohi … down to Mian Saqib Nisar (with Aitzaz Ahson being an inbetweenity) have lost cases to me. Even a born-again Bhandhari cannot argue a case against me in any Court. No money on earth can buy me. That is exemplary, role-model integrity.

    I charged fees in CRORES before Bhandharis were destined that there Bhanda is phorowed by localized-bhands, petty pygmies like you. They are not in my class, by birth or by merit. I wont even spit at the Harris STEAL Mills.

    BBoys! Slander has to be malicious and not against public figures. I am a public figure who acts for commonweal and against all Evil/ Unjnust Enrichment. Take pity on THEM.

    By the way you know my name, my identity is open and public. What is yours. I guess because of people like you God ordained that on the day of Judgment every person will be roll-called for most anxious and stringent accountability by his/herr/her mother’s name.

    Some time ago I appeared in the Court of Appeals, London. The Judgment was Reserved, 20 out of 35 pages praise me in superlative terms. Send me your address and I will mail a copy to you both. It will wake you up!

    Whatever I write is perfect English-as-it-ought-to-be. “B” Teams like you are not my cuppa.

    Now come out of your rat-patch and identify yourself to begin with. Luck You!

    In the meanwhile i will not read PTH folr 9 months.

    Have just A goodaY (2 oCT 2010).

    syyed MOHAMMED Jawaid Iqbal GEOFFREY of Slarpore SASC PC
    son of Syedna Iqbal Hussain Shah RA

    (Lahore High Court)
    “A SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE” (American Supreme Court)
    “A GENIUS” (Royal Courts of Justice)
    Sir Jeffrey Jowell (London U. Vice Provost/Law classmate from Harvard).
    UNITED STATES JUDGE WILLIAM K. THOMAS (Voted among ten of the finest judges of XX Century)

  11. YLH

    Dear Geoffrey,

    My name is Yasser Latif Hamdani.

    *** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***

  12. YLH

    Hayyer the problem is that SiG will quote your post as a testimonial. Lol.

  13. D_a_n

    Delete SIG’s posts?

    are you kidding me? for heavens sake Gentlemen desist from this thought immediately….

    for this stuff is pure dark comedic GOLD!….I havent read anyone like him. Ever.

    Please let him post.

  14. Prasad


    This man needs to be encouraged. I think his posts are like Rajni movies

  15. Prasad

    Wonderful that is…to those of you who havent heard of Rajni.

    SIG:: You rock bro

  16. YLH

    The point is that if he goes on slandering people like the Bhandaris who are I can assure first rate human beings and solid individuals in a country that has a dearth of then… he will be deleted. We are not dictated by anyone.

    He will not be encouraged to post. He will be deleted.

    Also no more abuse and slander against Vajra will be tolerated. Just because he doesn’t take the typical Indian point of view doesn’t mean he is sucking up. He has convinced me and centred me into rethinking many of my visceral responses to India. Bridge builders ought not be abused.

  17. Prasad

    Well if that meant my comments are going to be deleted so be it… I dont think you understood the real intention of many of us…You have an issue on Bhandari make it clear to SIG period. Deleting him, banishing him is not a solution. Well I did not like your comment // no more slander….// you being used to dictatorship, not sure how will you evaluate slander…and grade them in the first place

    Two hoots a**ehole…all of you are dictators by birth it seems…either survive by sucking up or just be …. a wimp…and suckup…guys grow up

  18. YLH

    Ziyada bhonko nahin panch gaviya prasad.

  19. Prasad

    kuthe apne aukad samaj. ek aur musharaf ban tab baat kar. philhal dictatorship band kar

  20. Prasad

    my apologies. I shouldnt have reacted in the first place. Please delete my 3:33pm comment.,

  21. Prasad

    Guys:: CWG show is on at 7pm IST.. we need to make it a success for the subcontinent…Caucasians should regret not having attended the event….(whoever missed)…Bennet & Coleman singlehandedly helped in some great atheltes opting out of fear…unfortunate..however lets wish CWG all the best…Kalmadi will be hanged post the event…thats another story(rather blog)

  22. YLH

    Lalay… You guys have to go a long way before you understand this business of dictators and what not. I don’t believe in allowing mad dogs to bark. It does not mean I am a “dictator.

    Infact you sound like Musharraf who claims that to be dictator one does not need to be a uniform.

    The problem is that people don’t understand that constitutionally enabled civilian leaders are not dictators …or else the President of the United States of America would be the worse dictator.

  23. Prasad

    YLH//shutting up barking mad dogs// dont be a barking dog yourself. not sure of your discretionary legal powers in allowing people to blog in the first place….president of USA is never a dictator/was never a dictator in the first place excepting Nixon of course…dont equate your ‘discretionary’ powers to that of USA…and yes i have a long way to go to understand dictators since I am not used to one in the first place…blame it on India’s democracy…what else…

  24. YLH

    By your definition not is India not a democracy but has been ruled hereditary dictators since 1947. So take that panch gaviya prasad.

    As for legal powers … Mine: I’ll delete whoever I want. Why don’t you mount a challenge in a court of law anywhere in the world against PTH.

    As POTUS … POTUS has the power to wage war without the Congress’ approval for 87 days…

    Perhaps you haven’t heard of a gentleman called Abraham Lincoln. He used his powers as the US President to send several state legislatures packing… The criticism of Lincoln and FDR by American constitutional scholars is widespread. Perhaps you should call them dictators.

    But then you’ve often showed yourself utterly lacking in proper education to understand what I am saying.

    I don’t blame Indian democracy. I blame your mediocre education.

  25. YLH

    Erratum: By your definition India is not a democracy but rather a hereditary dictatorship ruled by one family of dictators for most of its history.

  26. Prasad

    Oh a*sehole YLH…//Mine: I’ll delete whoever I want/// you arrogant sob…what else could y0u have written

    please delete whomever y0u want and retain whoever sucks up to your crap.. well thats your divine prerogative…as far as my mediocre education goes, yes accept I am mediocre (notwithstanding my MBA from one of India’s top 20 and an Engineering degree… ) and yet in a position to take on despot jokers like you head on… piece of shit grow up….you think you are great…take a relook.

  27. Prasad

    YLH//Erratum: By your definition India is not a democracy but rather a hereditary dictatorship ruled by one family of dictators for most of its history.//

    bumbumbum…crappy joker, dont ever tell that to anyone outside pakistan as people will laugh at you notwithstanding ‘solid’ support from a joker from my country…what do you mean by heriditary dictatorship??? if someone is better so be it…at this instance Congress is doing very well…opposition is not able to put up a good candidate ( after Atalji) it will work for a few years before someone comes up the ladder in the democracy…not like you where an Ex dictator announces coup abroad before it actually is about to take place…and then launches a political party for christ sake with an Eagle as a mascot!!!

  28. YLH

    India’s top 20 don’t figure in the world top 500 fyi.

    No wonder you are so mediocre.

