09/11 Anniversary And The Role Of Muslims In America

D Asghar

Nine years ago, on September 11, 2001 the world changed for ever. Initially the disbelief and the sheer devastation caused by this horrific incident shook everyone in America to the core. Of course there were certain reactionary incidents targeting American Muslims and other minorities. These bigoted incidents targeting Muslims and other minorities were shameful and abhorrent. All of these incidents were totally against the core values of this great country.

American Muslims were in a quandary of identity, religious, national and regional affiliations.  Initially, the denial of the whole episode by other Muslim nations planted the seeds of a skeptical view point in many minds. When the facts became apparently clear and the mystery started to unfold, American Muslims like their other fellow Americans felt betrayed by their co religionists. To add insult to the injury, the condemnations from the Muslim nations were slow and tepid. This lax attitude from Muslims around the globe gave the impression that over all Muslims in general, were indifferent and some how “America deserved it.” The Islamic faith strongly condemns the act of suicide and of course the killing of innocent people.

This incident brought Islam to the forefront in America and certain groups and organizations demonstrated their evil agendas of smearing the entire faith, day in and day out. Those short sighted and ill informed organizations, along with certain media outlets have made Islam synonymous with terrorism. Needless to say, the “terrorist organizations” have done the biggest harm to Islam, by using the name of the religion to carry out their sinister acts. Of course American Muslims are extremely disgusted and enraged like many other sane Muslims around the world.

Subsequent to the this horrific incident, President Bush’s “Global War on Terror” has given a totally different dimension to the terrorist outfits. Arguably, both Afghanistan and Iraq wars were not th roughly planned and their outcomes, to say the least, on an overall basis have been dismal. The terrorist organizations, if any thing have multiplied and are definitely beyond the boundaries of those two countries. This war on terror has been turned very tact fully by the terror outfits into “US vs. Islam.”
If President Bush would have used some sound strategy and would have made surgical and measured strikes in the area of strongholds at the right time, things would have been perhaps different. The effort should have been combined with diplomacy and universal condemnation and support. More so the case of the actions, should have been sold to the Muslim nations. The wholesale invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq have exacerbated the situation and drained the precious human and economic resources.

The Muslim community by and large has been in the US for ages. The Muslims Americans are mostly law abiding and hard working people, who are part and parcel of the fabric of this great nation. They excel in all walks of life as Muslim family values stress on quality education and emphasize the significance of community service and greater responsibility towards the nation.
The Muslim image in America as a whole, did suffer from this horrible event. The emergence of some sleeper cells and the botched attempt of Faisal Shahzad earlier this year, raised the suspicions of their fellow citizens. Overall, if any one puts things in any reasonable perspective, all these characters are statistically insignificant, if you compare them to the millions of Muslims living in the US.

The way forward for Muslim Americans is to at least  demonstrate to their fellow citizens that Muslim Americans are not “aliens” or “nomads” from some harsh desert of Middle East, but Americans, who love and adore America, its freedoms and values.
There is no denying that Anti Muslim organizations will be constantly busy in scheming things here and there. Muslim Americans have to use patience, as our faith teaches us, as our biggest line of defense. We are not reactionary and have the ability to initiate a dialogue, and present our beliefs in a rational manner.

The first step is of course reading the Holy Quran and be able to understand and explain to other Non Muslims about our point of view clearly and cohesively. The teachings of Holy Quran, condemn the senseless violence being perpetrated in the name of Holy War. American Muslims should affiliate with their Islamic Centers and Masajids, more than ever to learn and to enhance themselves. It is extremely important that Masajids organize an “Open House” for the members of the community, the local schools and colleges and the Press. It gives the Non Muslims the opportunity to see, what rituals Muslims follow and why. It is the person to person contact, which is very instrumental in building bridges.

Despite all the negative publicity about Islam, most Americans want to learn or at least know what Islam is about. Blogs, news paper columns, main stream media needs Islamic education to de mystify the unknowns. Similarly, Muslims Americans have an obligation to improve the perception of the often wrongly perceived “Evil America” in their homelands. Any conflict, no matter how enormous or tiny, eventually gets resolved by meaningful exchange of dialogue. We have a moral obligation to act now on behalf of our children, who will be the American Muslims of tomorrow.

Our children have to excel in every aspect of life to demonstrate to their fellow Americans that we are here to add value to the nation and will emerge as an extraordinary segment of this society. Above all, our children have to participate in politics on a local and national level so Muslims can make strides in the legislative and perhaps the executive branch of this country one day.



