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The Meltdown Of Logic

By D Asghar

It is rather disheartening to see the lack of objective analysis when it comes to the general population of Pakistan. Mostly people tend to think along the lines of religion or language and tend to hold their strong position irrespective of what facts are presented to them. Any person engaging in a meaningful dialogue is shunned by the usual and often debated conspiracy rhetoric.

Let’s take the event of 09/11 for an example. On the eve of 09/11, when I spoke with my Mother in Karachi, she was convinced by the Pakistani media that there was not a single Jew, who was murdered. All the Jews were informed a day in advance, not to show up to work, that ill fated Tuesday. When I informed her about the facts, it was hard for her to accept. I had a few discussions with my relatives, who were adamant about that. They were utterly convinced that it was an “inside job”, and the whole incident was a pathetic attempt by “Evil America” to malign the Muslims and to “conquer their lands.” Continue reading


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Working with the victims of the disaster – Part I

Usman Ahmad’s diaries

Day 1
The small smattering of rain the previous night ensures a clement beginning to our journey south and the flood hit areas of South Punjab and Sindh. The cool bite of the air is a sublime luxury I will later look back at longingly as the days ahead unleash the fury of their white heat. But for now, I gaze only at the waving hand of my infant son, who has awoken at this unearthly hour to bid me adieu. As our Pajero draws away – I catch my final glimpse of him nestling on the doorstep – firm in his refusal not to go back inside. The sight makes me laugh and becomes my first memory of a trip I had wanted to make much earlier.
Together in the company of two colleagues, we leave to deliver specially prepared Eid ‘Gift Packs’ and other sundries to victims of the floods and assess the cost of the devastation, so that the fraught process of rebuilding so many shattered lives can begin.  With almost 21 million people affected by the disaster, and vast swathes of the country still under water, the task at ahead will be long and arduous. Continue reading


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