  29. Prasad

    I did accept I am mediocre..never ran away…forget my college many of my classmates are in great levels…. You are the one who proclaimed yourself as a great ‘revolutionary’ unfortunately you are nowhere near ‘r’

  30. Prasad

    YLH/India’s top 20 don’t figure in the world top 500 fyi. //

    who cares, does it matter, average salary of a passout from the above is around USD 55,000 per annum in India…why should it matter to you…we are not fighting for a top slot in World top 500,….it will come eventually., we are bothered of driving our 1.3 trillion economy responsibly

  31. YLH

    Could you point out where I claimed to be a great revolutionary? I’d like some documentary evidence because anyone who can comprehend the English language (though I do not presume that your mediocre Indian education has equipped you) and has read my articles know how much I dislike the word “revolution”.

    Your 55000 dollar graduates notwithstanding, how ironic that 750 million of your countrymen live on less than 200 rupees a day? Your 1.3 trillion dollar economy doesn’t seem to provide for toilets for over 870 million Indians. And from the looks of it Commonwealth Games have exposed just how third rate and backward your 1.3 trillion dollar economy is.

    Not even all the money can fix a shitter.

  32. YLH

    Erratum “knows”

  33. Prasad

    Mr YLH//And from the looks of it Commonwealth Games have exposed just how third rate and backward your 1.3 trillion dollar economy is.//

    Please be happy that Bennet & Coleman Inc personally took on Kalmadi and others to expose rather too much on CWG..and that wouldnt have been possible in a China… However I want you to watch our show at 7pm IST before doing any more rudderless comments….I will the first one to fire our preparations if they fail..

    //Could you point out where I claimed to be a great revolutionary?//

    do you have to write to prove yourself as a revolutionary?? you are one for christ sake not withstanding my mediocre education, I recognise you as one!!!

    Yes millions of my fellows in India are still struggling for basic sanitation, there were more a decade back…there will be much less a decade hence….India is chugging my friend, for all its follies, I am certain, we will do good for ourselves a couple of decades hence. 99% middleclass believing in education will do this ‘miracle’. As of now yes, I agree fully with your ‘filthy’ note about India

  34. YLH

    Chal theek hai. Ab serious na ho. And let us watch your show at 7.

  35. Prasad

    OK. Lets connect again

  36. Perspective

    Academic Ranking of World Universities in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences – 2010

    Engineering – IISc Bangalore and IIT Kharagpur are in 76-100 group.

  37. Perspective

    arwu dot org

    Academic Ranking of World Universities in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences – 2010

    IISc Bangalore and IIT Kharagpur rank in the 76-100 group.

  38. lal

    “how ironic that 750 million of your countrymen live on less than 200 rupees a day”

    u meant 20 :)…k let the games begin

  39. Perspective

    For the overall ranking

    “ARWU considers every university that has any Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists, Highly Cited Researchers, or papers published in Nature or Science. In addition, universities with significant amount of papers indexed by Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE) and Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) are also included. In total, more than 1000 universities are actually ranked and the best 500 are published on the web.”

    So, e.g., India has just 9 highly cited researchers:

    Banerjee, Soumitro Indian Institute of Science Education & Research India Engineering

    Banerjee, Sunanda Tata Institute of Fundamental Research India Physics

    Chandrasekhar, Jayaraman Indian Institute of Science India Chemistry

    Chokshi, Atul H. Indian Institute of Science India Materials Science

    Chopra, K. L. Indian Institute of Technology India Materials Science

    Gurtu, Atul Tata Institute of Fundamental Research India Physics

    Karmarkar, Narendra K. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research India Mathematics
    Computer Science

    Kumar, P. Vijay Indian Institute of Science India Computer Science

    Chintamani N.R. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research India Materials Science

    I don’t think any Nobel Laureates or Fields Medalists teach in India.

  40. Perspective

    China has 25 highly cited researchers. A small country like Israel has 50. Japan has 264. Iran has 1. Brazil has 5. Russia has 7. Saudi Arabia has 23.

    isihighlycited dot com

  41. no-communal


    “Saudi Arabia has 23” takes my breath away. What are these highly cited researchers in KSA researching on?

  42. Prasad

    //And from the looks of it Commonwealth Games have exposed just how third rate and backward your 1.3 trillion dollar economy is.//

    Commonwealth games had a great start today. I would request you to please check with your team in Delhi and figure out if they are happy staying there. you should check with your high commission alternatively

  43. Perspective

    no-communal – here are their names, mostly affiliated with King Fahd Univ or King Saud Univ. or King Abdullah Univ. The real question is what is the influence of these centers of excellence on the average Saudi student?

    Agarwal, Ravi P.
    Alam, Mohammad Sajjad
    Alouini, Mohamed-Slim
    Barker, David J. P.
    Becker, Uwe
    Bercaw, John E.
    Beynen, Anthonie Christiaan
    Cowley, Alan H.
    De Wit, Pierre J. G. M.
    De, Sadhan Kumar
    Fréchet, Jean M. J.
    Grubbs, Robert H.
    Gupta, Vinod Kumar
    Koohmaraie, Mohammad
    Minneman, Kenneth P.
    Niederreiter, Harald
    Puri, Madan L.
    Reedijk, Jan
    Samraoui, Boudjema
    Shih, Choon Fong
    Simoneit, Bernd R.T.
    Simos, Theodore
    Zhu, Jian-Kang

  44. AWB

    The comments and fixations of YLH are highly Libellous, draconic, scurrilous, misanthropic, sophomoric, derrogatory, myopic and exceed the limit of decency (and are against public interest and Freedom of Expression!!) and I hope the Syyed Iqbal Geoffrey as well as PrasadJee will administer a corrective to YLH as well as WordPress. There is no prerogative, no unfettered discretion to character assasinate. In fact, under Islam, there exists no Discretion to act irresponsibly. The Muslims have indulged in Yazidlike machinations since time immemorial. In fact, even the Royal Prerogative, under common law,is subject to the most anxious and most stringent scrutiny by the royal courts of justice. YLH has bitten more than he will be allowed to stomach. When Evil exceeds the limits, it selfdestructs.

    Geoffrey Sahib has said nothing against or defamatory of the Bhandharis (who need no Avis touts, I am sure) otherwise, they would have written to the PakTeaHouse themselves. Their lips are not sealed and surely they can afford net.

    Sir Herbert Read wrote of Iqbal Geoffrey as An AstonishingPhenomenonCornell University Dr. Thomas W.Leavitt has described [1963]Geoffrey thus: “He does not serve but creates the needs of Society.” YLH is demonstrating the stupidity of his “substance” by indulging in wicked machinations. On Geoffrey he should read written transcripts of THE ORAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES in the National Archieves in Washington DC. Geoffrey was the progenitor and proponent of the first post-Conceptual Art OneMan Show in USA (1963) at the Pasadena Museum of Art. This was curated by Dr Leavitt, PhD Harvard/Fogg Art Museum.

    Geoffrey has openly criticised Bhandhari and Son since 1999. Rightly so! The Bhandharis or their cutlery cannot withstand Lie Detection tests.

    Furthermore, YLH has recklessly maligned PrasadJee in an idiotic manner. He should know that there are many Indian universities counted among 500 top universities of the world. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad now rubs shoulders with Harvard Business School. University of Delhi,of which Ashwarya Rai is an Architecture graduate,is also rated as one of the 500 topmost educational institutions of the world. One wonders which School Yasser attended?

    I feel time has come to close-down PakTeaHouse following the foot-steps of the real Pak Tea House which its owners wanted to convert into Second Hand Tyres Shop.

