Floods in Pakistan – A letter by A Desai to Dawn

Isa Daudpota has shared this letter which was sent to daily DAWN. This is the best piece I have read so far on floods and Indo-Pak relations. Raza Rumi

An Indian’s view of Pakistan is clouded by the Bombay attacks and the cricket scandal; a Pakistani’s view of India is no doubt similarly clouded by Kashmir and Gujarat. The floods in Pakistan, however, remind us in India that Pakistanis are human too. The tragedy is an immediate one, and is capable of an immediate solution. It is also a local one. Pakistan’s breadbasket is the Punjab; while it has been affected by the floods, there is a lot of it which has not. The Indus has caused most of the damage; the other five rivers are not so much in the news. Besides, though the floods will reduce the kharif, they will lead to a bumper rabi crop. If India had any sense, it would ship 10 million tons of grain now to Pakistan instead of letting it rot. If Pakistan had any sense, it would borrow 10 million tons from India and promise to pay it back next May. And it would buy drugs for cholera and diarrhoea, the immediate medical threats, from Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers, who are the cheapest in the world.

– An Indian



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9 responses to “Floods in Pakistan – A letter by A Desai to Dawn

  1. Good one.

    The ways in which India and Pakistan can help and support each other is limitless.You see all the things this gentleman said is actually very practical too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I Appreciate the very simple way to show the way how to co ordinate, but unfortunately the security establishment has a monopoly over the whole relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation plan, any better solution but from India is viewed with suspicion and the Janta is hostage to this narrative

  3. Vijay Goel

    What a great idea. Trust a gujju Bhai to come up with such practical ideas.

  4. Alakshyendra

    pakistanis’ view of india is clouded by gujarat? why? are they the thekeydaars of islam that a riot between indians of two communities became their concern just because one of these shared their religion? a nice practical letter is marred by such poor understanding of politics.

  5. I wanted to comment when none had commented – but I waited and got the answer what Alaksh…. has written and many such comments that I read on youtube (full of hate and disgust).
    I complement Mr D for his effort, but he wont succeed as long as we have likes of ……. on both sides of the wall.

  6. maham

    Thanks Indian friend:]

  7. Ally

    An excellent suggestion though alas, sense does not prevail in our region!

  8. Straight-Talk

    Trust deficit, suspicion, ulterior motives and religious fanaticism will always be a hindrance against most practical, easy and long lasting solutions for our common and mutual problems. Practical solutions like above always will be viewed with suspicion. Sad! but it is the state of affairs between our two country.

  9. This a very nice letter. Some of the responses from both sides are disappointing!