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  1. To invidiously target the entire Muslim faith wholesale as a result of 9-11 is not the hallmark of a great nation; and on that count (condemnable rabid racism compounded with lamentable hyperhypocrisy) U$A deserves no congratulation.

    The American people are, by and large, decent and fair-minded lot – – which is true of Muslims all over the world, just no less as well.

    America has a history/tendency of smugly-abusing nonwhites ; Negroes, chinese, Japanese, filipinos, now muslims are on the receiving end of latter-day post WASP pro-MIC discrimination. This should be corrected and righted forthwith (translation: paradigm shift nolw, instanter). For 40 years I advocated that the raw Right Wingers and KKK-ers of America should learn a lesson from history and commence acting uprightly and ethically-properly (Equal Opportunity Sans tokenism and facile stereotyping) .. how they abused the Negro Blacks won’t work anymore with nonNegro Blacks and with Negro Blacks times have changed radically-really. 9-11 happened because the wrongmongers perceived certain injustices (let’s honestly investigate its nitty-gritty and oppression. The Southerners (Saudi Arabians) pulled what no one imagined could be possible or effectuated. WASP ideas about inherent superiuority has beden demolished intgo smithereens.

    Now beloved America should courageously wakeup, and not act sillily- somnambulantly. The American dream of Equality and Fair Opportunity for all must be put into practice (and fully holistically realized) lock, stock and barrell of gun !

    I unashamedly love America but I wholeheartedly and bluntly condemn its proactive closet racists and its Neo-McCarthyists without – – any regrets or remorse.

    GOD SAVE NEW POST 9-11 America:

  2. Six typos have been left in the above text sothat you do not indulge in rituals of want\on carelessness or reckless speed-reading.

  3. hayyer

    Which six are genuine?

  4. D Asghar

    Iqbal Bhai and hayyer Bhai, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments and hope that this article serves its purpose.

    My apologies for some typos and formatting blemishes. The article was literally written, “while being in motion” on the hand held device.

    Too many Americans the Islamic faith still looks mysterious and for that we have no one, other than ourselves to blame. Islamic faith and its values are in essence reflective of the core American value.

  5. At gitgo, I must clarify that I neither allege nor found any typos in Asghar Jii writeup. Of course, Dr Johnson said: “There is no good writing except re-writing!!”. I am the vernacular exception to that ruling.

    I think anonymous “hayyer” Maharaj is alluding to my six typos. I enjoy a Fundamental Right to mistype and to fearlessly indulge in typos and inter-betweenities. I did not attend any English Medium School. I am Merit graduate of Marrh Bhanguan Primary School followed by a day in St. Anthony School, and a few weeks of Class 5 studies at the Central Model Junior School [FLASHBACK: August 1947], then off to Kot Adu High School where my English teacher would graciously command: “I am not empty now, see me behind the period!” My English was further developed at the venerable Dera Ghazi Khan Sahib High School. Then on to the Burewala High School followed by Govt. High School, Multan (now Govt. Model Pilot School since I topped in Vernacular Final in 1951). THEN, jithay di khothi .. owethay awn kilouthi: back to the Central Model School (1951-53 “C” Section; I graduated at the bottom of the class: this proved to be lucky and welcome silver linning, I was the last merit scholarship recepient , so I received my two-years accumulated scholarship of Rs 1300/- in one hefty lumpsum, (and the Office Superintendent at Government College was worth seeing, handing over that much cash, his hands were trembling) … I could buy six kanals on Main Boulevard Gulberg for that sum. I, in stead, blew it on a 2-month stay at Muree Cecil. I used to have a honorary crush on the extremely beautiful wife of its General Manager). Upon spending that Scholarship, I mentioned my distinction to my mom, she (from Chiniot) gave me another (nest egg) Rs 1500/- which I deposited further fattening my six-figure Saving Bank Account # 202 at the Grindlay’s Bank Limited for next year’s summer trip to Murree Hills.

    The judgment and anonymity of “hayyer” have been honed/hyped by too many visits to that G-spot Art Gaullery (very In, very sexy citadel of mediocrity) in Model Taunt.