    An artist shows us the future. He does what others do not expect from Art. A genius knows when to stop, or to put a Stop. God bless Geoffrey as well as Prasad.

    By the way the Commencement of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi was truly superb although I could only view an initial portion of it due to perrenial Loadshedding and Blackouts.

    I am visiting Pakistan for research for a Monograph on IQBAL GEOFFREY – – regarded by the intelligentsia as the greatest artist of our epoch. He is out of step because he is ahead of time. Way ahead of time!

  45. @AWB [October 4, 2010 at 6:33 am]

    Your writing reads amazingly like that of the worthy whom you have set out to defend. Perhaps it is contagious. Speaking solely in my professional capacity, I am happy in this forum, and there are many other in my condition too, equally happy.

    It is stepneys that we fear.

  46. YLH

    PS: Here are the top university rankings. I did not go to a very good school… but it is ranked 216th.

    Please do tell where the University of Delhi or IIM Ahmedabad are ranked.

    “University of Delhi,of which Ashwarya Rai is an Architecture graduate,is also rated as one of the 500 topmost educational institutions of the world.”

    Yes because Ashwarya Rai is a world class architect.

  47. hayyer

    Surely you mean that she is, or was world class architecture.

  48. AWB

    For her age, Ashwarya Rai is indeed world class
    architecture. She has done her moma as well as her alma mater proud.

    The internal tragedy of YLH appears to be that he quantum-Jhumpas to conclusions without reading what is obstinately striving to rebut.

    Iqbal Geoffrey has graduated from Harvard (top university in the world) and from University of Illinois (top State university) with highest attainable honors (he is recalled affectionately as a legend at both) , he does not need to be studying at Number 270, Et Cetera University. It might well turn ought that probably Geoffrey Sahib has turned down a full Professorship there during his Twenties.

    Above all YH’s mathematics seems to be in E-rratic trouble, for he forgets that Geoffrey granted him nine long days to restore his full comments or face the music which will include shutting down of the E-pakteahouse. He should seek charitable free legal aid from Dr. Faisal Hussain. A good book on the topic is by Princeton Professor Michael Cook, published by Cambridge University Press (2003) : FORBIDDING WRONG IN ISLAM.

    I pray and hope that good sense will pretty-soon prevail over Yasser.

  49. @AWB

    Is it so difficult to realise that you cannot shake off your distinctive style even when you try to write ‘normal’ prose? Why do you go on making an ass of yourself? Others have informed us already that after a run-in with you, you bombarded them for days thereafter under a false name, the name of a supposed interviewer. Apparently these fictitious interviewers, who know those crucial little bits about your personal life that nobody else knows, are critical props for your stage performances.

    There are a large number of admirers of your effortless style of writing, which is undeniably surreal. At the end of the day, your efforts to promote yourself and inflate your importance are merely pathetic. They merely make people feel sorry for you. All the more because you flounced off with your lacy petticoats swirling, but showed with this false flag appearance how tender your ego is.

    Why don’t you ponce it with the English? More your kind.

  50. no-communal

    Here’s a news piece on Iqbal Geoffrey published in UK’s Guardian. He may be slightly on the nutty side, but certainly is more than many. | TheObserver

    Artist accuses top gallery of racial prejudice

    Painter and lawyer launches £65m compensation claim

    Jamie Doward, social affairs editor The Observer, Sunday 16 January 2005 Article history

    An artist renowned worldwide who is also a Harvard-educated lawyer is about to become a toxic problem for the Hayward Gallery in London.

    Iqbal Geoffrey, the Anglo-Pakistani painter whose works are admired by, among others, the director of the Tate, Sir Nicholas Serota, has launched a £65 million claim against the Hayward.

    Geoffrey says the gallery lost or damaged 300 of his works. He claims that its alleged failure to protect his work, or offer a suitable apology, is typical of the way the British art establishment treats foreign artists and is seeking to sue under the Human Rights Act on the grounds that he has been racially discriminated against.

    The lawsuit might sound nearly as quixotic as his approach to selling his art – Geoffrey prices his work according to the relative wealth of his clients – but it is likely to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on the London art world’s treatment of foreign artists.

    ‘What I see is cultural apartheid and this is something that should not be allowed,’ Geoffrey says of his attempts to take on the London art scene. ‘The art mafia consists of people suffering from mediocrity. Artists are scared of the establishment, but I am not.’

    He may be able to count on friends in high places. The Queen once proclaimed him ‘the Arts Counsel of Great Britain’; former US Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller has bought his work, and the respected art critic, Professor Norbert Lynton of the Royal College of Art, went as far as to pose the question: is there anyone in modern art to match Iqbal Geoffrey?

    It would appear not. Geoffrey, a softly-spoken 65-year-old whose demure demeanour belies a supersize ego, told The Observer : ‘My work was cutting edge. It was a watershed in twentieth-century art.’

    And he is as comfortable representing terrorist suspects on death row as he is talking about his work as an abstract artist.

    Now the lawyer in him is keen to turn his artistic side into a cause célèbre. Geoffrey resents the fact that no major London gallery has given him a dedicated show, despite having had solo exhibitions in the United States. The few Asian artists who have had solo shows in the UK have done so only due to what Geoffrey describes as the ‘rabid tokenism’ of the British art elite.

    The 160 works lost, and the 140 damaged by the Hayward, all a mixture of collage and paint, were part of an exhibition of leading Indian and Pakistani artists’ work displayed at the gallery in 1989. At the time The Observer ‘s art critic, William Feaver, hailed Geoffrey’s surreal work, saying: ‘He proves himself a devoted follower of Duchamp by running rings around him.’

    But it was not until 1993 that Geoffrey, who has produced a total of 1,500 paintings, learnt that the works, abstract paintings based around the theme of an ideal landscape and completed on canvases 10ins by 14ins, had been lost or damaged.

    ‘I did not live a very organised life. It was nomadic,’ he says by way of explanation for the time lag.

    The Hayward offered £65,000 in compensation, but Geoffrey immediately rejected the offer.

    For several years following the loss of his works, Geoffrey says he awaited an apology, but to no avail. ‘I felt very bad. I felt that all works of art belong to the public at large. I think they should have at least apologised for the loss.’

    Now, following the introduction of the Human Rights Act, which came into force in 2002, Geoffrey says he has the opportunity to sue the Hayward alleging racial discrimination.

    Geoffrey, who defended Mir Aimal Kasi, the Pakistani who was executed for shooting two CIA employees in New York, is campaigning to have several former Hayward employees subjected to polygraph tests in a bid to highlight what he believes are their innate prejudices.

    ‘Nobody has tried it, but in Pakistan I have. Somebody has to do it. We can’t accept the status quo.’

    A spokeswoman for the Hayward Gallery confirmed it was aware of Geoffrey’s legal action: ‘We have received a letter. We will be responding in due course.’

  51. AZW

    The writing styles of AWB and Syed Iqbal Geoffrey belie the fact that they are the same people. I quickly checked the IP addresses and they establish the same. Both IP addresses are at the same location, originating in Lahore, Pakistan. Mr. SIG is writing under an alias and praising himself. If his previous comments are not enough to establish him as a weirdo extraordinaire, then this latest episode seals the deal.

