Sanity at last: Pakistan accepts flood aid money from rival India

This is a sensible thing to do. Finally sanity has prevailed. We hope that Pakistan’s neighbours – India, China and Iran help us out in these trying times. Not just cash but with much needed doctors and paramedics to control the outbreak of disease. Raza Rumi

Pakistan has accepted an offer of $5 million of flood aid from neighbor and longtime rival India, in a move that could spark a political backlash at home.

In an interview with Indian news channel NDTV, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi described the offer of aid, made last week, as a “very welcome initiative” which the government of Pakistan has agreed to accept, after taking some time to decide. Full story below:

Pakistan accepts flood aid money from rival India –



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18 responses to “Sanity at last: Pakistan accepts flood aid money from rival India

  1. Straight-Talk

    We would have a lot of leisure time to decide when again and on which matter, we’re going to quarrel…. but for now, first we must pull out our younger brother from a deep crisis with a heart of an elder brother.

    If we live we have enough time to fight and nobody will be dare to stop us (fools) from fighting with one other.

    Now, since Pakistan has decided to accept it, we must double up our help, $ 5 Million is nothing when one sees the gravity of calamity but we sincerely hope that now Indian govt would not stop here but help them out totally from this situation with men and material and of course with a taste of sweet mangoes in their mouth.

  2. androidguy

    Hey Straight Talker, how about not abrogating the right to assign who is the elder and younger brother here, and just do the right thing?

  3. androidguy

    Edit: How about abrogating the right to assign ….

  4. Straight-Talk

    In my opinion we used to fight like a conjoint twins or like a children who have siblings rivalry, so in that sense I used brotherly relations, if it hurts somebody’s feeling, I take back my words politely.

    Every body knows that India and Pakistan are brothers…… may be estranged.

  5. Natasha

    Finally , sanity prevails.

  6. Tilsim

    The relationship of our two nations by Mirza Assadullah Ghalib

    Ishq Mujhko Nahin, Vehshat Hi Sahi

    If not love, then let it be madness

    Meri Vehshat Teri Shohrat Hi Sahi

    Even if my madness is your fame

    Katta Keeje Na Taalluk Hamse

    Don’t sever these ties with me

    Kutch Nahin Hai To Adavat Hi Sahi

    Even if nothing but enmity remains

  7. Tilism: well said janab- this is the key issue here

  8. NSA

    The UN say more helicopters are needed. Closest place with helicopters – India. In 2005, there were issues with India offer of helicopters. Can those be overcome next?

  9. Girish


    Since the helicopters are military aircraft, it is highly unlikely to be accepted. If the offer is for doctors and materials such as high energy biscuits, staples, medicines etc. it is more likely to get accepted.

  10. NSA

    Girish: the problem apparently is not entirely supplies, but enough transport to get them to the people. There are some 75 helicopters or so covering a huge area.

    National Public Radio put Pakistan in the lead story. slash templates slash story slash story.php?storyId=129328497

  11. D Asghar

    I might add, “Kufr Tuta Khuda Khuda Kar Key.”

    After all the sanity takes a long winding road and finally ends up where it started. Yes we are the “siamese twins, who are “presumably seperated, yet not really seperated at all.”

    After all this is what both talk about all the time…about one another.

  12. NSA

    On Dawn, World Food Programme reports some progress but need for more:

    “GENEVA: The World Food Programme (WFP) says it urgently needs helicopters to get food to millions of flood victims in Pakistan who remain cut off by the high waters.

    “At the moment we’re recognising that there’s a real massive need for a boost in air delivery capacity immediately to reach the people who remain cut off and those who are going to continue to be affected in the weeks to come,” said Emilia Casella, spokeswoman for the UN food agency.

    The WFP managed to secure permission on Friday to bring in another five choppers, in addition to another 10 which are currently in service.

    Ms Casella did not have a figure of how many more were needed, but said: “You could bring in a lot of helicopters and we will use them all.” On Thursday, the 10 helicopters and 200 trucks currently in use managed to provide food to 125,000 people, a mere fraction of the millions in need.

    “We need the helicopters now at this stage,” added the WFP spokeswoman, pointing out that they are essential at the moment as roads remain cut off by floodwaters. The WFP has managed to get one-month food rations to 1.2 million flood victims, but Ms Casella noted that the figure was far from the agency’s target of six million.”

  13. Straight-Talk

    Relations between India and Pakistan are controlled mostly by heart than mind, by emotions than pragmatism, by historical follies than todays realties, by tit-for-tat than give-n-take.

    Mainly emotions plays a big role in deciding the relations between father and sons, between brothers, where we often forget the practicality and get sentimental.

    That is the reason I’m very much sure, solution of our prickly relations lies in heart rather than in mind. Apply little heart and you see what you gets.

    Or else why after swearing-in on every given opportunity for revenge and calling enemy no 1 to one another, we squirm and wriggle and thronged to see their singers and artists or whenever our artists or even our politicians like Lalu Prasad visits their. People of both countries just welcome all of them wholeheartedly.

    Who will forget the love shown by Pakistani public for Indian cricket team in 2003 or standing ovation of Chennaiites crowds in 1999 or their love for our films and our love for their Gazal singers.

    Why we complain each other for even trivial issues when we don’t want to keep even normal relations (are we naive enough to think that they will comply with our complains and vice versa)? why we don’t want to budge even an inch from our stated position while bending backward to accommodate whole world? I see only this when two siblings fight in a home and none want to scale down from his position else he will be seen as lesser and weaker than other.

  14. DG

    I agree brother brother argument sounds sexier on this board but overall an unbiased analysis of history makes the case of tumor removal more accurate. The interesting medical case being that it can be argued that both countries were tumors to each other. Unfortunately smaller tumors are jealous of bigger tumors. And jealousy creates pus.

    Anyways you just got yourself some cash for atleast 3 more terror attacks also called pus removal.

  15. Dastagir

    “Rationalistic” Pervert has fallen in love with himself ! Proof : He is posting the same message (garbage / hate-filled filth) over and over. Shows his frustration.

    Rationalist : You are a frustrated pervert… and it shows… in your words… You are pathetic… and deserve sympathy… Shame-less creature… Go to RSS sites..

    Writing provocatively to grab attention…

  16. Vandana

    The pictures on television tell their own story…in the face of such appalling misery can any neighbour refuse to help and ,more importantly,can Pakistan afford to refuse the help?
    Its human lives that have been devastated….if the people survive and the country manages to overcome the damage that this deluge has caused then there will be time enough later to get back to crying ‘tera,mera’ and spilling blood over a line drawn on the ground by our imperial masters some 64 monsoons ago.

  17. libertarian

    All this drama for over $5M. Pathetic. We’ve all got a lot of growing up to do.

  18. Bade Miya

    I agree, and over a line in a speech! Imagine all that when people are dying. The next time someone puffs his chest and says that we are heirs of an ancient civilization, I am going to kick his balls.