    Recently, the Attorney-General for Pakistan (Retired-Justice Maulvi Anwaarul Haaq) lamented I (in order to divert attention from the absurd abuse of Equal Opportunity throughout Pakistan) at the Lahore High Court that Ja Free mispells Nawaz SharrREEF, bureaucRATS and Packistan. My rejoinder to him was (a) he cannot represent ChishTEA because I am also Pakistan and he can win by loosing the case to me; I am not petitioning for outsourcing my Composition writing to the Attorney-General FOR Pakistan (he wins when and only if justice is accomplished with ihsan, to wit (purity of heart and quality of character= per honedst-to-goodness Merit); then to add some masala punch to the run, I codicilled that : for half a century I have been solemnly striving that the name of my Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) should be reverentially transliterated properly by the semi-illiterati too, correctly and properly as MohamMED.

    QUERY: Has our pompous bureaucracy/entellygentia gone berserk or just obscene?

    In 1999 the 5th. Most Eminent Intellectual in the World, Barrister Ahtraz Ahson filed an inbetweenity (interim) Appeal in Lahore High Court because Zardari+Benazeer world-wide forex assets were gotten frozen by the uppersigned .. that all illgotten Unjust Enrichment reverts to National Treasury. AA Ji argued his case very passionately (300 jay-a-LAWS were present in the courtroom hussaying him with fond-approval). Then, misfortune struck and out of blue, the aforesaid barister blurted: “And now I will put Mr. Jafree under surgery”. Pat came the reply on-the-spot: “Is he is vakil or a Naw-ee from Gujrath?”. Exit Ahtraz: he had to swim out of the courtroom all alone floating in his own sweat (paseena). None of the Shabnammed (duly-dewed) 300 jayalaw-accoutrements accompanied or followed him.

    Now, coming back to the question that “hayyer” Jii posed gratuitiously: here are my ubiquitous six genuine typos:

    eye got see-tile + sinse aft hue-merR.

    A few months ago NAJAM SETHI joked that I must have IQ of 140. I responded that it is not all that high, “It used to be merely 440 and is going down steadily; hovering inbetween 438-439. Overthehill point of return to Pacific Palisades being 430.

    Here I must caution Hayyer (or Haier) and After-the-fact-Accessories not to mindlessly start playing untimely music on their armpits (bagh-leynn bajjaw-na).

    I used to unequivocally sign my correspondence Syed Iqbal Geoffrey (1939-1999). In 2000 Jugnu Mohsin-Sethi inquired: What happened.
    I responded respectfully : “I changed my mind”.

  6. the above text has 2 typos. al-hajj hayyer can make his mufti sandwich-a-trois. And Eat his verbs.

  7. no-communal

    …where my English teacher would graciously command: “I am not empty now, see me behind the period!”

    That’s how English should be written in our part of the globe.. from the heart.

  8. Tilsim

    @ SYyed IqBall Geoffrey…

    Priceless, Sir. Every single typo of it. Eid was never so sweet; never ever before. If there was ever a highest and most paak civil honour called tamgha-e-lutf, you would have given it to me.

  9. hayyer

    Twoball Sid: Ja Pare
    I was just asking which typos were genuine. As an artist you may say, all.
    I observe that you change your mind more frequently now a days. Should you now be addressed
    as SYyed Iqball Geoffrey (9 am to 9:30 12/9/10).
    Not only style but attitude.
    What happened to the beautiful wife of the hotel manager the second time around in Murree. Was it still an honorary matter. Or was honour breached.

  10. What ‘hayyer’ Anonymous is dugg-duggying for is a Haier Micro-wave in which his macro-weaving can be roosted to purrfiction. He has been over-allotted three plots of footnotes in history. His Quota is over.

    He should prey something and misanthrope somewhere else and improve his helluva 0.438 I.Q.
    I suggest he visit That Ugly Tower: Yaadgaare Pakistan (via the Yakki Gate) Till one lucky day he quantum-jumps thereby fructifing and functionalizing its primary Facility. For now I am tiresome.

    Syyed IQ Ball Jafry
    (Typed at Zakir Tikka in Lahore Can’t).

  11. hayyer

    Syyed IQ438/9 Jaffrey:

    You can never be tiresome, even when you are tired.
    What is PC, SASC, if that is not tiresome for you?

  12. Mark

    Muslims in countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where minorities have no rights have no rights to speak about what Americans should or shouldn’t do with respect to their Muslims. I would advise Pakistanis to first create a situation where other religions can flourish and build their places of worship in their own country before lecturing or speaking a word about secular countries like the US.

  13. D Asghar

    @Mark, Thanks for stopping by and giving us your pearls of wisdom.

    Respectfully disagree. In a typical, “reverse argument”, you want to compare US with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It is like comparing apples to bananas, not even oranges. Neither Saudi Arabia nor Pakistan have such a constitution like US. So constitution being the supreme law of the land provides unique rights to all its citizens.