    Mr. Geoffrey, since in your infantile logic, you have already threatened PTH twice, let me make a few things absolutely clear to you:

    1) PTH is a lot bigger than any one of us, let alone a character like you. It is not bound geographically, and is certainly not hostage to any threats by you, or any one else. The old PTH lives on in our collective psyche. It is a credit to that gem from half a century ago that this website (and many others) seek to keep the humanist, secular Pakistan alive. And as long as any of us are still around, PTH will live on, and hopefully prosper.

    2) And I can assure you that we will stand guard to keep this blog speaking out. While your threats are best be placed where all your other remarkably useless comments go (a dustbin if you are not clear), but just in case the message to you is: Go ahead, give it a try.

    Adnan Syed
    (AZW, Moderator, PTH)

  52. AWB

    I reassert what i wrote, every word and every bit of it.

  53. YLH

    Second hand tyre is an Indian. I am based in Lahore.

  54. AWB

    To Y. and Adnan:


  55. Can we please end this discussion. Much has been said by all parties. If there is something to be said on the substance of this post, then by all means comments are welcome.
    Thanks, Raza

  56. Mohammed Iftikhar Hussain RAJPOOOT

    The words of wisdom from Reza Rumi are very welcome change from the gravely libellous/treacherous caterings of Y+The Second Hand Bursted Tyre and The Little Nonentity inciting Geoffrey Sahib to sue e-PTH and WordPress out of existence.

    The Troublesome Trioka might like to read Lahore High Court Announcement in the DAWN of today regarding WP 4146/1998 Rajpooot versus Leads/Degree Mills and hear the proceedings n ine days from now … so that they are enlightened why Geoffrey is one of the finest Harvard grauates ever and has millions of fans and premees who wish to write like him. And admire his art which sounds in courage and vision not champerty and chicanery. The false-cum-brilliant idea that Iqbal Geoffrey Chinioti is a fraud and a village idiot must have originated by Uzzair Bhandharee? Or did Faisal HN Jhangvi authored it?

    The portal, Royalacademyofartists, enjoys over 40000 adherants and fans of highest commnitment to justice an d suprfemacy of law….

  57. hayyer

    I know not of the libel part but every bit of Sid’s writing is hilarious. Perhaps there is a book waiting to come out if he can free himself of his law practice and painting and of course PTH.




    I hope both Geoffrey and Rajpooot make a legal example of you. (edited)

    Nobody who writes for you should waste time on rereading or puntuation. If you dont understand anything .. comit harikari as yopur own karokari. Qu@ntum Jump into oblivion.



    Nothing is libelous which is true, in good faITH and not against public interest..

    Many publishing houses want to publish Geoffrey but Barrister Syed Jugnu Mohsin Sethi requested Geoffrey quarter of a century ago she collects his letters (and so does QE II) and would publish them. So Jafree has withheld permission to others.
    Najam Sethi wants to publish posthumously. That is the conundrum. May be you implore NS to change his mind to prove his suzerainty.

    I am amused, I must confess, that Feisal N. Jhangvi took this pompous panga and slid his smelly toes into a closed chapter which now goes into public domain, and the door has to be wide opened. Yassir is oblivious; he is wide-wide-wide all ready to monkey-around a’gogo. He hankered for publicity in his own website. He has spinned it and Shatemmed his future.

    I have read all the 12 monographs on Geoffrey and feel proud of him.

    God Save Geoffrey (from the vagabound Mafia of nonentities)!!

  59. YLH

    Sir Geoffrey the Great
    Khalid Hasan


    The journalist Beena Sarwar (now lost in NGOland) once told me that Iqbal Geoffrey (the world’s greatest living artist by his own reckoning and that of Sir Herbert Read, as reported) not amused by something she had either written or cleared for publication, stormed into her office one day and demanded, “Do you want to be a writer, or do you want to be a ‘keera makora’?). Such colourful language is exclusive to Sir Geoffrey.

    When I was living in Vienna, I wrote something about Sir Geoffrey in a Lahore newspaper that obviously did not meet with the great man’s approval. Next I knew there was a string of quasi-legal notices of criminal libel, defamation and character assassination being fired off by him in all directions, with copies to every OPEC oil minister since I worked for a news agency sponsored by the oil producers’ alliance. The OPEC secretary general, Dr Subroto of Indonesia, asked me who Sir Geoffrey was and what I had done to him for Dr Subroto to have received some kind of a notice as well. It was hard to explain to him why I was going to be sued for damages running into astronomical figures in Vienna, London, New York, Paris, Sydney and Lahore. (If I have missed a city, I hope Sir Geoffrey will add it on).

    I spent the next two days looking up various Who’s Who(s) in several of which Sir Geoffrey was listed. Long indeed were the entries and very impressive they all did sound (few people know that it is the person listed who supplies the data). I decided to check Sir Geoffrey out, just in case I was to be hauled up before courts stretching from New York to Lahore for having written something funny in a newspaper that had displeased “the living legend.” It took about six weeks for most of the replies to come in and all entries except three checked. Iqbal Geoffrey was for real. We have been friends since, although the plot of land he said he was gifting to me in Lahore has not materialised. I do hope it exists, if not in Lahore, then perhaps off the coast of Sumatra.

    I have also had the distinction of appearing as a defence witness in a case Sir Geoffrey once filed against a fellow lawyer (Sir Geoff holds an LL.M degree – hold your breath – from Harvard) who was appearing in his own defence. I had travelled from Islamabad to the court in Lahore. The defence lawyer asked me if I had a good memory, to which I said yes. He asked me two times more if that indeed was so. After my three enthusiastic yeses, he calmly opened a file and placed before me the same piece that had caused Sir Geoffrey to want to sue me in half the world capitals. “Did you write this?” I said I may have but it was written “light-heartedly” and it certainly did not mean that Sir Geoff was not the Greatest. I am afraid I did not make too credible a witness. Sorry Sir Geoff (I don’t know if you won or lost the case).

    Several years ago, Sir Geoffrey, painter, barrister, land scam buster, litigant extraordinary and Lost Cause petitioner No. 1, filed a suit in the Lahore High Court asking their lordships to direct the government to appoint him high commissioner to London. This was on the eve of the departure to London of the Lahore businessman picked up for the post by Nawaz Sharif. Geoffrey said the man whom he called “Semi” was a diplomatic disaster in the making. Semi went anyway, had a great time of it and only fell with the government that had sent him. When BB was about to send Wajid Shamsul Hassan to London, Geoffrey filed another writ which said that another “outstanding failure” was being sent to the Court of St. James. He wondered why “incompetent scoundrels and money launderettes” were invariably picked out for such assignments, adding, “My blood boils over oppression and I abhor lack of reason, knowledge, wisdom and logic.” Wajid went as well and served (Surrey mahal included) till the last day in power of the Miss B government. He has lived in London happily ever since.

    In 1999 after the fall of Nawaz Sharif, Sir Geoffrey filed another writ in which he prayed to the court to award him compensatory costs which he listed as follows: Bill of his law firm Geoffrey and Khitran, Rs 56 million, less loss of earnings as ambassador from 1992 to 1999, Rs. 32 million; plus one rupee as “cost of pain, angst and suffering humiliation”; plus one rupee for “loss of reputation and special damage to the nation (token)”; plus Rs 5 billion by way of “punitive damages” and, finally, the sub-total to be multiplied by 7.86 by way of legal costs. Sir Geoff added at the end, “I am not a child of any lesser God.” He also reminded their lordships that in 1959, he had the only decent car in Mozang (the site of latter-day tycoon Saifur Rehman’s tiny store called Zubair Medico) and, further, that in 1965, he, Iqbal Geoffrey, went around Lahore driving a “luxury limo.”

