An Extraordinary Group Photograph From 1997

Dinner: A photograph taken on the night shows (left to right) Jemima Khan, Imran Khan, Campbell, Charles Taylor, Nelson Mandela, Gracha Machel, Quincy Jones, Mia Farrow and Tony Leung



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5 responses to “An Extraordinary Group Photograph From 1997

  1. Majumdar

    Err, did the Khans get some diamonds as well?


  2. Maryanne Khan

    Oh please

    I’m a graphic designer and that’s a photo shopped image if ever I saw one. Cut and paste (rather badly done in the case of the guy on the far right.) Man check the different lighting on each of them. Mandela has overhead light. Campbell Charles is so obvious a paste-in it’s not funny . . . not very well cut out and it seems they’ve used a shadow tool to make him look even more like a cutout. Mia pop-up figure ditto.

    great job

  3. What is extra ordinary about this photograph is that Jemima is thinking-happily of divorcing Imran Khan who is smilling at the prospects of divorce-friendly $ettLement and signing degrees at the University of Bradford. We gotta sense the sublime inbetweenities of the line-up.

    Barrister Syyed Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore
    (Founding Member of the teh-REEK-e Insaaf TeaParty-Plus)

  4. YLH


    This dinner happened 25th September 1997. It is there in Naomi Campbell’s testimony.