    I am not denying that SA and Pakistan need reformation as well. In the hastily put article, I pointed out that, Muslims need to alter the false perceptions about the US in their original countries. This would impact the people there and hopefully laws in those countries will become more plural. Lastly, Muslims in America share their allegiance to the US like any other citizens and enhancing their roles as responsible citizens of this country does not do any harm to our great nation. Regards.

  14. This is vis-a-vis the pearls off wisdom laid by “Mark”.
    I don’t know much about Saudi Arabia and certainly I am no aficionado of SA. I briefly visited that country only once in 1982 and promised to my God that I wont, inshawlaw (Deo Volente= God Willing) return..

    As far as Pakistan is concerned, I beg your pardon : all the minorities have the same lack of functionaL rights as the so-called Majority. Due to corruption and the rot at the top, compounded by our pompous/notoriously somnambulant bureaucRATS all the population of Pakistan is suffering equally and enjoy Unequal Non-Protection of Law. A Christian, or a Hindu, a Buddhist, Jain, Jew, a Parsi, any atheist, or What-have-you … even an honest-to-goodness Shia or Sunni cannot become the President of Pakistan. Never have. That is DISGRACEFUL AND regretable and MOST condemnable.
    There exists no Equal Opportunity for all the denizens of (CONSISTENTLY PLUNDERED NON-STOP SINCE MID-1950’S) Pakistan ACROSS THE BOARD.

    USA (where I have been Asst. Attorney-General and at 21 became, based on personal and not personnel accomplishments, the youngest person ever included in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA) has its own f-laws. There exist laws against blasphemy and about criticising Holocaust. You are free to express yourself but you are also free to get your goose cooKKKed. In fact Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos did so remarkably in the past IN SPITE OF ALL THE PROTECTIONS BESTOWED BY THEIR bILL OF rIGHTS . Now some resistance to ‘Sing-Along-With-Mitch-And-Wag-Your-Lovely-Tail’ is emerging which is good DYNAMICS, very commendable.

    vERILY, THE uNITED sTATES OF America has been at the top. Mark you: when you are at the top, the only way to go is to start sliding downwards. I SOLEMNLY pray that ALL AmericaNS accomplish that gracefully and THAT THE u.s.a. EQUITABLY attains her MATURE neo-nirvana slowly-slowly (ahista! ahista!!) without EXPERIENCING a steep, sudden (AND STEREOTYPAL) MARATHON downfall…


  15. no-communal

    September 13, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Such are the posts worth looking forward to. You should have your own blog on your website.

  16. to non-communal

    i cannot type (as you can see) : much less blog or up-date my http://www.iqbalgeoffrey.com.
    normally i sleep only c. 8.30-9pm to 1am. Last night I got up at 11 am and have been sitting idly (not ideally) mulling over commencing the draft of my letter to U S District Judge Richard Berman that Dr Aafia Siddiqui and her 3 children were RABIDLY kidnapped (BY cia/fbi/kHUFIA BOUNTY-HUNGTERS and cruelly Renditioned from Karachi in 2003 and could not have been caught red-handed in Ghezni in 2008. It was a stock frame=up and a naked coverup to divert attention from the wicked truth that USA alleged she (A pHd REGARDING TEACHING MENTALLY-RETARDED CHILDRen) was mastermind of 9-11 aND NOT AN IOTA OF EVIDENCE EMERGED OUT TO SUBSTANTIATE THAT; I.E., SHE HAD TO BE TRAPPED, DESIGNER-“ENTRAPMENT” tO SAVE USA EMBARRASSMENT . I DON’T APPEASE IN SUCHLIKE CHICANERY VERSUS CHANCERY.
    aAFIA’S own lawyers (after costing nearly-bankrupt Pakistan Rs 27 CRORES in forex: ABOUT 10 cRORES KINDLY DEEP-POCKETED BY h. hAQQABNI AS KICKBACK/REFERRAL FEES)) have thrown the towel. The Govt. won’t provided even copy of the FIR in spite of Lahore High Court (repeat) orders. I feel disgusted againST the SURROUND-SOUND SILENCE AND NEURAL apathy, the indifference and the
    “In” Justice that permeate.

    Anyway, while the ship is drowning .. your MORAL support is welcome and valued.


  17. @Syyed IQball Geoffrey

    “The American people are, by and large, decent and fair-minded lot – – which is true of Muslims all over the world, just no less as well.”