    But what happened. The new boys in Islamabad sent “anthropantherologist” and “living authority on Islam” Dr Akbar S. Ahmed instead, only to get rid on him a few months later. Sir Geoffrey was not amused. “They are all the same,” he observed, sounding a little weary, if not entirely disillusioned.

    I don’t know if Sir Geoffrey is still interested, but in case London continues to beckon him, here is the latest rope trick of our current man at St. James, one Mr Jaffer. On the eve of the Brazil-England football World Cup match, he declared at the annual dinner of Pakistan Society (more than half the guests were pucca British types), “My team is going to win tomorrow.” There was much ovation at the gracious remark and the good wishes expressed by the high commissioner for the English team. The applause had hardly died down when His Excellency added, “By my team I mean Brazil.” A hush fell over the banquet hall and in the next five minutes every gora had left. It turned out that Mister Jaffer had once been honorary consul for Brazil in Karachi.

    Sir Geoff, it is time for another writ.

  60. Second Hand Tyre

    @PEER SCHAMWHOREISCH RIDZVAUN AL-MURTAZA NAQVI-ALBUKHARI [October 6, 2010 at 5:03 pm] aka Queen Geoffrey

    Najam Sethi wants to publish posthumously.

    What a clever chap! What an intelligent way to express his critical evaluation!!

    I too want to publish posthumously. Right now. It can’t be far away, because unlike a second hand burst tyre, this second hand unburst ego keeps inflating itself. Shades of Aesop’s fables; obviously Geoffrey Baba hasn’t read the fable of the Mother Frog.

  61. Mohammed Iftikhar Hussain RAJPOOOT

    The views expressed by me are my views; so stop according ‘credit’ to Geoffrey Sahib for my views. It is Restatement of plagarism to attribute one person’s authorship to another (howsoever great!). Geoffrey writes much better than you and me.

    Dammit Shakespeare did not attain any PhD in English, but if you want to do your PhD genuinely(unlike Doctor Babar (Ramazan) Awaan who conferred two doctoral degrees upon himself after adopting Jafre’s arguments at LHC concerning Mir Aimal Kasi) in English, you gotta study Shakespeare.

    I God commands in the Holy Quran (Pay Heed!) that do not exceed the Limits (calling Geoffrey Fraud and that he did not attend and excel at Harvard was exceeding the Limit and becoming suicidal) do not even slightly invade anyone’s Privacy (Go away when so indicated), and that before you depend on gossip or rumours, holistically investigate yourself. Both Syyed Iqbal Geoffrey Chinioti as well as Herr Feisal Hussain Jhangvi are Naqvis and inter-related.

    But a megagulf separates them now onwards.

  62. Art Critic

    Out of all the many painful things in life one of the most painful is to watch the sight of a narcissist trying desperately to cling to the vestiges of youth and glory days by dropping names and drawing attention to what others say about him.

    Reminds me of a story I read many years ago; (I am sure Vajra will remember it). I reproduce a couple of paragraphs from it below.
    After reading it I hope YLH, Vajra etc. will have some pity on him and leave the poor pompous fool alone. He provides some comic relief in these otherwise dreary times.

    Let him blow some gas; he ain’t worth your time.

    “Though Kailas Balm, as I have said, had lost all his landed property, he had still same family heirlooms left. These he had rescued with the greatest difficulty from the money-lenders’ clutches. On every suitable occasion he would bring them out in state, and thus try to save the world-famed dignity of the Babus of Nayanjore. At heart the most modest of men, in his daily speech he regarded it as a sacred duty, owed to his rank, to give free play to his family pride. His friends would encourage this trait in his character with kindly good-humour, and it gave them great amusement.
    I have already said that many of Kailas Babu’s friends used to flatter the old man’s vanity to the full. One, who was a retired Government servant, had told him that whenever he saw the Chota Lord Sahib he always asked for the latest news about the Babus of Nayanjore, and the Chota Lard had been heard to say that in all Bengal the only really respectable families were those of the Maharaja of Burdwan and the Babus of Nayanjore. When this monstrous falsehood was told to Kailas Balm he was extremely gratified, and often repeated the story. And wherever after that he met this Government servant in company he would ask, along with other questions:
    “Oh! er–by the way, how is the Chota Lord Sahib? Quite well, did you say? Ah, yes, I am so delighted to hear it I And the dear Mem Sahib, is she quite well too? Ah, yes! and the little children-are they quite well also? Ah, yes I that’s very goad news! Be sure and give them my compliments when you see them.”
    Kailas Balm would constantly express his intention of going some day and paying a visit to the Sahib….
    (From ‘The Babus Of Nayanjore’)

  63. no-communal

    The story doesn’t make any sense at all. Is there more to it? Otherwise it’s a waste of time.

  64. Art Critic

    Sorry, it is a longish story by Tagore, too long to post here; you will have to read it yourself if your interest tickled… 😉

    Let us say that there are some similarities and some differences between the character here and in the story.

    First one similarity; everyone in the story knew that Kailas Babu was lying and had about as much chance of actually knowing the Chota Lord Sahib as that of an asteroid hitting the Earth (which is also about the same as our genius artist has of being appointed the Pakistani High commissioner to London).
    Then one difference; Kailas Babu actually had some well wishers who praised him to boost his ego, our artist friend here has a fan club of exactly one; himself.

    It is the same eccentric little man posting stuff about himself under different names (Rajpooot, Al Bukhari etc.) he does it all the time….. 😉

  65. no-communal

    @Art Critic

    I actually knew what you were saying. I also vaguely remember the story by Tagore. But as far as I remember (I could be wrong here) the story didn’t side with those who mocked and ridiculed the elderly man. I am just a little annoyed at everyone coming at him so hard. And please don’t take it as a comment against you; you posted on him for the first time.

    Everyone can see what’s going on, the nutty side of it. But at the end of the day the person in question is harmless, is not endangering anybody, and is actually quite funny. May be he made a wrong remark about somebody (I didn’t see it) who didn’t deserve it. But a swift editorial intervention along with a (polite?) warning could have been enough. But instead we are left with people making a gory spectacle of a harmless elderly man in full public view.

    It just leaves a bad taste in my mind, that’s all.

  66. YLH


    Sir Geoffrey deserves every bit of what he is getting.

  67. ashu

    @Art Critic,

    Actually I quite agree with NC. While your intentions were the best, perhaps your attempt to be sympathetic, ended up being even more cruel towards him( un intentionally) than the guys who are engaging him. Perhaps if we just recognize that he is a bit eccentric and let him be, he may produce some valuable and interesting personal memories. ( Though the moderators may decide that they are irrelevant :-))

  68. Mohammed Iftikhar Hussain RAJPOOOT

    No! Calling Iqbal GEOFFREY a fraud, a village idiot; and sinisterly alleging he never attended Harvard (to serve corrupt and Bhabdharis) , University of Illinois etc. is not funny (except for perverts). Character assasination of the meritorious persons like Geoffrey is seditious, Libellous and filthy and entirely false. Against public interest. And the perpetrators shall be punished appropriately to the hilt of law. Their Apple carts et al. included.

