Cricket – a message from Australia

Michael Whitting has sent this message to PTH readers
It might seem odd to some people that I’m again contacting you about cricket, given the other problems that Pakistan is facing. But I want your readers to know how thrilled I and many other fans of cricket are that Pakistan has won another Test game.
The result of a game of cricket is in no way comparable to the health and dislocation problems arising from the floods, or the more general issues of management to be addressed by the national government, but in its own way it provides a glimmer of hope for better things for the country.
In the game the seam bowlers again bowled superbly and the team’s newest spin bowler demonstrated that there are many, many batsmen around the world who will be troubled by him. Additionally team management had the good sense to recall Yousuf to stabilise the middle order batting. The team was in control of the game for its entirety, during which there was a level of maturity not found on the last tour of Australia.
I’m not sure how many cricket fans around the world know that Pakistan can no longer play cricket in their own country. This is another factor to be considered in the victory. How would India, Australia – or any nation really – cope with playing all their matches on tour against crowds supporting their opponents?
Congratulations Pakistan!


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7 responses to “Cricket – a message from Australia

  1. lal

    Pakistan is producing wonderful bowlers…if they had disciplined batsmen,batsmen who were ready to apply themselves,they would have been great competetors…any way congrats for the victory…it might soothe the national psyche a little bit…

  2. Maryanne Khan

    Go Pakistan! Well done! Tough indeed, playing internationals outside your own country, against and in front of (sporting) hostiles.

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  4. lal

    oops…how do i delete my post about ‘wonderful bowlers’

  5. @lal

    Impale yourself on a stump.

    If you are squeamish, a bail will do. The world will understand.

  6. @lal

    There’s little to be said apart from cynical one-liners like this. One would have thought that that team would have played its heart out and brought a little flicker of pleasure to the 5 to 6 millions who are homeless and devastated. Who could imagine this going on behind closed doors?

    What is left to say now? For anyone?

  7. lal


    thanks for the suggestion…i might as well try 🙂

    It is not about pakistan as such…when we are seeing a cricket match henceforth,and if nehra bowls a wide or raina scoops one up,we are going to tell ‘it is all fixed’….it took a Ganguly to bring us back to stadium the last time….Hopes strong characters like him emerge