    Neither Muslims,Hindus,Christians , Jews nor Americans are fair minded…….”by and large”

    Religious people can be decent….but cant be fair minded “by and large”.

    Remember “by and large”!

  18. Interesting post – I could write something but writing for the sake of writing wont do any good.

  19. Re: the Indian Pandit Jii:

    Hare Rama: the Panditji has taken the word ‘fair’ in the strictly Brahmin/ Aryan sense of “colour”, e.g., Ashwarya Roy and Madhubala are fair; C.f. Malika Shrevat may be a touch less fair, but more fair-minded.

    I can be decent and fair. I’m! Decency without fairness is oxymoron. Panditji needs more oxygen.

    Pandit Nehruji would agree with me. Forgive me, I will not participate in this debate anymore, for I have much on my plate (it is not all Malika Shrevat).

    Hare Rama+ Hare Krisna.
    Ciao+ Bon Cordialements.

    Hare Rama. Hare Krisna.
    Ciao+ Bon Cordialements.

  20. Amna Zaman

    They have an important role to play in which the peace teachings and real secular image of Pakistan needs to be relflected.

  21. Hira Mir

    Islam does not teach hatred. The black sheep of our community have ruined the name of religion and must be punished for it.

  22. sir nawaz sharrreef, zardariji, gillani maharaj, jatoi, babar ewaan, kamaL SHAH, KHASSI, HUCK-AWE-NEE, RII-MAH, ir fawn KaW dire, generators OF R-me, our media barrens, HALVA EATERS ANONYMOUS – –

    bow-low jii tum kiyya kiyya khar-E-doe gay?
    yahaan toe herr chese bick-tea haey!


  23. DAsghar

    @Ms. Zaman and Ms. Mir,

    Thank you so much for the comments, I totally agree.

    @SIQG Sahib,
    Kindly splatter your humor relevant to the subject at hand. You have not seen me in action yet. This is no warning of any sorts..but trust me I will definitely give you run for your money in that area. Thanks for your contributions, but please keep them relevant to the topic. 🙂

  24. The subject at hand is the Black Sheep referred to by Mme Hira. My mfhusain, I am not interested in the Ba Ba of D’asghar. I have never, with the grace of God Almighty, ever appealed to The Chotta Loggue league and that clique of pygmies in packistan or Elsewhere.

    As far as my halal-earned money (my resources are just sufficient, and no time or need to waste) is concerned, Dasghar Jii (the very name is indicative of the quality of Herr Substance) need not run after that. I humbly dicklayer : “Baba! please!!Muaaf karrow!! ! (Mine is a different class, not within your outreach or bailiwicKKK.)

    In future I will not read or respond to Dasghar. s/he can go to Tell … run aur Rum.

  25. D Asghar

    @Geoffrey..Toys’ R Us is looking for you. They need you to do your “tamasha” as usual and being their sole mascot, you ought to be there brother. 🙂

    @Miles.I had clarified this on another board where you and I criss cross. US supreme law of the land is the Constitution. Which is followed to the tee, in most cases. Regretfully no such thing in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Yes both countries have either a constitution or a governing law, but it is not followed in that sense. The US Bill of Rights give the citizens unique set of rights. Pakistan is still developing the concept of the rule of law, I cannot speak for KSA, because it is a Kingdom after all. People do not have much of a say there.Compare apples with apples.

    Hope this clarifies. Thanks.

  26. DAsghar


    You have to have a well built road to drive your car with ease. You are currently on a dirt road and the road is being built. You are going through the blocks and rocks on the dirt road. Once the road is built, you can drive your car freely any where the road takes you.

    The other places have a highway, where you can zoom where ever you like. So expecting a smooth ride on a dirt road may not be a realistic thing to do. Hope this analogy further clarifies my point. Regards.

  27. MilesToGo


    thanks for responding. Great analogy there. Let me assume that your community was gifted with the knowledge of making a great super highway some 1400 years ago. Now, you still have dirt roads, is it the fault of the knowledge that was gifted or is it the fault of people making the road using that knowledge. If it is later, then how can the rest of the world trust you and your people with their super highways. Given the track record, chances are you and your community will turn these super highways into dirt roads.

  28. DAsghar

    @Miles at the expense of drifting away from the original topic, most of us who live abroad, have enhanced the “roads”where ever we have been.

    We can go on the usual run of the mill analysis, why not back home then, but I think we have been on that road so many times that it has really become a “bumpy ride” and does not take us anywhere. 😦