    There are exploitatived asswholes who are upset if Geoffrey applies to become High Commissioner from a Country where an Intermediate is appointed as Chairman of Oil and Gas. This Country has been messed up by corrupt practitioneers of nepotism and payola. They need curing like China prfovided to its bourgeroise and corrupt elements.

    The self-serving censorship operated by Yassir Latif Hamdani is deplorable. I hope he is being paid well by BhandHarris.

  69. YLH

    Is it 9 days yet?

  70. Art Critic


    Indeed you recollection of the story is right, it was rather sympathetic to Kailas Babu and the narrator ends up making it up to him out of a sense of remorse.

    There is a reason for comparing our friend here to the benign Kailas Babu because I partly share your (and Ashu’s) concerns that perhaps he is being judged too harshly and want to give him a benefit of doubt.

    However it is not as simple as it appears on the surface because it seems that lurking behind the mask of grandiosity and megalomania is a certain mean spirited streak.

    Behind his seemingly harmless remarks, our friend Falstaff here has been attacking not just the moderators but also their family members who are not here to defend themselves and thus is also inflictinging indirect pain.

    I believe that if he has any grouse with any one, he should take it up directly with the people concerned, otherwise it appears more like a school boy sort of insult like ‘your mother wears army boots.’

    I respectfully acknowledge your combined protest on his behalf.
    Let me finish by saying that my first note was addressed as much to him as to Vajra and YLH; a gentle reminder to our Harvard trained genius; artist extraordinaire; and the lawyer to the notorious and the infamous Ajmal Kansi; that maybe, inadvertently, he was crossing the line between funny and crass and that he should take note…..

  71. Prasad

    I agree with NC. SIG has his own style which I thought was very refreshing and gives a breather from monotony. I suggest second.. and art… take a chill pill and enjoy SIG’s musings…dont bore the crowd

  72. @Art Critic

    It is difficult to see why somebody with no scruples about slandering other people’s parents should receive so much sympathy.

    One of the two slandered is the father of a partner of two contributors. Another person attacked by this scumbag is understood to be the father of a pillar of this establishment. I have no way of confirming this except from the names of the people treated most badly.

    After this, it is strange to read some of the excuses on display. Yours not included.

  73. no-communal

    @ Art Critic

    The precision and authority of your voice tell us you are no ordinary art critic. PTH is circular. Crafty prose, however smooth, cannot hide the oracle can it?.

  74. no-communal

    P.S. I enjoyed reading your comment.


    A lot of cowards have sought to provoke and malign Iqbal Geoffrey under peseudonyms and using drippingly filthy and egregiously Libellous, but extremely harmful language.

    To conclusively assume that anyone who dares writing for the sake of truth in ‘the Land of the Pure’ must be Geoffrey is disturbing. There is other good around.

    Who is this newfound, self-styled but closet ‘Art Critic’? Who is the mysterious Father of the Establishment??? Who is the unassailable father of the Contributor’s partner??? Exalted nonentities whose names must not be made public, Hainji?

    Nobody is above the law. My name is very real. I am not awed by any agent of patronage or character assasinator. My writing is my writing.

    Truth is bitter. The horrible mess and disgrace that this country is currently suffering from are all due to its ‘Establishment’s abuse and myopic censorship of merit; Money-Launderers’ outreach and ongoing Nepotism of crooks, countryside wolves in lamblike skins. Obsessed Seers and extremist goons as well as fixated, breastbeating premees of sycophancy of the rising damp (to borrow an expression from Geoffrey Sahib)!

    One feels sorry for e-PTH. It must now be transparently rehabbed or ought to be closed down like the real Pak Tea House.

  76. Art Critic


    “Who is this newfound, self-styled but closet ‘Art Critic’? Who is the mysterious Father of the Establishment??? Who is the unassailable father of the Contributor’s partner??? Exalted nonentities whose names must not be made public, Hainji? ….”

    It is not important who I am. Suffice to say that on one plane I entirely enjoy the intellectual treats dished out by your creative mind. I like to draw a connection between your art, your lifestyle, your professional life as a reflection of the chaotic bittersweet civilization that is South Asia.

    I also know a sensitive person like you cannot but revolt against the larger Kafkaesque nightmare that your native Pakistan has become today. However you must understand that the people whose families you are attacking, Raza Bhai and YLH; are exactly the kind of people who stand between the free spirits like you and those who would sooner destroy the Bamian Buddhas than leave it for the future generations.

    If such people fail, men like you will be the first casualty.

    As you can see, you evoke strong emotions here. Though you have been attacked, others defend you. I personally don’t mind your mind games provided they don’t aggravate and distract those who are actually trying to do some good in these troubled times.

    What I mean to say sir Geoffrey, is that I represent the MEAN of the opinion about you here; and it is this; you are welcome, provided you are not mean to others….



    I do not understand this note addressed to Geoffrey Sahib when he no longer reads PTH.
    The Art Critic should write to Geoffrey at his email address or find it by Goggling. Or obtain it from
    YLH has used filthy, abusive, language, made life threatening criminal intimidations against humanitarian Geoffrey. Is this how YLH’s mother brought him up?

    Tell me where Geoffrey abused this YLH (sins of the son should not visit the mother) or Reza Rumi (a noble soul) family. If you can point out, I will resign as a fan of Geoffrey. Rightly Geoffrey has given up writing for PTH. All Mighty God will supplementarily punish those who tried to wrongfully malign, defame and mudsling Geoffrey. This has top be reversed and rectified.
    Mr Critic you yourself got carried away, got excited unilaterally exposing a herd mentality. Your brickbats will boomerang on you. I feel sad for your ignonimity. Where do you publish art criticism. Why dont you call yourself Sir John Rothenstein, the Second, or Bernard Berenson The Third. Shed your anonymity. Come out of the closet!
    + Luck Rabindra Nath Tagore. It is funny that those who are scared of nouveau riche goons can take refuge and shelter in defense mechanism that anyone who defends decency or Geoffrrey is I. Geoffrey. Geoffrey has millions of fans world-wide.
    E & O E.



    For all I know, all those viciously writing anonymously against Geoffrey or indulging in buckvaass may well be actually Yasir Lateef Hamdanee (YLH) writing under various fancy pseudonyms (not unsolicited) seeking to promote Bhandari & Naqvi. Such scurrilous hyperbole is not even worth any attention. Yet evil must be nipped in the bud so that it does not proliferate further. I hope e-PTH keeps rfecord of real names of the users of its space and spin?

    A lot of surround-sound hoopla has been generated by FHN Jhangvi and “YLH” breastbeating that Geoffrey Gee off Chiniot criticised Bhandhari of Eimanabad. Feisal Hussain NJ could have written direct to Geoffrey. They have been neighbours. What was done was to harass Geoffrey.
    Actually, if anything inaccurate (truth hurts no one)was stated by anyone about Bhandhari, he should have spoken up: his lips are not sealed. What makes sense is not nonsense. Even nonsense has meanings. Indulging censorship through Labelling is a grave blunder.

    This Exploited-Country has been run (and now is on the run) by sick governators since early 1950’s … today we are being told that Quaide Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a Mussalmaan. That means , a presumption in law, of being a Hanafi Sunni (unless the School of Jurisprudence is explicitly indicated); his beloved wife Rutti (probably one of the most beautiful and richest female in all Bombay) lies burried in the Asna Ashiri Graveyard of Mumbai. Folks! face it upfront that Jinnah, RA was an Asna Ashiri Shia Mussallman. His nucledar family is living in Karachi in dire poverty. Shame on our Mafia and their Lawyers and Liars Both (another Geofcfrey expression).
    Sir Ayub Khan (son of a subedar major) contemptuously jeered about Fatima Jinnah, RA: “She has not produced a rat”. That is true, Ayub did that.
    Consequently, character assasinators of Geoffrey lack all sense of decency and decorum; they are akin to some mountain being dug, and out jumps a cabal of freightened, nameless mice. Here is my email address: (Attn: PSRMNB), address:; over 40000 people have open access to it. Try it, You Like It. But SVP no Libel or Labelling!!
    Meow! Meow!


    What is happening vis-a-vis marathon CENSOR-SHIP, fox? It looks like chickens safeguarding foxes coop? Or watermelons minding the Other. More seriously, I am awaiting The Art Critic substanting his insinuations and presumptive suppositions.
    My suggestion is reiterated that e-PTH editors retain the addresses and real verifiable identities of its Bloggers. We can, for example, send you NIC and passports of those blogging from this address of artists from all over the globe. Placebo hath a fall!

    A comment authored by me (PSRAB) in a few minutes awaiting moderation from the celebrated LanguageMasters (I did not say Masturbators) over many many hours, kind of very esoteric. I otherwise love you.

  80. Art Critic

    Good to hear that Reza Rumi is a noble soul. I think you got YLH wrong. He too is fighting the same good fight. In time you will understand.

    I don’t publish anything but would like to read the ‘Pen Post’ if its editor and would oblige.

    Nobody is scared of anything and YLH is not nouveau riche. Maybe Sir Geoffrey has millions of fans world-wide but PTH certainly has a few as long as he is not threatening legal (and divine) retribution.. 😉



    Without diverting attention, Bheegi Billy Khumba Nocchey, why don’t you reveal where Geoffrey Sahib ever criticized or much less maligned the families of Raza Rumi or this fifthcolumnist oddity YLH . You drag in RR quite unnecessarily. I am not interested in conveying your twitchings or twittering to the Syyedna. Realization of truth is bitter. Law provides for Lie Detection tests. Many Apple Carts will inshawlaw be toppled, incarceration et al. There is proverb-pacing cHANGe on the anvil..

    You may contact Geoffrey directly, or through Juris Docterter Feisal HN Jhangvi. Geoffrey Sahib, following the tradition of his Holy Ancestor and Prophet, answers every non-pseudonymous letter. The Queen also does that. Civilized people!

    Many who can churn out better Mona Lisas do not thereby become Leonardo da Vinci. It is not thatfunny that everyone who writes with honour and some sense of humour is assumed to be The IG. Not in a million years! Now sulk your wounds and suck an Egg.



    Let me make it perfectly clear I am not interested in cajouling you or your YLH (he is unadulterated-fifthcolumn and tried to throw a lot of dirt on Geoffrey which is falling back on him); nor am I inclined to convey your twitchy twitterings (considering you have wantonly maligned SIG, unprovoked) to the Syeddna for that you must approach him direct (not pseudonymously] or through his former neighbour Dr. Faisal HN Jhangvi (like the proverbial Jamallo, he has a mean streak because his wife’s IQ is far superior to his).

    You should study Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Monograph on Geoffrey which was given away free in 1965 and now costs Rs 55000/- at the Royal Book Company, Baltimore + study monographs publishedd on him by States of Pakistan, Washington, Illinois. Then, you might humbly request the Maestro to lend you with PENPOST that he was editing 1953-59 when he was still in his teens.

    Now, don’t try to divert attention, let me know where Geoffrey Sahib criticized much less harmed the families of Raza Rumi or this miserable nonentity Yasser Lateef Hamdani. Repeat a lie long enough and people will believe it (Hitler) does not cutt any Gross. You tried your bedst to humiliate an innocent Man. Then you drag in RR whom Geoffrey admires immensely and both need no character certificate from you.
    (Nautch-Nautch : Bheegi Billy! Khumba Nocche!!)

    PS: Many people can paint better Mona Lisas, that does not make them Leonardo da Vinci, so thousands, including me, try to emmulate Geoffrey to honour themselves. Hussay!


    Fried Egg! Not scrambled Egg. Peer Sch. al-Bukhari

  84. Art Critic

    @ YLH:

    Don’t take the bait.

    You have more serious things to take care of so leave him alone; I am a little busy right now now but will respond to him in a short while….

  85. Art Critic

    OK then Rrose Sélavy; have it your way.

    Like some of the others, I found your goofiness a bit endearing in the beginning. However I felt that it was distracting others from a serious discussion and tried to warn you gently. I even acknowledged your own minor achievements of your youthful days hoping that reminded of that you would cut some slack to YLH; who is the age that your grandchildren ought to be.

    No such luck. You continue to ask for proof of your provocations knowing fully well what you had written earlier. While I have playfully ignored it so far hoping you would stop, your tone has become ever so shrill.

    Well, since you asked for it; let me refresh your memory a bit.
    Although your words of Oct 1st have now been edited by the moderators, you first wrote irrelevant and unsubstantiated allegations on Oct 2nd and was politely warned by FN to stop doing so.

    You ignored it.

    Next YLH warned you; again politely.

    You not only ignored him, but also started ridiculing him, taking juvenile digs at him like referring to YWCA etc. (Oct 2nd 2010 6.24 am)
    Incidentally it is the same post in which you wished FN was an ‘art critic’ (well you got one).

    It has been downhill from there onwards; and you have continued to bait YLH using different names….

    While you are busy throwing your little tantrum, the world you live in is disintegrating in slow motion. The war goes on in the Pakistani society; a gentle doctor and scholar was murdered for his views and people are openly gloating about it on the internet; another shrine was savagely attacked and even as we speak hate filled bloggers post spiteful messages to insult YLH elsewhere on the PTH.

    Do you even realize any of this or are you so self absorbed that you are now completely oblivious of all this and are isolated from reality?

    You have made it yours life’s mission to let everyone know what a child prodigy you were, winning a scholarship and what not. Well good for you but you are not the only early achiever in the World. You ridicule YLH without knowing him.

    I don’t always agree with him but respect the fact that even though he too is still in his twenties; and has made a name for himself as an attorney, journalist and human rights activist. He fearlessly speaks up against the bigots filling the society.

    You too are a barrister you say.
    Well there is a difference.
    While you gleefully boast of being a lawyer to convicted murderers and terrorists, he gets death threats for his defense of the embattled Ahmediya minority that your generation was too spineless to stand up for (or was too busy admiring urinals and calling them art).

    I was mistaken for assuming that being an artist you would be a generous and a sensitive person.
    Child prodigy and teen scholar; Illinois State University and Harvard alumni; genius and lawyer; a one time Marcel Duchamp wannabe; I know, I know…
    It doesn’t change the fact that you are entirely self centered. Well your time is long gone. Today you remind me of another; an equally narcissistic self described artist who spoke thus before his inglorious demise:

    “Qualis artifex pereo….”

    Remember those words well, for I have a strong suspicion if YLH and his kind lose their battle, that those who prevail (and you love to defend in the court) will not look kindly on your glossy collage pictures then. You may find yourself uttering those very words then!

    I am done with you..….


    You cannot b e allowed to throw mud on any person by calling him a “has been” (where were you or The Bhandharis then when has was not ‘been”?) while you have been nonentities since you were born, you have no achievements to your credit at any stage of your life. Luck your drippingly filthy and invidious Censorship.

    You have no sense of shame. There is an imaginary Geoffrey under every bed ( = neoJihadi-McCarthyism). Geoffrey does not n eed to hide behind purdah or pseudonyms. He no longer reads e- PTH or any pseudonymous junk. If you have any wherewithal write to him direct. You stoop low to tamper with the Blog playing make-believe courtrooms +, your time never was, is not now.

    Geoffrey’s time is yet to come. He is ahead so out of step.

    You and your ilk have bhounkowed bionically against Jinnah; you have barked big against Gandhiji; you try to stigmatize Dr Salam off Jhang. Ad infinitum.

    I, Peer Schamwhoreisch al-Bukhary, do not wish to reciprocate any Libel nor sabbotage justice to coiver up corruption. You have committed grossest Libel of the filthiest and punishable kind, totally unprovoked. Your shenanigans are rejected unequivocally.
    You have more important things to do (?), like …
    You keep on your Arrf, Urrf, Urffing…
    I have had my fill.

  87. YLH

    Clearly this guy is a complete idiot.
    *** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***

  88. @YLH

    He is not an complete idiot. He is that saddest thing in creation, a child prodigy who never grew up. Just let’s leave him be. Trying to reason with him is pointless; at the moment, all he wants is the attention that is the oxygen of his life, the raison d’etre for everything he does. It is pointless not only to reason with him, but even to hold up to him his naughtiness and excess; when he is not genuinely unconscious that what he has done is something that adults don’t do, that adults realise causes great offence, he is unwilling to accept wrongdoing. Any punishment he faces is rationalised by the adult in question taking on child-like traits, like lying and making up fairy tales and blaming the wrong child. Children live part of the time in an imaginary world of fantasy; to this ten-year old fixed to that age like a fly in amber, it is perfectly all right to write in under different names. This is nothing but an extension of his hide-and-seek game, where all the adults must pretend not to have noticed his bottom sticking out from behind the sofa, and must pretend to hunt furiously for him all over the house.

    Just let’s drop this sad subject permanently.

    He will write in from time to time – his ego doesn’t permit him to acknowledge a setback, so it will soon convince him that nothing significant has happened, and he may as well write – and except on that last unfortunate occasion, readers may hope that he will not say slanderous or libellous things in an irresponsible and childish way. Unless we are unlucky, his fans will get to read his very unusual style, which they seem to relish, without any scurrilous remarks having been made.

    Since this popinjay likes ‘marshalling’ the British aristocracy in his defence, we might recall the apt motto of a Scottish peerage, the Lords Marshal when we deal with him:

    They say;
    What say they?
    Let them say.

  89. Prasad

    Peer Saheb: Please acknowledge my congratulations for an absolute display of intellect, humour and action in your posts. I thought there is tremendous learning for us ordinary mortals from your reverts. You just sizzle!

    Bores just move aside…

  90. YLH

    The craziness of all this can be judged from the fact that Iqbal Geoffrey is some how under the impression that:

    1. I abuse Jinnah

    2. I say Jinnah was a Sunni.

    I am still not sure how Jinnah is relevant to this discussion but perhaps someone would point out to this genius that I have taken positions exactly the opposite of what he is ascribing to me.


    Prasad Ji, Namaskar: Your graciousness is acknowledged. My contgributions have been tampered by for his purposes.

    Otherwise, it has been almost like wantonly playing Beethoven before buggers/bullies/ bufalloes. This is an improvement Geoffrey’s expression being dared by me. Geoffrey was described in a 2007 decision by Lahore High Court as “A World Class Public Interest Lawyer” (this their originating-mentor Faisal Naqvi knows full well).
    Geoff is no child prodigy. And if he was he received no mention of that.

    Please e-mail me your postal address and I will mail you a (2009] monograph on GEOFFREY + some write-ups on Geoffrey by leading Indic critics.
    Did you read Partha Chatterjee’s : (13-27 July 2010 issue). Do so!

    Peer Schamwhoreisch R. N. al-Bukhari

  92. Dear All
    This discussion (or lack thereof) is getting circular and meaningless. Therefore, comments are closed here.


    RR Sahib: AOA: YAM:

    You have, at long last, done the right thing. But do include my “Awaiting” comments that “ylh” (if he exists except pathetically ethereally ) has sinisterly tampered and gravely censored. He has also fiddled with my contributions to this Blog. I no longer read this ‘ylh’, the busted Second Hall Tyre, the socalled Art Critic, another bloke signing “Syed” (they have achieved nolthing worthwshile during their entire lifetimes, if I am wrong inform me). I don’t want to commit any Libel. But I want to be credited affirmatively for my honest-to-goodness contributions. Who is this quack: Art Critic?

    No one at Harvard writes the caliber of English that Geoffrey writes. Geoffrey is a legend at Harvard… even 45 years later.
    At Any Speed, ylh is a pedestrian nonentity who has put his feet in his dirty mouth.
    I did not attend Harvard. Still I write what I feel, and I have floored The Mega-Mediocrites.
    attn Peer Schamwhoreisch R. Naqvi alBukhary

    PS: I will let you in on a secret that a bhangi from Bukhara can be a a Bukhary. Similarly, being from Hamdan is no guarantee of organic nobility. I am a Naqvi Syed, so is Faisal. Purr eh whole syed, oh whor syed. My spellings are week. Never on a Sunday!


    Then? When??

  95. PMA

    Iqbal Jaffary is nuts! Stupendously entertaining. The man is seventy year old with energy of thirty year old pup. May he live a long life both on and off PTH.


    I mentioned in some detail, but that Message disappeared in thin air.
    This discussion must now be brought to an end (I have won!!!) as RR sagiously suiggested ..Re the prayer of PMA … it has been retrospectively granted by All Mighty God, because Geoffrey Sahib is God-fearing and not a hypocrite. He and his work will shine and live for ever.

    (I am a cousin of Geoffrey Sahib and very proud of it. -EDITED-!).

    Geoffrey Sahib has not one TWO post-doctoral degrees from Harvard. There are sopme decent people who read PTH; one of them may know Dr Parvez Hassan (who followed Geoffrey into HLS) and he will tell you what happened when he once visited the Office of International Court of Justice’s Mr Justice Richard R. Baxter .. there was a photograph on his table … rest Parvez Sahib will tell you).

    The Energy of IG is indeed proverbial (it was wasted in Zero Sum Mentality Pakistan ruled by Negative Sum Mentality core butchers and corps of jhangvi-bhangis): he authored his LLM Paper in one night at Harvard Law School. His PhD thesis, he also did in under 12 hours. Marshall McLuhan (“Medium is the Massage” brahmin) praised it as “rich, apropos and delightful!!!”.

    I am just Geoffrey’s humblest fan, about 30.. I cannot even climb the stairs with him.